Nter Channel Speaker

Nter channel speakers, called center-channel speakers, are audio components designed to reproduce dialogue and other central sounds in a home theatre or surround sound system. They typically sit at the centre of the soundstage, either above or below the display screen. They often work with left and right front speakers, rear speakers and subwoofers for … Read more

Megaphone Speaker

Megaphone speakers are portable, handheld devices designed to amplify the sound of voices or other audio sources. These typically consist of a cone-shaped or horn-shaped opening at one end and an ergonomic handle or grip at the other. When the speaker is turned on, it captures sound waves from a microphone or other input source … Read more

Megaboom Speaker

Ultimate Ears’ Megaboom speaker is a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker designed for high-quality 360-degree sound and known for its ruggedness and dependability, making it perfect for outdoor activities and travel. Megaboom speakers are water-resistant and can withstand being submerged in water for up to 30 minutes. Their extended battery life of 20 hours and micro-USB … Read more

Marshalls Speaker

Marshalls speakers come in various sizes and shapes, such as portable Bluetooth speakers, bookshelf speakers, and floor-standing models. All are designed to deliver superior sound, emphasizing clarity and detail, making them popular among music enthusiasts and professionals. Marshalls speakers boast several features, such as: Bluetooth Connection:┬áMany Marshalls speakers are equipped with Bluetooth technology, enabling wireless … Read more

Magnetic Speaker

Magnetic speakers, also referred to as electrodynamic speakers, use a magnet and voice coil to convert electrical signals into sound waves. When an electrical current flows through the voice coil, it interacts with the magnetic field produced by the magnet, causing it to vibrate rapidly. This motion creates vibrations within the speaker cone that can … Read more

Magnetic Bluetooth Speaker

Magnetic Bluetooth speakers are small, wireless audio players that use Bluetooth technology to connect with other devices like smartphones or tablets and play audio wirelessly. The term “magnetic” comes from its ability to attach to metal surfaces through magnets on its base or back. Magnetic Bluetooth speakers come in various shapes and sizes, some designed … Read more