Turtle Box Speaker

The Turtle Box Speaker – A Go-Anywhere Bluetooth Speaker

A turtle box speaker is an outdoor loudspeaker designed to combine audiophile-grade sound quality with rugged weather resistance for wireless listening.

This rugged speaker is the ideal companion for poolside parties, camping trips and backyard movie nights. It can get very loud while offering USB-C output charging capability to other devices.

Rugged Design

The turtle box speaker is an outdoor-ready Bluetooth speaker designed for those who don’t mind taking their music out into nature. Able to withstand harsh weather conditions and even dive under water for 30 minutes without suffering damage, its waterproofing feature features a protective cap over its grille; additionally it comes equipped with stainless-steel hardware which protects its driver. Perfect for tailgate parties and beach adventures alike!

This speaker features two slits on both sides to facilitate strapping it down, and its IP67 rating means it can survive an hour-long immersion in water. Built to withstand dust and heavy use, its marine-grade drivers are composed of high-grade materials. Plus, its rugged design includes an easy carry handle and rubber feet making transportation a breeze!

With an incredible battery life of over 25 hours at an easy listening volume, the Turtle Box Speaker can last an entire day when used at its recommended volume level. Its loudness and clarity will cut through windy conditions so you can listen to music freely outdoors without missing a beat. Multiple speakers can even be combined together for stereo sound or synced up with your phone for wireless music streaming.

Turtlebox speakers go beyond Bluetooth in terms of features; they also boast an analog 3.5mm auxiliary input that can be used for wired audio playback as well as dual USB-C ports that can charge external devices and an LED control pad that provides music playback controls and music playback features.

The only drawback of the Turtlebox speaker is its weight; though this should not be an issue when used at parties or tailgates, hiking and camping trips could present additional difficulties for transporting it.

If you’re searching for more portable options similar to the Turtlebox speaker, take a look at either the JBL PartyBox 300 or Ecoxgear EcoTrek speakers. Both feature rugged yet lighter builds with less volume capabilities; similarly, Soundcast VG7 makes an excellent power bank as well as being connected to terrace TVs for outdoor movie watching!


At any event involving music – be it pool parties, camping trips or backyard barbecues with friends – the right atmosphere and music are key. A loud speaker can set the right ambience while making conversations more audible as well as double as a power source for other devices. The Turtlebox speaker blends audiophile-caliber sound quality with an efficient yet rugged construction to offer a practical audio solution that’s always ready to go. Equipped with one marine-grade 6-x-9-inch driver and 1.25-inch tweeter for optimal audio reproduction and powered by an impressive 9-cell Lithium-Ion battery pack. The battery of this speaker is rated to provide up to 20 hours of playback at reasonable volume levels and 6 at maximum volume, respectively. Furthermore, there is a USB-C port and 3.5mm input jack to connect other devices. Furthermore, its controls feature an illuminated control pad, making volume adjustments simple as well as switching tracks quickly and seamlessly.

The Turtlebox speaker is one of the loudest Bluetooth speakers available on the market, making it an excellent choice for outdoor events and activities such as parties. Built to withstand rain, dirt, dust and immersion in water – making this compact yet portable speaker suitable for parties, gatherings or camping trips! Additionally, its rubber handle makes for easy carrying.

Contrary to some loud Bluetooth speakers that start distorting at higher volumes, the Turtlebox speaker maintains excellent sound quality even at maximum volume. It is capable of pumping out rich, deep bass notes that cut through windy conditions outdoors. When I conducted tests using songs by SkHoolboy Q, 2 Chainz, Saudi, Kendrick Lamar from Black Panther soundtrack as well as “Friend of the Devil” by Grateful Dead it produced music with stunning clarity that clearly delineated instruments and vocals.

Other Bluetooth speakers that are loud and water resistant include the JBL Xtreme 3 and Ecoxgear EcoTrek models. While the JBL features a light show, Ecoxgear offers greater battery life. Furthermore, Turtlebox speakers can pair together for true Left/Right stereo imaging with just two units connected at the same time.


“Anyone who’s seen This is Spinal Tap is familiar with loud speakers that go past 11”. For those that really want their music loud and stay loud, a purpose-built speaker like the Turtlebox speaker may be necessary; its combination of audiophile quality sound with rugged waterproof build resisting all elements makes it an ideal option for outdoor activities like kayaking and trekking as well as tailgating parties and backyard BBQs.

The Turtlebox speaker boasts an IP67 waterproof rating, making it capable of being submerged in up to one meter of water for 30 minutes without incurring damage, plus dustproof protection as well. Furthermore, thanks to built-in waterproof drivers the Turtlebox produces clear and distortion-free sound even at higher volumes.

Under its cap is a standard 3.5mm auxiliary input to connect any wired MP3 player or audio device, or use two Turtlebox Gen 2 speakers together for true left and right stereo listening. Plus, its LED-illuminated control pad on top makes adjusting music playback simple!

This speaker boasts a lithium-ion battery pack with 85Wh of capacity that provides up to 20 hours of music at easy listening volume and six at maximum volume. A USB-C output allows charging external devices like laptops or smartphones while an audio mic input enables singing/talking while music plays in the background. A microphone input enables singing along.

The Turtlebox speaker’s primary drawback is its weight; this could prove difficult for those on the move who need to carry their speaker around with them. As an alternative, Marshall Stanmore II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker provides lighter audio performance as well as greater controls.


Music at a party or camping trip is great way to set the atmosphere, getting everyone into the spirit of things and keeping everyone engaged – but most portable speakers simply aren’t loud enough for outdoor situations due to wind gusts, waves or boat engines nearby. When these situations arise, speakers that can play music loud enough must be utilized – something most portable speakers don’t offer. For this purpose, high volume portable speakers may be preferable.

The Turtlebox Gen 2 speaker was built for audio enthusiasts, offering Bluetooth streaming music wirelessly as well as stereo pairing capabilities with another Gen 2 unit. Furthermore, there’s an auxiliary 3.5mm input and dual USB-C ports to charge other devices, along with its LED-illuminated control pad providing access to volume controls, battery status indicator lights, on/off switch controls, as well as battery status indicator light. Plus its rugged construction includes stainless steel tie anchors for stability on any surface surface.

Listening to music through the Turtlebox sounds crisp and clear even at full volume, with powerful bass notes and balanced midrange frequencies that don’t make music seem overpowering or overwhelming. Though some listeners may detect an audible low frequency hump that doesn’t interfere with overall clarity.

Other portable speakers available may also provide loud sound. For instance, the JBL Xtreme 3 offers IP67 waterproofing, power bank capabilities and multi-speaker pairing. While it reaches higher volumes than its Turtlebox counterpart, its sound quality falls short of expectations.

The DemerBox DB2 is a small speaker made up of two smaller speakers that can be heard more clearly at further distances; however, its lower bass response and distortion at its maximum volume limit make it less suitable than Turtlebox speakers. Furthermore, this model costs more.

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