SVS Speaker Wire

SVS Speaker Wire Review
Ohio-based SVS is renowned for their subwoofers and high quality speakers. Now they’ve added audio accessories that fit between pricey snake oil solutions and budget friendly point A to point B cables.

SoundPath One

SVS Audio creates high performance subwoofers and speakers for music, home theater and gaming enthusiasts. Based in Youngstown, Ohio, SVS serves customers worldwide through direct and retail sales channels as well as Sound Experts technical support via phone, email, social media platforms like chat or forums – wherever people want to connect!

SVS takes a smarter approach to speaker wire with their SoundPath One Speaker Cables in 50 and 100 foot spools that offer premium 14 gauge speaker wire at half the price of traditional bulk spools. Electromagnetic shielding provides noise isolation while this 14 gauge stranded cable boasts an unmatched build quality compared to anything in its class.

SVS craftsmen in Ohio hand-solder and custom terminate the ultra high fidelity cables to guarantee crystal clear sound with no signal degradation for uncompromising performance. The 14 gauge stranded speaker cable comes in 50 and 100 foot spools with your choice of 24K gold plated brass spades or banana plugs for speakers, amps or receivers.

SoundPath Wireless Audio Adapter Kit

SVS’s wireless audio adapter is designed to pass a full-range, CD-quality signal through your subwoofer without cable clutter or placement issues that may limit placement options. Simply hook up an AV receiver, powered speaker or amplifier to the transmitter; pair both devices; then transmitting 16-bit/48KHz audio wirelessly through the SoundPath adapter.

Its design is straightforward, featuring a small transmitter with an audio 3.5mm mini-stereo jack and Micro USB power input; and a receiver featuring blue LED indicator light and pairing button. When paired, the indicator light illuminates and an auto-pair process begins; if unsuccessful, reset buttons allow users to reactivate themselves during pairing.

I am a big fan of the wireless SoundPath Audio Adapter kit, and it has worked seamlessly in several setups. Not only did it eliminate cable clutter, but also helped improve subwoofer placement and eliminate room artifacts that had plagued previous attempts. Plus, it’s user-friendly which makes it an ideal solution for audiophiles looking to free up room space while still getting great performance out of their speakers.

SoundPath Ultra

The svs speaker wire is an uncompromising high-quality product ideal for hi-fi or home cinema applications. Hand terminated in Ohio with 24K gold plated copper spades or banana terminals on amplifiers/AVRs, this speaker cable will always be cut to your exact length specification.

SoundPath cables are certified to the same high standards as the best in the world, maintaining signal purity and immunity to virtually all interference, providing an accurate representation of your source material with crystal-clear sound quality. Their pure strand oxygen-free copper conductors combine with a three layer shielding system designed to eliminate radio frequency noise from music signals for full bandwidth and dynamic range.

SVS has designed a line of digital optical cables that guarantee secure connections between components and absolute audio signal purity, providing an accurate representation of your source material with crystal-clear sound quality. These premium-grade cables are compatible with standard and high-definition devices with either an optical or TOSLINK port, boasting a polished monofilament design along with aircraft-grade aluminum terminals and 24K gold connectors for smooth transitions, efficient signal transfer, and superior audio performance.

They come in a range of lengths – short, long and custom – with your choice of connectors at an even better value than the competition. Plus, they come with a five year warranty!

SVS’ SoundPath Interconnects offer excellent build quality and price-to-performance ratio, making them a great option for those who don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on premium cables but still want the most from their system.

For those seeking to reduce subwoofer cable clutter without sacrificing performance, the SoundPath Wireless Audio Adapter Kit is a great option. This adapter kit enables owners to transform powered speakers, subs and AV equipment into wireless gear, solving placement issues and eliminating wires across the room.

This kit includes a transmitter and receiver, USB power adapters, 3.5mm stereo plug, mini stereo plug, blue LED indicator light, and small pairing button all packaged in an unassuming package that’s simple to assemble. Once all pieces are attached, all that remains to do is connect the receiver to powered speakers or subwoofer via RCA interconnect and wait for an indicator light signaling when the transmitter auto-pairs with it. This straightforward setup process takes only 30 seconds and is ideal for those who don’t want to run wires across their room – perfect for those who don’t want to run wires across their home!

SoundPath Interconnects

SoundPath Interconnects are essential components of any audio system, aiding in getting the best performance from your speakers and components. They offer crystal-clear signal purity as well as interference rejection at an affordable price point to give you a true high-end listening experience.

These cables boast an uncompromising design and construction, featuring pure copper conductors and 24K gold-plated brass connectors. Furthermore, these cables boast a precision five-layer dielectric insulation system designed to block all RF and electromagnetic interference.

An RCA cable transmitting a CD quality audio signal for an immersive and convincing listening experience. These cables can be used for various applications like connecting your subwoofer to your home theater receiver or other component.

SVS has extensive expertise with audio wire, and their SoundPath series offers some of the best value available. This collection of cables includes everything from a multi-zone audio adapter to wireless speaker wire and premium speaker cable options.

One of our top picks is the SoundPath Wireless Audio Adapter, which reduces subwoofer cable clutter without sacrificing performance better than any other solution available on the market. It also unlocks wireless connectivity for stereo zones of speakers, powered surround sound speakers and amplifiers while solving placement issues.

This is a great option for those who wish to place their subwoofer within the room without running wires from it to their amplifier, or who simply prefer a wireless alternative to using an AV adapter.

It’s an ideal option for anyone who needs to connect their speakers in a different room to their subwoofer, as its wireless range extends up to 18 metres!

SVS offer an impressive range of audio accessories that are high-performance, cost-effective and feature all the essential features to guarantee your system has superior audio and a stunning appearance. Plus, you’ll get expert technical support from Ohio-based AV professionals to set up and utilize your new SVS products so that you can take advantage of their superior performance immediately.

SoundPath Speaker Terminals provide sound reinforcement.

Your speaker system’s sound can be greatly influenced by the quality of wire used to connect them to your amplifier or AV receiver. Cable quality has an impact on how signals from your source are sent to the speakers, which in turn impacts dynamics, detail, tonality and timbre.

SVS offers a selection of speaker wires and interconnects designed to improve the sound quality of your audio system. The ideal speaker cable will be constructed from high-grade copper conductor that has been covered and insulated to reduce noise and enhance fidelity, and then terminated with an excellent speaker plug for improved contact.

Different speaker terminals exist, such as banana plugs and spade plugs. Both of these terminations make connecting your speaker wire easier and can save time when connecting it to an AV receiver or amplifier.

Banana plugs are ideal for connecting speaker wire to AV receivers and multi-channel amplifiers, as they’re user friendly and will guarantee your connection is strong and dependable. Furthermore, banana plugs prevent stray wires from shorting out due to an improperly fitted connector or terminal.

Spade plugs are a common termination choice for speaker wire, used to connect an AV receiver or multi-channel amplifier to your speakers. These plugs come in both male and female varieties so you can choose which type suits best.

SVS not only offers speaker cables, but a host of other accessories to enhance the sound quality of your audio system. These include wireless subwoofer adapters, digital optical cables and more for optimal enjoyment.

The SVS wireless subwoofer adapter is the ideal solution for those looking to reduce wire clutter in their home. It will transmit a crystal-clear and accurate full-range audio signal from your amplifier directly to powered speakers and subwoofer.

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