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Boxanne Movie Re-Premieres at Theatre N, At Theatre N’s debut of Boxanne Movie on September 6, over 150 people turned out for one of its most successful nights ever. This independent movie follows the story of a couples-boutique manager who falls for an imaginary sex doll that becomes real…or at least comes alive within his mind!

Movie Synopsis

Boxanne’s local indie film premiere at Theatre N last month attracted an enthusiastic crowd, leading director Brian Wild to describe it as one of his theater’s greatest nights ever – so much so, they decided to reshow it twice on Friday and Saturday nights.

Here is Wilmington filmmaker Brian Wild’s outrageous rom-com, “Wild Romance,” featuring Patrick Ruegsegger as Dane Werther, the manager of a couples boutique who falls for a sex doll that comes to life — at least in his head.

Philly-based professional stuntman Les Price stars as Boog in Red Cup Films’ family-friendly horror short set to premiere at Covid-19 next year, directed by Wilmington filmmaker Brian Wild and written by Christy Wall – Brian T. Skinner handled cinematography.

Cast & Crew

Local indie film Deception premiered at Theatre N earlier this month and enjoyed one of its most successful nights ever. On Friday and Saturday, Deception will return as part of a double feature with Tromasterpiece Theatre’s Psycho Ape directed by Addison Binek.

Brian Wild of Wilmington Filmworks recently directed 2022’s hit rom-com Boxanne and has released his new kid friendly monster flick The Boog. Filmed during Covid-19 and funded with government relief checks, according to its director, it features monster creatures.

Patrick Ruegsegger stars as retail manager Dane Werther, an individual in love with an unsex doll that comes alive – at least in his mind. Gabrielle Rambo appears as his beloved co-worker; Luke Nasty as Panhandler; Angela Marie-Teague provides voice-over work as Boxanne; along with many more characters that add comic relief and depth.

The director credited his former His & Hers store manager as being his source of inspiration for making this movie. She told him about high-end sex dolls arriving at His & Hers during her tenure, convincing him to make this project. It has since been submitted to 36 film festivals worldwide and won several awards; marking his first venture into family friendly sci-fi territory.

Release Date

Red Cup Films of Wilmington recently debuted its delightful comedy Boxanne at Theatre N, making for one of its best nights ever. “It was wonderful seeing so many people excited for our film!” stated director Brian Wild.

Patrick Ruegsegger plays Dane Werther, manager of His and Hers couples boutique who falls for an actual adult sex doll that comes to life in his mind. A former employee from Claymont himself, Ruegsegger says that before being cast in this movie he had never seen one!

Philadelphia professional stuntman Les Price stars in a family-friendly film directed by Wilmington filmmaker Brian Wild and written by Christy Wall, and cinematographed by Brian T. Skinner during Covid-19. Les is an avid follower of Covid-19 and helped to create the character Boog for this short. Filmed during Covid-19 in Delaware by Brian T. Skinner himself.


Boxanne is an adult romantic comedy featuring an irreverent panhandler, an seductive shop manager, and Wilmington native Angela Marie-Teague as its voice actress. Shot during Covid-19 and funded with government relief checks, Brian Wild’s wild comedy was directed by Christy Wall with cinematography by Brian T. Skinner for this wildly outrageous breakout film that shot in Wilmington.

On February 25th, Theatre N was delighted to host more than 150 people for a local indie premiere screening, making it one of the theater’s most successful nights ever. Additionally, two additional screenings will take place this April (Friday 1 and Saturday 2) alongside Psycho Ape cult classic.

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