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The Speaker Lab provides all the resources speakers need to become successful professional paid speakers. It helps speakers find gigs, build industry relationships and negotiate higher speaking fees.

Amy offers strategies and advice on finding gigs and building websites which effectively convert leads. Additionally, she gives advice for growing an online following.


Be it experienced or newbie, there are various methods available to you if you wish to become a paid public speaker. One such program is Speaker Lab’s Book-and-Pay program; here, learners are instructed in how to book and pay for speeches delivered at speaking events. Grant Baldwin has helped thousands of speakers build successful speaking businesses that offer them freedom and flexibility so that they may spend time with their families while earning income through speaking engagements.

Joining Grant’s Speaker Lab program may cost approximately $1,500; but it is well worth your money. His coaching program helps speakers find gigs, develop industry relationships and negotiate higher speaker fees; as well as creating strong brands and websites essential to expanding their businesses. In addition to offering tools and resources, Speaker Lab also serves as a community of speakers who support each other.

An effective way of networking among fellow speakers and aiding one another’s success, as well as staying informed on industry trends and developments is through podcasts like Speaker Lab’s podcast which feature business tactics, speaking tips and strategies from Grant Baldwin and other successful speakers around the globe. The Speaker Lab podcast covers this space as well.

Speakers need to ensure their websites are optimized for search engines and contain a clear call-to-action, to which this requires understanding the core principles of web design and copywriting as well as legal issues such as trademarks and copyrights. On Episode 428 of The Speaker Lab with guest Autumn Witt Boyd discussing effective approaches.

The Speaker Lab has built an outstanding track record in helping aspiring speakers realize their goals. Many of their students have successfully transitioned into full-time speaking careers, earning six figures or more as professional speakers. Their coaching program uses the SPEAK Framework which provides a process for creating speeches and websites; furthermore they partner with top organizations such as Toastmasters and National Speakers Associations (NSA).


The Speaker Lab is a program that assists speakers in finding speaking leads and converting them to paid gigs, as well as offering tools and strategies to build a thriving speaking business. Led by Grant Baldwin – who has guided thousands of speakers to success through coaching sessions – participants receive 25 qualified speaking leads by the time the program ends.

Public speaking is an indispensable skill for any professional. It enables you to effectively express your thoughts and convey messages that resonate with audiences – whether giving a classroom presentation or attending a conference – public speaking can make a positive impactful statement about you and your career goals.

Camille sits down with Grant Baldwin, founder and author of “Booked and Paid to Speak.” In this episode, Grant discusses his journey from youth pastor to professional speaker with SPEAK framework which has enabled his success as well as advice for managing anxiety when speaking publically and starting up a successful speaking business.

Baldwin is also well-known as a podcast host; his Speaker Lab podcast, with interviews of speakers and coaches discussing topics like finding gigs, negotiating higher fees, and creating speaking platforms, can be found on iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher.

Though the Speaker Lab may seem expensive, its investment will pay dividends. Unlike other programs, the Speaker Lab provides a clear roadmap and basic set of tools to help speakers succeed as speakers. Furthermore, you will benefit from joining a community of fellow speakers via an online forum and social media channels such as LinkedIn.

The Speaker Lab is an invaluable resource for speakers looking to advance their careers. It teaches speakers how to book more gigs, negotiate higher fees and expand their businesses; its aim being to enable speakers build a thriving speaking practice that allows them to live the lifestyle they wish.

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The Speaker Lab is a program created to assist speakers in building successful speaking businesses. This comprehensive approach includes online courses, coaching sessions and access to an expansive community of fellow speakers. Grant Baldwin’s proven process for finding speaking leads and turning them into paid gigs has produced tremendous success with some students reaching six times more paid gigs within six months! Some have even reached veteran fees without even going back through college!

One of the key components of creating a successful speaking business is creating a website. Speakers need to ensure their site is optimized for search engines so potential clients can locate them easily, which Autumn Witt Boyd discusses on this week’s episode of Speaker Lab Podcast. She provides tips for improving a speaker’s website while protecting it against intellectual property theft.

This podcast series, hosted by Grant Baldwin of The Speaker Lab coaches and other world-class speakers like them, presents talks that discuss topics like getting booked to speak and paid, entrepreneurship and more. They offer insightful tips and practical advice to become successful paid speakers.

If you are a speaker, this podcast should be on your listening list. It covers everything from how to find speaking gigs and negotiate higher speaker fees, as well as serving as an excellent source of motivation if your speaking career is struggling.

The Speaker Lab Podcast boasts an expansive reach, being featured by top industry publications such as Forbes and Inc, in addition to receiving awards from Toastmasters and National Speakers Associations. If you want to gauge how popular any specific podcast is, a free tool called Rephonic can provide data for two million podcasts such as YouTube viewership numbers, download stats, chart rankings and ratings – even giving access to The Speaker Lab Podcast listener numbers! Upgrade your account now so you can view listener statistics for The Speaker Lab Podcast!


The Speaker Lab is an intensive course designed to equip you with all of the knowledge necessary to become a professional paid speaker, including finding gigs, building industry relationships and negotiating higher speaker fees. Furthermore, this comprehensive program will teach you how to build and expand your speaking business to provide more time with family and flexibility when living life on your terms.

Grant Baldwin, an esteemed speaker and entrepreneur who has provided thousands of speakers with career development assistance through The Speaker Lab’s program of online courses, podcasts and live coaching sessions with coaches is at the helm of The Speaker Lab – it can provide them with everything they need to reach success as paid speakers. While not cheap, The Speaker Lab may well be worth their while for those serious about becoming successful paid speakers.

An integral component of the Speaker Lab is its SPEAK Framework, which details how to become an engaging professional paid speaker. Based on experience gained by coach/professional speaker coaching staff and other experienced professional speakers, it provides easy reading steps with direct action items that can be completed quickly.

Speakers need a website optimized with SEO features in order to gain exposure and draw audiences towards their content. Therefore, selecting a web host that provides all of these essential features and functions will ensure your site can be found by potential clients and leads. Speakers should focus on crafting engaging messages that stand out from the competition and engage their target audiences.

If you want to gain more insights into The Speaker Lab Podcast, Rephonic’s 3D interactive graph can provide valuable information about where this show ranks among other podcasts. Upgrade to Rephonic Pro for accessing viewership numbers and download stats as well as more insights.

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