luna umbrella light with bluetooth speaker

Luna Umbrella Light With Bluetooth Speaker From Treasure Garden, Illuminate and entertain with this state-of-the-art light and sound accessory from Treasure Garden. Luna turns any umbrella into its own entertainment system via Bluetooth connectivity.

Luna features 16 LED lights and Bluetooth technology for music management, making it easily connect to any device and easily installing onto center pole umbrellas up to 2″ diameter using its self-adjusting clamp and 110 V AC charger for up to 2-4 hours of recharge time.


Treasure Garden luna umbrella light with bluetooth speaker is an innovative device designed to elevate your patio experience. Combining multi-colored illumination with bluetooth speakers for portable music synced up with lighting effects, this battery powered (rechargeable) light has an easy plug-in installation for hassle-free setup. Simply mount this fixture on any flag pole base or mobile base under any umbrella for music and ambience in any outdoor dining or entertaining area under its umbrella!

Treasure Garden Luna turns any patio into its own entertainment system with 16 LED lights and an integrated bluetooth speaker that connects wirelessly with any device, enabling you to share music easily among family or friends. Plus, its self-adjusting clamp fits umbrella poles up to 2 inches in diameter for easy installation; its rechargeable battery can be charged via 110V AC charger for 6 hours of continuous usage time after just one charge!

This modern light fixture boasts an all-weather finish suitable for use in any outdoor living space, constructed of stainless steel with a polycarbonate base. This weatherproof design makes it ideally suited to windy conditions while its low profile and neutral hue complement outdoor furniture seamlessly. Cleaning it requires only water and mild soap; furthermore it makes cleaning much simpler over time!

The Luna Umbrella Light with Bluetooth Speaker offers stylish illumination in either black or bronze to fit seamlessly into any outdoor setting. While black is designed to complement Treasure Garden shade products, bronze works well with most outdoor decor styles.

Treasure Garden’s umbrella light with bluetooth speaker is an adaptable product designed for use on most standard market and cantilever umbrellas, attaching directly to their center pole in cantilever umbrellas or attaching via post attachment on offset cantilevers by opening up and sliding over attachment posts on offset cantilevers before closing back down again. Furthermore, it can even be attached directly to any standard center pole umbrella without an adapter lighting attachment system for off-set cantilever umbrellas.

Battery Life

Treasure Garden presents this battery-powered (rechargeable), multi-colored light and bluetooth speaker to add ambience to your patio atmosphere. LED lights illuminate your space while music can be streamed directly from your smartphone or other compatible device via bluetooth speaker. Easily control both elements using their Luna Pro App which offers advanced controls for illumination, sound volume levels, preset looping/fading options and more.

Treasure Garden’s Luna Umbrella Light w/ Bluetooth Speaker boasts 16 LED lights and bluetooth connectivity to add ambience and entertainment to outdoor living spaces. The low profile design seamlessly fits with umbrella frames for modern lighting that provides modern lighting effects in dining or entertainment areas outdoors. Installation is easy thanks to a self-adjusting clamp that fits center pole umbrellas up to 2 inches in diameter or offset cantilever umbrella attachment posts; additionally it includes a 110V AC charger that allows up to six-10 hours of usage time with each charge cycle.

Treasure Garden’s Luna Umbrella Light is the ideal way to extend your patio space beyond daylight hours with ease. Equipped with Bluetooth technology and controlled easily through its Luna Pro App on both Android and Apple smart phones, you can effortlessly manage its features easily using this versatile umbrella light and speaker combination. Use its easy setup process and set your sound and illumination settings according to the beat of any song; or make an unforgettable statement at backyard parties, BBQs or dinner events alike!


treasure garden’s Luna Umbrella Light with Bluetooth Speaker will add ambience and music to your patio with multicolored illumination and built-in Bluetooth speakers that can be managed directly via smart device. Battery power rechargeable lighting/audio accessory. Multicolored illumination. Built-in Bluetooth speakers. Manageable via smart device.

This bronze colored light quickly clamps to umbrella poles with an innovative self-adjusting design for convenient outdoor patio furniture use, fitting most standard sizes. When fully charged it provides up to six hours of illumination and music playing time. Recharging takes only 20-30 minutes from any standard 110V power outlet.

Setting the Mood

LED lights can be easily managed with an intuitive app, enabling users to turn the lights on and off, change colors and adjust brightness with just a tap on the screen. Furthermore, you can set a timer that will automatically shut off at an optimal hour.

Add Music

Luna features a built-in Bluetooth system which makes connecting to any music device simple, and playing your favourite tunes seamless. When the music stops or battery power drops below an acceptable level, Luna will alert you with an indicator tone and it is time to charge Luna up again.

The Luna Umbrella Light with Bluetooth Speaker is an ideal way to elevate customer experiences at restaurants, bars, hotels and other outdoor venues by providing unique, fun and innovative ways of entertaining their guests. Additionally, retailers who sell patio furniture or outdoor accessories can find this device invaluable as a valuable selling point.


Are you searching for ways to add additional lighting and sound to your outdoor patio space? Treasure Garden’s Luna Umbrella Light with Bluetooth Speaker may be just the solution you need – its modern accessory fits most market and Treasure Garden Cantilever umbrellas seamlessly and features 16 LED lights as well as a Bluetooth speaker that plays your favorite music! Coming in both black and bronze color options, the Luna can easily blend in with existing patio furniture seamlessly.

This cutting-edge umbrella light is easy to set up and operates using a rechargeable battery, while offering a built-in Bluetooth speaker to share music from devices connected via Bluetooth with friends or family. Perfect for outdoor entertaining spaces with a full warranty backing it, it makes an exceptional addition.

Charge the unit regularly to maintain battery life and functionality of this product. Use any 110 V AC charger and allow 2-4 hours for full charge time. Be mindful not to expose it directly to sunlight and moisture – if your product gets wet simply dry it before use!

Treasure Garden’s LUNA umbrella light with speaker is an essential component to any patio, providing ambience for evening entertainment and relaxation alike. Simply push a button and transform any outdoor living space into party territory or relaxing spot!

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