Bluethooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers with heading are portable audio sources that connect via Bluetooth and have the capacity to project sound in a specific direction. The term “heading” here refers to the directional orientation of the speaker, allowing users to point it in any direction for optimal sound projection.

When it comes to Bluetooth speakers with heading, there are various models available on the market with varying features and specs. Some come equipped with built-in compass or GPS that allows users to determine their orientation and adjust accordingly; other speakers may feature an adjustable mounting bracket which enables tilting or rotating for directional sound projection.

Bluetooth speakers with heading are perfect for outdoor activities like camping, hiking or beach parties, where users may want to direct sound towards a particular direction. They’re also useful indoors in settings like home theaters where speakers can be directed towards specific seating areas.

Bluetooth speakers with headphones offer an accessible and convenient way to enjoy high-quality audio with directional sound projection.

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