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Party Speaker – More Than Just Music

Get wireless music streaming or connect microphones and musical instruments for karaoke or jam sessions with ease. Look for powerful speakers with deep bass for crowd dancing sessions.

Many party speakers come equipped with lighting that pulses or changes color according to the beat of music, and some even come complete with a smoke machine for added visual interest.


Imagine being in a room full of friends dancing to your favorite tunes, the beats pulsing through the air, and everyone sharing in the joy of music together. Quality party speakers allow this vision to come true; but top models go further by providing light shows, microphone connectivity for karaoke sessions, and phone charging capabilities as well.

Sound quality should be top of mind when selecting party speakers, so when looking for one with impressive bass and highs. For the ultimate in customization and flexibility, look for one with an equalizer built right in – this way you can tailor the audio according to your individual needs and preferences.

Some party speakers require you to plug them in to work, which may prove inconvenient when moving around the room. Others use rechargeable batteries that last for hours on end.

If you plan to use your party speaker outdoors, look for one with waterproofing features and wheels or handles for easy transport.

The best party speakers feature multiple inputs, such as Bluetooth connectivity, to allow for seamless music playback from almost any device. Some models even include line out capabilities so you can connect your sound system for additional volume and effects.

Many party speakers come equipped with built-in lights that sync up with the music to provide a visual spectacle and elevate the experience for all attendees of your celebration.

Some speakers come equipped with a built-in PartyBoost mode that enables you to link them together and enjoy stereo music playback, making this feature perfect for hosting multiple parties or covering larger areas. Keep in mind, however, not all party speakers support it, so before purchasing one with this feature read up on its user reviews for confirmation it works correctly before use – the Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 offers this capability and is an excellent choice if looking for loud party speakers that offer this feature.


If your party speaker will be used to entertain a large group, it makes sense to choose one with lights or other effects that add visual interest. Some party speakers come equipped with built-in strobe lighting effects that sync up with music tempo to produce a spectacular light and sound show, elevating the entire event experience to new levels of excitement and experience.

ION Audio Party Splash is an example of a Bluetooth speaker equipped with lights. This waterproof party speaker boasts multi-color lights that sync up perfectly to music played from its mobile app and beat-sync with every song played from it, making this portable boombox great for pool parties, beach trips, or outdoor adventures!

Other Bluetooth speakers with lights include the JBL PartyBox 110. This speaker features LED lights encasing two JBL Original Pro Sound drivers that can be customized to display various colors and patterns, controlled from its app and featuring bass boost and graphic EQ settings.

Some party speakers go beyond traditional lightshows by including additional features like microphone, FM radio and USB ports to make life easier. Some can even be combined with another speaker to double sound output! They even come equipped with IP67 protection against dust, dirt and rain!

These speakers are designed with portability in mind. Their compact size and lightweight build make them easy to transport from location to location and set up quickly – some even come equipped with shoulder straps and tripods for even greater versatility! Perfect for camping trips, tailgating events or birthday celebrations!

Smoke Machines

Party speakers typically come equipped with extra features that add visual effects to their music, such as smoke machines or sometimes also known as hazers (although these two should not be confused), which use special fluid to produce fog for lighting effects and other events. Many models feature remote controls so you can manage volume levels and length of smoke output; others even come equipped with timers so it automatically shuts off at a specific hour.

Party speakers can make an enormous difference at events that need something extra, like outdoor dance parties and theatrical productions. Knowing exactly which type of event you will host before selecting party speakers ensures you find gear suitable to the occasion.

If you need a party speaker that can handle bass, Sony’s SRS-XG300 may be just what you’re searching for. Equipped with dual passive radiators that deliver deep bass notes and the ability to play loud without distortion, this model also boasts other notable features like LED light show and mic inputs to enable karaoke use. In addition, its more subdued design makes it suitable for a range of events and celebrations.

Creating an atmospheric Halloween party requires the use of fog or smoke machines. As these devices often employ hazardous flammable chemicals for creating the desired effects, use should be limited indoors. Fog machines are popularly used on stage productions as it allows performers to make dramatic entrances; horror movie productions also utilize fog machines in setting the right tone; they’re even capable of simulating an alien landscape! Rental options for fog machines are widely available from audio/video equipment rental services.


At parties, you want the music to play loud enough without disrupting neighbors. Many opt for party speakers which usually come equipped with built-in amplifiers that produce high-quality audio output.

These speakers are specifically designed to be portable, allowing them to easily be transported from room to room or outdoors. Some models even include rechargeable batteries that allow users to play for extended periods without being plugged in; making these ideal for garden parties, beach gatherings, tailgating events or picnics with friends.

Most party speakers come equipped with Bluetooth capabilities, making it simple and effortless to connect them with any mobile device or other smart device. In addition, some options allow multiple speakers to link together so they play music in stereo; this feature can come in handy if you need to cover a larger area or prefer listening with surround sound.

Some party speakers include lights that respond to music by creating different hues or reacting with it, adding an eye-catching element that can really elevate the party atmosphere. If you prefer more subdued lighting effects, however, there are still options that don’t involve this technology.

As well as considering its battery life and music capacity, another key element to keep in mind when selecting a party speaker is how long its battery will last – you want one with enough juice to last through all of your festivities! When searching for your ideal model, ensure it features long battery life so that your celebration continues uninterrupted throughout the evening.

Consider whether or not your party speaker supports voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri to enhance your party experience by giving you hands-free control of music selection. This can make managing music during events more pleasurable.

Party speakers might seem like an unnecessary investment at first, but they can make any event better in many ways. From birthday parties and wedding receptions to family reunions and community celebrations, speakers add excitement and bring everyone together – so check out ElectroMarket for their selection of party speakers today.

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