Skar Audio Speaker Grill

Engineered for sound excellence, these 4″ coaxial speakers feature a copper voice coil and premium ferrite magnet for an uncompromising audiophile-grade fiberglass cone and TPE surround for clear music at all frequencies.

Metalex plays an integral part in the speaker grille design process. Hole patterns, diameters and materials all need to be considered when designing speaker grilles.


This high quality grille adds an elegant touch to any car audio system. Crafted from lightweight metal construction that is both rustproof and lightweight, its premium look elevates any vehicle interior while being easy to install and designed to accommodate any type of Skar Audio speaker.

The SK65M are two-way marine full range coaxial speakers with a diameter of 6.5 inches, capable of producing maximum power at peak and rms levels up to 320W and featuring an exclusive kerf port design that produces intense bass output – ideal for long trips and commutes! They make an exceptional driving experience!

These speakers come fully pre-wired and installed inside an enclosure for an easy setup process. Ideal for audiophiles seeking sound perfection, these speakers feature a premium ferrite magnet and 1.2-inch voice coil for an accurate bass response, with high-fidelity silk dome tweeters to deliver crisp and clear sounds – however you will require an amp in order to fully utilise their capabilities.

Skar Audio is a leading manufacturer of audio equipment for vehicles and boats, including speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers. Their products can be found online and at retailers nationwide; with discounts for buying in bulk. Customers have given Skar Audio’s products rave reviews!

Skar Audio’s EVL-D4 12″ 2500 Watt Max Power Dual 4 Ohm Car Subwoofers are an excellent way to amplify the bass in your vehicle’s cabin. Well-crafted with rugged rubber surround, these subwoofers can handle an immense amount of power while remaining compatible with most car stereo systems and boasting frequency response between 20Hz to 250Hz – not forgetting their logo proudly displayed at the top! Easily installed into trunk spaces of vehicles worldwide!


Skar Audio Speaker Grills are intended to protect loudspeakers (or similar audio components) from foreign objects while maintaining sound clarity. Made of either hard or soft material, they impose some form of resistance on speaker driver movement which must be balanced against sound rattling at high enough sound pressure levels; hard grilles often impose more resistance, making rattling more likely; while soft ones typically impose less but may still cause it at higher sound pressure levels.

SKU SK65M Marine Full-Range Coaxial Speakers

The Skar Audio SK65M speakers are full range marine coaxial speakers designed to offer impressive peak and rms power of up to 320W each, perfect for boats with mounting cutouts of 6.5″ diameter. Mounting depth: 3.25″, max peak power: 160W”.

Skar Audio designed this loaded subwoofer enclosure model specifically to ensure easy installation, with pre-wired connections and full assembly already done for quick setup and sound performance. Each subwoofer installed inside was engineered specifically for its custom enclosure to ensure perfect sound and compatibility.

On 4/29/2023, ********************** contacted Skar Audio regarding an issue she was experiencing with her equipment. Skar Audio responded via email by requiring proof of purchase for them to validate her two-year warranty on it; as a courtesy, however, they offered an exception that did not require returning such an oversized package back for return.


Grilles are an indispensable component of many speaker systems, providing protection to the speaker driver while still allowing sound waves to pass through. Grilles must be designed and constructed to offer both protection and audio quality for optimal speaker performance, making this an arduous task requiring specific hole sizes, patterns, and grille diameters tailored specifically to each speaker model. Metalex can assist in designing components of grilles early on to meet all these criteria, helping ensure they will be manufactured to fulfill them all.

Skar Audio designed this custom subwoofer enclosure specifically to meet the sound quality and compatibility requirements for their 2 ohm loaded subwoofer, to guarantee optimal sound and compatibility. Featuring an innovative kerf port that amps up bass output levels further still, and covered in premium grade black carpet to complete its sleek appearance – this custom enclosure makes the ideal addition for any vehicle that wants some serious bass without compromising space or depth considerations.

These two-way marine full range coaxial speakers feature a diameter of 6.5 inches and are capable of producing up to 320W of peak power and 160W of rms power – perfect for watercraft use where they provide fun yet relaxing music entertainment!


Skar Audio stands by their products with an industry-leading manufacturer’s warranty that provides customers with protection in the unlikely event that any product becomes defective. All equipment purchased directly from Skar or an authorized reseller comes with a two-year limited manufacturer’s warranty whereas purchases from unauthoritised sellers do not qualify for protection or warranties of any sort.

Skar Audio’s warranty policy offers protection for amplifiers and audio electronics manufactured to their high quality standards. If any item does not conform, Skar will repair or replace it at their discretion – any item deemed defective will be replaced by either a brand-new or certified-refurbished unit of similar product configuration – shipped directly to their address of origin.

Though Skar Audio will do everything they can to prepare and package their electronics in such a way as to arrive undamaged, there may still be the occasional item damaged during transport. If this has happened to your equipment please reach out immediately as they will provide instructions regarding their warranty process and filing a claim if applicable.

Customers submitting warranty claims should ensure they provide all of the appropriate documentation, such as original receipt and proof of purchase. In addition to these items, Skar Audio also needs specific information regarding their product as well as any issues experienced, such as date of purchase and any additional requests made regarding paperwork containing details regarding potential problems encountered, among other relevant details.

Skar Audio takes great care to ensure all equipment sent for warranty evaluation will be thoroughly tested before returning it back to customers after claims evaluation has taken place. This ensures no mistakes or miscalculations occur that could lead to their claim being rejected, while also helping ensure warranty policies are upheld.

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