rpx vs imax

rpx vs imax, The two latest movie formats, IMAX and RPX, are becoming increasingly popular. Both offer premium features like larger screens, superior audio systems and more comfortable seating for viewers. IMAX is an excellent option for 3D movies and documentaries about nature, wildlife and oceans. But if you’re in the mood to watch a … Read more

Moving Iron Speaker

A moving iron speaker is a loudspeaker that uses a magnet and a movable iron core to convert electrical signals into sound waves. The assembly consists of a stationary magnet and coil of wire attached to the diaphragm, or moving iron core. When an electrical current passes through a coil, it creates a magnetic field … Read more

Turtlebox Outdoor Speaker

Turtlebox Outdoor Speaker is an outdoor-rated speaker system designed for use outdoors. It consists of two bass-heavy speakers and a tweeter that face outwardly. Furthermore, there’s a control box located on the back that enables users to adjust sound level and create custom sounds. I am a big fan of turtle box speakers. I own … Read more

Voip Intercom Speaker

voip intercom speaker, Intercom speakers are equipped with a speaker, microphone and VoIP hardware and software to connect to an internet network. Users can communicate with each other by pressing a button or dialing a number on the intercom speaker which sends a signal over the internet to their intended recipient’s device. VoIP intercom speakers … Read more

Boss Speaker

Boss Speaker, Boss Audio Systems is a trusted brand that manufactures an extensive selection of audio products, such as car audio systems, marine audio systems, and home audio systems. Boss speakers have earned their fans’ praise for their high-quality sound, durability, and affordability. Boss produces a range of speaker types, such as coaxial speakers, component … Read more

Wonderboom Speaker

Ultimate Ears’ Wonderboom speaker is a portable Bluetooth device designed to deliver superior sound in an attractive, rugged, and waterproof package that can be taken anywhere. The Wonderboom speaker boasts two 40mm active drivers and two 46.1mm x 65.2mm passive radiators that produce 360-degree sound that’s loud, clear, and well balanced. Plus it has a … Read more

Wired Speaker

A wired speaker is one that is connected to an audio source device, such as a stereo or amplifier, by wires or cables. These wires transmit the audio signal from the source device to the speaker, which then converts it into sound waves that can be heard by listeners. Wired speakers come in an assortment … Read more

Tweeter Speaker

A tweeter speaker is a loudspeaker designed to produce high-frequency sounds, usually between 2 kHz and 20 kHz. The name comes from “tweeter,” which refers to bird songs featuring high-pitched pitches. Tweeter speakers are essential to many audio systems, reproducing high-frequency sounds that give music and other audio content clarity, detail, and presence. They typically … Read more

Transparent Speaker

Transparent speaker offer a unique and eye-catching design, making their internal components visible. Not only does this give off an eye-catching aesthetic, but they also deliver high-quality sound performance. Some features of transparent speakers include: Design: Transparent speakers stand out with their distinctive design. Crafted from materials like glass or acrylic, their internal components can … Read more

Speaker With Box

Speaker with box, Most speakers come with an enclosure or box to enhance their sound performance. Here are some common types of speaker enclosures: Sealed Enclosure: Also referred to as an acoustic suspension enclosure, a sealed enclosure is an entirely airtight box with no air leaks. The speaker driver is mounted inside and works with internal … Read more