Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker – Bring Your Favorite Tunes With You Anywhere You Go

Summer and music go hand-in-hand, and Bluetooth speakers make it easy to bring your tunes with you wherever you go – whether that means the beach, pool or just waiting in a parking lot before an outdoor concert!

Powered outdoor Bluetooth speakers offer many advantages, from superior sound quality and wireless connectivity, to weathering water splashes or dusty hikes with ease.

Sound Quality

When selecting an outdoor speaker, sound quality should always come first. Don’t waste money on something that sounds thin, shrill, or muffled at maximum volume – make sure you read reviews of any models you are considering to see what other users think of their audio output and our ratings of these models based on several criteria such as their ability to handle high and low frequencies without distortion and create a rich soundstage full of crisp vocals and deep bass beats.

Some Bluetooth speakers offer lossless high-resolution music formats, which offer an enhanced listening experience compared to standard MP3s and MP4s. If this feature intrigues you, be prepared to spend more money.

Many of the top outdoor speakers feature rugged designs to withstand outdoor conditions and rough treatment, including built-in microphones for hands-free calling or voice activation. If you plan on hosting large outdoor parties or barbecues often, choose a larger model with an attached handle for easier transport.

Nearly every outdoor speaker on our list features an IP code to indicate its level of dust and water resistance. A rating of IP67 means the speaker is fully protected against dust while being submergible in up to one meter of water for 30 minutes without experiencing damage.

Apple AirPlay 2 technology also lets you easily connect wireless outdoor speakers to your home stereo system and control them via smartphone or tablet, providing another way for music enthusiasts who don’t mind paying extra to avoid Bluetooth’s limitations. We have included several such options here too – perfect for music enthusiasts looking for extra sound!

Finally, our top picks feature built-in Sonos integration for those already with a smart home setup. These speakers can be controlled via voice control through Sonos or their app and work seamlessly with other devices within your home to deliver an unforgettable audio experience.

Battery Life

Portable outdoor Bluetooth speakers are an ideal way to add music to your summer adventures and parties. Many top models in this category can play music up to 30 hours on one charge and provide enough volume to fill the outdoors. Furthermore, these durable units are made to withstand everyday outdoor usage without becoming damaged easily and can even be dropped safely without worry.

Battery life for Bluetooth speakers depends on their size, construction, and quality of batteries used. In general, smaller speakers typically last two or three hours per charge while larger ones can last ten-20 hours on full charge. Furthermore, how loud you play music has an impactful on battery life; playing at higher volumes requires additional power for amplifying and projecting sound waves.

Portable Bluetooth speakers make a more flexible option than installed outdoor speakers that are fixed into place with bracket mounts; they can easily be picked up and carried with one hand – perfect for picnics, beach days and barbecues! Their portability also adds another element of fun – perfect to bring with you to parties with ample music needs such as birthday celebrations or barbeques.

Installed outdoor speakers offer the ideal balance of portability and versatility by offering stereo pairing, which enables two speakers to create an authentic stereo experience. This option is available on several models such as Sonos Move 2, which packs all of the finely tuned sound quality and advanced feature set of the Sonos One into a portable (albeit relatively heavy) design.

UE WONDERBOOM 2 is another outstanding option with up to 13 hours of battery life and enhanced bass. When used together with another WONDERBOOM 2, wireless stereo audio can be provided, perfect for parties or camping trips. Furthermore, its rugged construction includes water resistance rating of IP67 (allowing submersion for 30 minutes at 1 meter depth) as well as dust protection; plus it floats easily in pools or backyard barbecues!

Water Resistance

No matter where or when you listen to music, an outdoor Bluetooth speaker allows for high-quality tunes without cables getting in the way. These versatile and convenient speakers often come equipped with features to make their use even simpler and easier, including waterproofing to protect electronics within it from moisture damage while making sure that music plays as intended.

To determine whether a speaker is waterproof, look for its IP rating in its description or details section. These two-digit ratings measure how secure it is against water, dust and dirt – with levels 0 meaning not protected at all against these elements while levels 9 allows full submersion without damage being sustained by it.

Although IP ratings vary between outdoor Bluetooth speakers, most are at least rated IPX4 standard – meaning that they can withstand being splashed with water or hit by low-pressure water jets without incurring damage. Camping trips or beach vacationers should opt for higher IPX ratings of 7 or above for their speaker to ensure maximum enjoyment.

Waterproofing speaker devices typically includes an o-ring seal or rubber casing to act as a strong barrier against moisture. Some manufacturers even offer speakers coated with special coatings designed to resist elements like sand and temperature extremes; selecting speakers resistant to your surroundings will help extend its lifespan while offering optimal functionality.

Additional to their standard wireless range of 33 feet, some waterproof Bluetooth speakers also feature an extended listening distance that extends beyond this threshold. This can be particularly beneficial when hosting outdoor events as guests can move freely while still hearing music playing in the background. Furthermore, an extended listening distance may improve sound quality when the speaker is placed further from its source, such as on a boat or in wooded areas.


Whether on an outdoor hike or backyard party, an outdoor Bluetooth speaker is an ideal portable audio device to ensure optimal listening experiences. They’re lightweight and designed to endure various environments – many even feature IP ratings for dust and water resistance! With our selection of sizes, price ranges and features we have your audio needs covered – from ultraportable clip-on speakers that fit onto backpack straps right up to powerful boomboxes intended for group camping trips! We’ve got your outdoor music needs covered.

When purchasing a Bluetooth speaker, the first decision must be whether you prefer wired or wireless options. Traditional outdoor speakers require permanent installation in your home and use speaker wire to transmit sound; portable Bluetooth models rely solely on smartphones or other Bluetooth-enabled devices for transmission of sound.

Some outdoor speakers also come equipped with aux inputs if you wish to connect them with older iPods, smartphones or music players. If investing in Bluetooth speakers instead, make sure it supports voice assistants like Siri/Cortana as well as true stereo sound for optimal results.

An outdoor Bluetooth speaker that amplifies your favorite songs in a party setting is ideal. These types of speakers often feature built-in LED lights that change colors with music or can sync them to their synchronization, and have rugged designs to withstand various environments and weather conditions.

MUZEN’s premium outdoor Bluetooth speakers combine superior audio quality with versatile designs to deliver a superior listening experience. Their Wild Expedition series draws its inspiration from durable outdoor gear while their Cyber Series transports you into a futuristic realm with dynamic RGB LED lights pulsing to music; no matter your adventure MUZEN has an outdoor Bluetooth speaker to fit the bill!

This four-star version of the five-star Wonderboom 2 boasts improved bass and battery life over its predecessor, making it an excellent choice for hiking, biking or beach vacations. Additionally, its waterproof rating of IP67 means that not only can it withstand splashes by the pool, but can withstand muddy bike rides as well as splashes in the ocean!

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