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Walmart’s Onn Speaker Review

Onn is Walmart’s private brand electronics label that specializes in affordable Bluetooth speakers. While their devices cannot match up to high-end brands such as Bose, they’re still an affordable solution for everyday consumers on a tight budget.

This large rugged speaker is IPX7 waterproof for worry-free grooving in any environment, offering powerful sound, 8 hours of listening time, 5 multicolor LED lighting effects and USB output for convenience as well as FM radio compatibility.

Powerful Sound

Walmart’s private-label brand Onn offers some of the highest-performing affordable speakers available today. Although their speakers don’t sound quite as great as more high-end Bluetooth ones, their range and loudness for their price point make up for it, while they boast impressive battery life as well. Plus they’re easy to use.

This portable Onn Speaker is the ideal addition to any party or gathering. Equipped with LED lighting to illuminate your music and a microphone for making calls or singing along, this device will ensure an unforgettable event will leave guests talking for weeks afterward – not to mention being smaller than an average glass of water on your nightstand!

With 20W RMS and 40W peak output, this speaker delivers quality music. Additionally, its party sync mode lets two speakers work in stereo; its portability also makes it perfect for audiobook playback! Plus there is even an FM radio built right in!

Onn offers another fantastic small rugged speaker designed to withstand any outdoor adventure or camping trip: its rugged waterproof speaker features an attachment strap to easily attach it to your backpack, as well as USB charging port for added convenience. Boasting loud output and IPX7 waterproof protection, it provides access to music regardless of its surroundings.

Unlike many Bluetooth speakers, the Onn Rugged Speaker features a larger speaker for more immersive and full sound, making dancing easier with larger speakers than with smaller ones. Furthermore, its rechargeable battery lasts up to 10 hours – enough time for one full party night!

Consumer Reports offers extensive wireless & Bluetooth Speaker testing programs at Consumer Reports, where models like the Onn Large Rugged Speaker are evaluated on multiple criteria relating to sound quality, ease of use and versatility.

Long Battery Life

Never want to hear that low battery warning pop up just when the fun begins or your podcast begins to gain traction! That is why we recommend selecting Bluetooth speakers with at least ten-hour battery life.

This offer on an Onn speaker delivers just that and more. Walmart-owned brand Onn is known for producing quality electronics at an unbeatably reasonable price, and their Bluetooth speakers, like the Large Rugged model now on sale, do not disappoint in this respect. IPX7-rated to withstand splashes or short immersion in water; furthermore it comes equipped with a USB port for charging other devices simultaneously!

Bowman conducted our Wireless & Bluetooth Speakers Test Program with this Onn speaker and found its impressive battery life to be its crowning achievement. Under our testing regimen, which considers factors like sound quality and versatility; in our tests the battery lasted over 24 hours of playback even when left off for several months! Plus it features party sync mode so two people can party together, plus it comes equipped with a headphone jack to enjoy music or podcasts without connecting devices!

Though not capable of competing with top-of-the-line models from Bose or JBL, this speaker makes an ideal option for casual users. Perfect for home use or picnics alike, its rugged construction will protect it from being damaged easily; and an IPX7 waterproof rating means it can even be taken on hikes!

At its current sale price of just $19, the Onn speaker offers excellent value compared to its regular price – enough for you to buy two for beach days, backpack trips and other travel.

Make every moment count when listening to music with this Bluetooth speaker from Creative. Its LED lights add extra fun while its long battery life means you can enjoy its tunes all day long.

IPX7 Water Resistant

If you plan on taking your speaker outside, be sure it can withstand the elements. From hiking and camping trips to festivals and events, don’t have to worry about getting wet while using it – look for waterproof ratings to ensure their safety; considering dustproof ratings is also useful if using them in areas with lots of sawdust can also make sure they remain unharmed.

IPX7-rated devices can withstand water immersion for up to 30 minutes before experiencing damage, making waterproof speakers perfect for pools, showers and other outdoor activities. Though no definitive standard exists to determine how long something can withstand submersion in water before becoming damaged by submersion or otherwise submerged submerged, their lifespan may depend on your circumstances and needs.

Some companies claim their products as waterproof, but that doesn’t always translate to protection against certain forms of damage; such as electrical shock. If you’re searching for an extremely tough waterproof Bluetooth speaker with vibrating base that grooves with music played through its speakers then the ONN Groove should be on your short list – its powerful sound output and long battery life of 10 hours make this rugged speaker great value!

Treblab HD77 provides great value for your money. Packed with features and compatible with Roke TV, this player is on sale at Walmart for $19 saving you $31 off its regular price!

When buying speakers, make sure to read reviews and select one with high volume performance. Onn speakers have up to 102 decibels for loud, clear audio enjoyment – they even come equipped with IP67 ratings for water resistance so they’re ideal for outdoor adventures!

Easy to Use

The Onn Bluetooth Speaker is an effortless device designed to play music from any source. Connected wirelessly, it lets you control music playback and volume directly from your smartphone, tablet, or computer – even providing rich bass-treble frequencies for powerful sound with its built-in amplifier boosting bass-treble frequencies – not forgetting LED lights and waterproof protection that make this product perfect for outdoor use.

The Onn speaker can be used alone or combined with other Onn speakers in Party Sync mode for maximum impact. Bluetooth technology enables easy setup and immediate music playback; additionally it features a hands-free microphone which picks up voice calls while transmitting them directly to listeners. While its battery life may not match other models on the market, its battery power should suffice for most uses.

Onn’s Bluetooth speakers are one of the more budget-friendly and user-friendly models on the market. Their devices, from portable speakers and soundbars to Roke TV compatibility and brightness regulation based on ambient light are among the many available from this brand.

If you’re having difficulty pairing your Bluetooth speaker, make sure it’s powered on and that its settings on your device have been enabled. Also ensure the speaker and device are within range of each other; if your device can’t find the speaker then reset or update its software may be required to locate it.

While Walmart’s private brand Onn cannot rival the sound quality offered by top companies like Bose or JBL, their budget-friendly bluetooth speakers still deliver incredible sound quality for their price point. Their 40 watt models boast great audio fidelity for their price, are water resistant, have long battery lives and feature USB charging ports to make their purchase an excellent value proposition.

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