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How to Choose the Best Outdoor Speaker for Your Patio and Backyard

Outdoor speakers must withstand blistering heat and freezing cold, heavy rainfall, sprinklers, dust, dirt, creepy crawlies and other hazards of backyard environments. Our Forbes Vetted tech team recommends high-quality speakers with great audio performance for patio and backyard settings.

Decide the size and purpose of your space before considering what type of sound experience you desire – from relaxing background music to booming rock ‘n roll. Additionally, select between wireless or wired models.

Sound Quality

At an outdoor speaker is an effective way to share music and sound effects with family and friends alike, whether that means relaxing on your patio with a glass of wine in hand, listening to tunes at the poolside, or hosting an entertaining backyard BBQ. There are many models on the market ranging from portable Bluetooth speakers that you can easily carry around to in-ground and above-ground systems that blend in beautifully. Many models we tested come equipped with multiple volume settings allowing for quiet dinner parties as well as loud party nights out!

As part of our testing procedure, we evaluated how well each model performed different musical genres and assessed their audio performance under various conditions. We looked for clear vocals and distinct layers in full band arrangements as well as crispness of treble at maximum volume – any sign that it becomes tinny or fuzzy could indicate that its speakers cannot handle this volume of music is cause for alarm.

Quality outdoor speakers rely heavily on the type of driver used within them, with us taking special note if bass was punchy or weak. Bass reproduction in open spaces tends to suffer because there are not as many reflective surfaces to amplify it; so high-end outdoor speakers have been engineered accordingly.

On-Wall Speakers

These are specifically designed to be mounted onto walls, often coming with special mounting brackets that enable horizontal or vertical installation as desired, or can even be angled towards your listening area. Although passive in nature, most on-wall speakers still require external amplifier powering them and most have wires running from each speaker directly to receiver – for optimal use we suggest burial-rated speaker wire that is suitable for outdoor use, passing it through hard plastic conduit for extra protection – crossing wires could potentially short out the speakers or cause audio distortion!


Outdoor speakers add music and atmosphere to any outdoor experience, whether you’re hosting a backyard party or relaxing on your patio. However, quality outdoor speakers also work hard to protect their music from weather-related threats – which is why they’re specifically designed to withstand adverse environmental conditions and save you money in repairs and replacement costs over time.

Outdoor speakers often resemble Bluetooth boomboxes in shape and size; however, their build can often be more robust than their indoor counterparts. Many come equipped with waterproof ratings designed to withstand rainwater intrusion into their enclosure and other hazards that come with backyard living – some even come equipped with built-in microphones to enable hands-free calling!

Though outdoor speakers may appear rugged, they still can be damaged if left exposed and carelessly used by an adult or child. Without the appropriate precautions in place to safeguard them from potential damages, one careless adult or kid could easily knock one over or bury it completely if carelessness prevails; with proper maintenance you could get years out of them before needing replacement speakers.

Hardware of an outdoor speaker can make an enormous impactful on its audio quality. A higher number of drivers, for instance, often results in more powerful and fuller sounds that better capture their original source material. Furthermore, this can affect the audio fidelity that measures how faithfully its music resembles its source.

Many outdoor speakers are portable and offer flexible mounting solutions for home or garden use, from attaching them to walls and fences to hanging them from porch ceilings and patio ceilings. You’ll also find them available in various decorative styles that blend in seamlessly into their surroundings.

Dual-Electronics offers portable outdoor speakers that blend into the environment seamlessly, like these ones from Rock-Electronics. Not too noticeable at first glance, yet still capable of pumping out music for barbecues or pool parties with up to 15-hour battery life per charge!


As well as sound quality, it’s also essential to consider how outdoor speakers will look in your space. They should complement rather than detract from its aesthetic; one effective way of doing this is selecting speakers in similar colors or designs as those already found within your environment.

Connectivity options should also be carefully considered. Most outdoor speakers feature Bluetooth connectivity, while some will also include wired inputs and built-in Wi-Fi for streaming services or multiroom audio setups – this can save money and streamline your sound system, eliminating the need for external amplifiers. Finally, check battery life ratings on its packaging: most outdoor speakers should specify this information; its meaning may change depending on volume level and whether any light features have been activated.

The highest-performing outdoor speakers are constructed to withstand harsh climatic conditions, including humidity, rain, salt spray and UV rays. This ensures they last longer while continuing to produce superior sound quality.

Outdoor speakers come in many varieties to meet every demand or preference. Common types include wall-mounted, freestanding and portable models; wall-mounted versions can be fixed directly onto surfaces like patios or decks while freestanding models offer more portable and versatile solutions.

Popular choices of rock speakers for gardens and swimming pools include speakers designed to look like rocks – perfect for blending into any outdoor environment while simultaneously optimizing sound dispersion while adding an aesthetically pleasing appearance. These low-lying speakers typically maximize sound dispersion while simultaneously creating an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Bowers & Wilkins speakers provide the pinnacle of high-end audio, excelling beyond conventional models in terms of both sound quality and durability. Boasting elegant designs and solid constructions suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use, Bowers & Wilkins speakers take listening experience to new heights.


Outdoor speakers must connect to either a home stereo receiver or amplifier for power. Whenever possible, using your home speakers as the source will allow for easier management – they’ll be controlled via their receiver or amplifier and you can access features such as multi-room audio and wireless streaming capabilities. A separate music source with built-in amp can also make life simpler since no running between the patio/deck and indoor living space will be necessary when changing volume settings or selecting playlists.

Wiring outdoor speakers correctly is of utmost importance when connecting them. Wiring should be properly routed and caulked in order to prevent water ingress; burial-rated wires will help protect cables against physical damage, UV exposure and corrosion; it is also vital that any cables run far enough away from electrical wiring or gas pipes to avoid accidental cutting of speaker wires that could start fires!

Most outdoor speakers are two-way models with a tweeter for high frequencies and woofer for mid and bass tones, and an omnidirectional model that projects sound in all directions – the choice depends entirely on personal taste and budget considerations.

Installing basic outdoor speakers can be both cost-effective and straightforward if you read and follow their instruction manuals carefully. For more complex systems, it may require making sure your audio amplifier or receiver has enough wattage available to drive your speakers as well as having spare channels available for future expansion.

If you feel unconfident installing your speakers yourself or are limited on time, consider hiring a local professional installer for peace of mind and cost savings. Just ensure to obtain quotes from reliable trade professionals which include all necessary labor costs as well as materials and supplies.

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