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Review of Mi Bluetooth Speaker – What Sets These Wireless Headphones Apart?

The Mi Bluetooth speaker is an affordable yet impressive portable audio solution, boasting great sound quality and being water resistant. Furthermore, its long battery life provides reliable power supply throughout your day.

The Mi Bluetooth speaker offers a stylish aesthetic at an unbeatable price point. Its casing is covered in durable mesh for extra strength and protection.


The portable wireless Bluetooth speaker market is dominated by products from Sony, Boat, JBL and other high-end brands. However, there are some more budget friendly options too – like Xiaomi’s Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker (16W). We’ve seen some excellent value models in this segment so far.

The Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker offers a sleek yet functional design. It has two 16W drivers in the front with buttons for playing music, powering on and pairing via Bluetooth. Plus, it supports stereo wireless pairing as well as switching between EQ modes (normal and deep bass) that come included with this model.

These speakers deliver an enjoyable and well-balanced audio tuning with their two drivers. Normal mode produces excellent mids and vibrant treble with a focus on bass.

Bass-heavy genres and podcasts typically utilize deeper bass modes that emphasize powerful lows – ideal for louder tracks.

Overall, we were extremely satisfied with the sound quality of the Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker. It boasts a powerful bass response that more than makes up for its price tag.

Though not offering the most immersive sound quality, this speaker still provides enough volume to get you started on adventure trips or pool parties in summertime. Plus, its IPX7 rating means it can withstand submersion in water for up to 30 minutes – making it the ideal travel companion!

This speaker boasts a metal body with an aged finish resembling vintage radio transistors on the front grill. On the left side, you’ll find an aux port, microphone and USB charging slot; while on the right you’ll find power/play button, volume up/down keys as well as Bluetooth pair buttons.

One notable feature is its rubber strips on the bottom, which offer stability when placed on any surface. Furthermore, its nylon lanyard loop on the right-hand side makes hanging it from a bag pack or laptop case an effortless process.


The Mi Bluetooth Speaker is an impressive portable, wireless speaker that sets the bar for sound quality at this price point. It outshines competing products in terms of audio quality and offers valuable features like stereo pairing, waterproofing and more.

Xiaomi is known for its impressive audio products, from Redmi Buds S to the Google Assistant-enabled Mi Smart Speaker. But it’s not often we hear of a major breakthrough in the affordable portable wireless speaker category from this Chinese giant.

The Mi Bluetooth Speaker is an exciting addition to the ever-expanding selection of Bluetooth speakers. Not only does it deliver plenty of bass for those who appreciate deep sounds, but its IPX7 water resistance makes it ideal for poolside or inclement weather activities.

This speaker system is loud enough for a decent sized room, so you can fill it with music when listening to your favorite tracks. Boasting two 8W speakers that provide crystal clear and full audio output at an unbeatably low price point.

The sound is naturally clear and harmonious, which is essential for a great speaker’s performance. Even though the small loudspeaker doesn’t reach very high extension, it remains neutral up to 80 Hz without experiencing any peaks or dips in frequency.

Midrange and high frequencies are well controlled, revealing details clearly. There’s a slight tendency for the sound to flatten out at higher volumes, but overall the audio is clean and precise.

Control the sound with just a couple of touches of the buttons. Volume + and – buttons enable fast track switching or forward/backward motion, while the power button toggles between dual EQ modes or activates your voice assistant.

You can pair the speaker with another device using its True Wireless Stereo feature, and it supports hands-free calling when connected to a compatible phone. Furthermore, its impressive battery life is commendable; charging takes only 2.5 hours and provides up to 8 hours on full charge.


Bluetooth speakers are in high demand, but the market is currently dominated by devices from Sony, Boat and JBL. Xiaomi is looking to break into this segment with their Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker (16W), available at an attractive price point of INR 2,499.

Connectivity is often a top priority when shopping for speakers, so the Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker (16W) offers multiple connectivity options such as stereo wireless pairing, USB-C charging and voice assistant support. Plus it’s compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 which provides more stable connections and greater range than older versions of Bluetooth technology.

This speaker utilizes two 8W full-range drivers to produce crystal clear sound output. It offers dual EQ modes – deep bass and normal – which can be conveniently toggled with the play/pause button and ‘+’ icon.

A sturdy mesh surrounds the speaker, offering a sense of quality and dependability. It is IPX7-rated for use around the pool, plus it includes a lanyard loop so you can keep it close by at all times.

This device is powered by a 1500mAh battery unit, offering 5 hours of music playing time. Its premium look with vibrant blue color makes it stand out among competitors.

On the top of the speaker are six buttons encased in a rubber strip that provides tactile feedback when pressed. Unfortunately, these may be difficult to identify due to black labelling that covers them.

When making voice calls with the speaker, its microphone response isn’t particularly good. This is understandable since the device lacks a noise-canceling microphone.

At its price point, the Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker (16W) offers great value and superior audio quality. Equipped with dual drivers, this speaker produces ample bass output for an enjoyable music listening experience whether set up at home or during parties.

Battery Life

The mi Bluetooth speaker is a stylish and reliable portable speaker that lets you take your music anywhere – to the office, poolside, beach or shower. It is IPX7-rated to protect against water damage and boasts an impressive 13-hour battery life.

The Mi Bluetooth Speaker boasts two 57mm drivers that deliver 2 x 8W RMS power and a passive radiator for enhanced bass output. Plus, it supports Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity for hassle-free convenience.

Furthermore, the Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker offers dual EQ modes to customize your music experience. These include bass boost mode for improved bass response and high-fidelity mode for superior audio quality. Plus, it features a microphone for hands-free calling, voice assistant support and USB-C charging – ideal for on-the-go charging!

Mi Bluetooth Speaker’s True Wireless Stereo feature enables two of its speakers to be wirelessly paired (up to 1.2 metres apart) via Bluetooth connection. To take advantage of this versatile setup, simply pair both speakers (up to 1.2 metres apart) via Bluetooth connection.

It can also be paired with multiple devices simultaneously, enabling you to play audio from each one separately. The built-in voice assistant of each device will alert you when it’s time for switching over or reconnecting with the original one.

We tested the Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker against a variety of music tracks and genres, and were impressed with its performance compared to other devices in its price range. Overall, it provided superior sound quality.

Unfortunately, the battery life was far less impressive than expected at 13 hours. In actual usage, the mi Bluetooth speaker only managed to deliver an average of 10 hours at 80%-100% volume levels.

Therefore, the speaker quickly ran out of battery in direct sunlight and outdoor conditions. On the contrary, when temperatures dropped, its battery lasted longer and didn’t drain as rapidly.

The battery life of the mi portable Bluetooth speaker may not be as impressive as some of its rivals, but it still manages to provide impressive volume at an unbeatable value. We highly recommend this product for those seeking powerful and dependable sound at an unbeatable value.

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