Wireless led light sound bar speaker

Wireless sound bars provide an all-in-one solution, eliminating the need for cables and speakers. Some come equipped with smart features to simplify setup and usage. Some include an app for easy remote control and support voice-enabled devices like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant voice controls; additionally they typically come equipped with power cables and HDMI … Read more

wireless microphone to bluetooth speaker

Can a Wireless Microphone Be Connected to a Bluetooth Speaker? Wireless microphones have long been favored by public speakers and performers, while Bluetooth speakers offer convenience by eliminating cables. But can a wireless mic connect directly to a bluetooth speaker? Yes, however some microphones require additional devices such as Bluetooth transmitters for pairing purposes. Most … Read more

Sloth Bluetooth Speaker

Get party ready with this adorable sloth bluetooth speaker that packs quite the punch! Featuring an eye-catching design that lights up to your favorite tunes and connects wirelessly via Bluetooth for cable-free listening experience, plus family-friendly app features such as easy wireless pairing and hands free calling functionality with built-in mic support as well as … Read more

Narwhal Bluetooth Speaker

Narwhal Bluetooth Speaker Your tumbler can become your own musical oasis with this adorable narwhal Bluetooth speaker lid! Connected directly to your phone, tablet, or music-playing device for stereo sound performance, this adorable speaker connects easily. They’re perfect for bath time, poolside fun or singing in the rain! IPX7 waterproof means they can even float! … Read more

luna umbrella light with bluetooth speaker

Luna Umbrella Light With Bluetooth Speaker From Treasure Garden, Illuminate and entertain with this state-of-the-art light and sound accessory from Treasure Garden. Luna turns any umbrella into its own entertainment system via Bluetooth connectivity. Luna features 16 LED lights and Bluetooth technology for music management, making it easily connect to any device and easily installing … Read more

Boxanne Movie

Boxanne Movie Re-Premieres at Theatre N, At Theatre N’s debut of Boxanne Movie on September 6, over 150 people turned out for one of its most successful nights ever. This independent movie follows the story of a couples-boutique manager who falls for an imaginary sex doll that becomes real…or at least comes alive within his … Read more

Premio Boom Bluetooth Speaker

The Premio Boom Bluetooth Speaker, Experience amazing sound performance from a stylish portable speaker! From polished pop tunes, gutsy rock ‘n’ metal tracks, and EDM beats – our speakers play loud and clear! As opposed to other manufacturers, we use independent tests to confirm rated power output – so you can trust in the numbers … Read more

Boxanne Wireless Speaker

Keep the Party Going With This Boxanne Wireless Speaker This pocket-sized wireless speaker is ideal for the on-the-go lifestyle. It boasts an impressive subwoofer and a looping strap that lets you attach it to any bike, backpack or bag for playback of your favorite songs. Plus, its dual-sided full color printing gives brands double the … Read more

Atalax Speaker

Atalax speaker is a brand name for the loudspeakers manufactured by the American audio company Atalax. What Is an Atalax Speaker? An atalax speaker is a wireless audio system that transmits sound without the need for wires. It can play music or broadcast live video from connected smartphones or Bluetooth devices. The Atalax speaker is … Read more