SVS Surround Speaker Review

The Primes came on the scene not long after their Q Acoustics 3000 series predecessor, so they had big shoes to fill – and did an outstanding job in doing so!

They’re ideal for enjoying multi-channel content and are capable of producing Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D immersive audio.

Ultra Tower

SVS’s Ultra Tower floorstanding speaker costs $999 per pair and represents their flagship floorstanding model. Since taking ownership two years ago, their new ownership team realized their successful line of subwoofers could translate directly to full-range speakers that provided more value than competing products at its price range.

When listening to the Ultra Tower, its bass performance is immediately striking. Even at lower volumes, its bass can shake the floorboards in your room! Bass notes are deep yet well-defined without being boomy; in Peter Hook’s “Babylon,” for instance. Furthermore, at very high volumes it sounds natural unlike many of its competitors that sound artificial or unnatural at such levels.

SVS has integrated many design innovations into this speaker that enable it to perform like much more expensive products. The cabinet features non-parallel interior walls which reduce standing waves, as well as a wedge-shaped front baffle that minimizes diffraction for crisp on-axis frequency response. Furthermore, SVS designed the tweeter flush mounted so as not to interfere with mid bass driver and has an FEA optimized geometry that enhances acoustic transparency – two important qualities when considering performance of any speaker system.

SVS has taken care in selecting premium components for their crossover system, such as air-core inductors and heavy-trace printed circuit boards, air-core inductors and an open port configuration with an open port configuration to increase efficiency, as well as using their proprietary ceramic diaphragm diaphragm for increased voice coil life.

The Ultra Surround is an impressive surround speaker designed to switch between bipolar or dipole by switching gold-plated jumpers on its back panel. It can be used as either side or rear surround speakers and pairs well with Ultra Towers and Ultra Center components for use in 7.1 systems; its wide array of music genres and its ability to deliver dynamic performance are making it a fantastic value proposition.

Ultra Center

The SVS Ultra Center is one of those rare floorstanding speakers that will really take your breath away. Most floorstanding speakers in its price range, even those that look impressively modern like SVS’s take – tall black boxes with several drivers attached. SVS stands out with their design which recalls either Princess Aurora’s gown or Batman’s cape!

They sound incredible too – their dual six-and-a-half inch woofers produce powerful bass with very efficient operation, while their four-inch glass-fiber midrange drivers and one-inch aluminum tweeters create clear and detailed audio reproduction.

This speaker from the company’s Ultra line was an experiment for them; while they had previously attempted to break into the home theater speaker market with subwoofers that garnered rave reviews, this loudspeaker marked their inaugural attempt at producing full range loudspeakers.

SVS was fortunate enough to hire Mark Mason as project director. Mason knows what constitutes good sound; having worked as an audio engineer at PSB before joining SVS in 2011, he is familiar with working in an anechoic chamber – something essential when trying to achieve accurate results from home theater speakers.

SVS put great thought and care into their new speakers’ build quality, using thick MDF in their construction and bracing critical areas properly. Furthermore, SVS included damping material within their enclosures to prevent unwanted vibrations as well as improve bass response and enhance the bass response of their new speakers.

One of the unique aspects of this speaker is its capability for dipolar operation, meaning you can wire it so both front-firing drivers are in phase with each other to create more directional surround sound. Setting this up with ease using the included jumpers.

SVS’s Ultra Surround Speaker is an excellent choice for anyone seeking high-quality speakers at an accessible price point. Perfect for experienced audiophiles looking to upgrade to more costly systems or for novice audiophiles looking for their first system without breaking the bank, SVS offers this stylish system without breaking the bank either way.

Ultra Surround

SVS recently underwent a change of ownership and their new team took on their business with an eye toward value for the buck. Their focus has since been to make speakers compete with subwoofers when it comes to bang for your buck; take a look at their Ultra series. You’ll see for yourself: the Ultra surrounds feature dual isolated tweeter/woofer crossovers in an angled cabinet design to minimize internal reflections for cleaner sound output while reaching an impressive 3 dB downpoint frequency range, making these speakers capable of handling deep bass effects while still having enough flexibility to be used as surround speakers!

The Ultra surrounds come equipped with on-wall mounting hardware for effortless setup. Like their SVS counterparts, these speakers offer easy setup. Their unique shape features a slightly larger footprint than standard floorstanding tower speakers – but don’t let that deter you; their performance remains unaffected and they fit comfortably in almost any environment.

Sound quality-wise, these surround speakers are among the finest we’ve encountered. Delivering rich, dynamic sounds balanced perfectly between highs, mids, and lows; they make an excellent match with Ultra Towers so you can watch every action-packed scene with perfect clarity.

Every aspect of this design was developed with sound performance in mind. Chamfered edges of the front baffle help minimize edge diffraction for clear and precise imaging; an FEA-optimized tweeter diffuser ensures broad dispersion with an expansive “sweet spot”, for crisp and unveiled highs; while grille design also is designed acoustically transparent for improved sound performance.

For home theater systems capable of producing Dolby Atmos height effects, the SVS Ultra Surround is an outstanding 5.1 setup. With sweeping dynamics and crystal clear sound quality, it will make any movie captivatingly realistic. If your 7.1 setup requires it instead, SVS also makes the Ultra Prime surround which is more budget friendly but still just as good.

Ultra Sub

SVS is an expert at designing and crafting quality speakers, offering products designed with sound quality and reliability in mind. Their Ultra Series speakers are truly impressive if you are on a tight budget searching for surround systems. Customer service at this company is extremely friendly; they will go out of their way to assist with any inquiries about products; I highly recommend considering purchasing their Ultra Tower Surround Speaker Package as you search.

The Ultra Towers are impressively large speakers for their price, standing 45.6″ tall with an expansive footprint that gives them a distinct look. Their dual 6″ midrange drivers are opposed instead of stacked, while they also boast an innovative crossover method which creates an ultra-stable 3-dimensional image.

These two features combine to give the Ultra Towers such a strong and realistic soundstage, creating an image so real it’s hard to believe you aren’t sitting in front of the speakers!

All critical components are carefully chosen to ensure world-class audio performance and build quality, and each cabinet size and shape are specifically engineered to deliver cost-no-object reference performance comparable to that found only in high end home theater systems.

SVS employs an injection-molded polymer frame optimized with finite element analysis (FEA), featuring high density MDF for its structural rigidity and minimal impact on acoustic signature.

Every detail on the Ultra Towers serves a sonic purpose. For example, tapered edges known as chamfers help minimize edge diffraction to provide precise soundstaging. Woofers are sealed enclosures to eliminate unwanted driver interaction, while their grille is also optimized using finite element analysis for maximum acoustic transparency.

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