Big Turtle Speaker

The big turtle speaker is a rugged Bluetooth speaker designed for use outdoors. Water and dust resistant, featuring strapping slits on its sides for secure mounting, as well as an impressive battery power bank capable of charging an iPhone four times, three times for Samsung Galaxy phones or six times for GoPro cameras.

It is also much louder than most portable Bluetooth speakers.

It’s big

Outdoor Tech has excelled at distinguishing itself in this highly competitive portable Bluetooth speaker market with their Big Turtle Shell wireless speaker, featuring powerful batteries with excellent audio quality that stands out in this competitive field. They have taken this step with this rugged water resistant and dustproof wireless speaker designed to take on anything thrown its way, be it on a beach trip or backyard adventure.

It was designed for active lifestyles and looks more resilient than some more delicate, coke-can style models that tend to panic when exposed to rain. Furthermore, its power bank feature makes it a convenient addition for anyone spending a lot of time outdoors.

Unlike many Bluetooth speakers, the Big Turtle Shell boasts 360-degree omnidirectional sound for optimal music listening in large groups or outdoor spaces. Plus, with an impressive maximum volume of 110 decibels it has enough sound power to fill a large room!

Though large in size, the Big Turtle Shell is easy to transport thanks to its twin grab handles integrated into its base and multiple strapping options for securing it to backpacks or other bags. Furthermore, this unit can even be placed sideways for improved bass performance.

This Bluetooth 4.2 speaker pairs easily with other devices to stream audio, supporting NFC pairing and line-in input via its 3.5mm audio-out port. Furthermore, its impressive 7800 milliamps of power battery provides 16 hours of playback or can act as a power bank to charge other devices.

Though not your average Bluetooth speaker, the Big Turtle Shell looks extremely intimidating (if that is even a word!). With its odd shape and multiple angles giving it an eye-catching angular appearance that stands out among its competition.

It’s loud

If you’re searching for an excellent Bluetooth speaker, look no further than the Big Turtle Shell. This durable outdoor-grade device comes equipped with a lantern for mood lighting and power bank for charging devices – ideal for use outdoors! Furthermore, its durable rubberized exterior can handle whatever outdoor conditions come its way; additionally, its loud volume sound makes for ideal partying situations!

Outdoor Tech has successfully funded their Big Turtle Shell crowdfunding project through Kickstarter, making this large Bluetooth boombox play music up to 20 hours on one charge! Reviewers were very positive with it’s durability, battery life, and audio performance – and gave their speakers high marks for durability, battery life, and audio performance as well.

It uses advanced Bluetooth 4.2 technology and the resident aptX codec to wirelessly connect with your smartphone, tablet or laptop in seconds and stream high-quality audio at over 32 feet range. Plus, multiple Big Turtle Shell speakers can connect via wireless for a stereo sound experience!

The Big Turtle Shell features an integrated USB port, allowing you to charge your phone or other devices while listening to music. Its 7.800 mAh lithium-ion battery can refuel an iPhone four times or six times; plus it comes equipped with 3.5mm audio input/output so you can use it with devices that do not support Bluetooth technology.

Pair the Big Turtle Shell with another speaker for a full surround sound experience. While not as loud as some portable Bluetooth speakers, its unique design stands out as being both powerful and versatile – more like art than just another speaker!

The Big Turtle Shell can deliver high volumes without distortion at an impressively loud volume and is more resistant to rain than many portable speakers. While not ideal for camping or beach use, the Big Turtle Shell would make an excellent addition to any backyard BBQ or pool party!

It’s waterproof

Are You Wanting to Bring Music on the Beach or Camping Trip? Look No Further. This Water resistant and rugged speaker with an integrated battery that doubles as a power bank offers excellent audio at up to 32 feet range using Bluetooth technology with its resident appX codec for high quality audio streaming from Phone or Tablet and can daisy chain up to three units together for seamless sound streaming experience.

This new model of the Turtle Shell is slightly larger, and features a built-in lantern for mood lighting as well as a 7,800mAh power bank battery that can charge an iPhone four times or a GoPro camera six times between charges – plus it supports Bluetooth 4.0 pairing, NFC pairing, line-in input via 3.5mm port and voice assistant control via Siri or Google Assistant, making it simple and user friendly!

The Big Turtle Shell floats, so you can listen to music while relaxing by the pool or beach. With IPX7 waterproof construction that even allows submersion, and a rechargeable battery lasting up to 25 hours of playback time – perfect for outdoor parties and camping trips; plus it can add soothing background music in the bathroom as you shower!

Your music can be easily controlled from this speaker with its power, volume and track navigation buttons located on its top surface. Plus, its twin grab handles built into its base allow easy transport and limitless hanging/strapping options! Furthermore, True Wireless technology enables seamless connectivity with two additional speakers wirelessly while Apple AirPlay compatibility ensures seamless playback experience.

This rugged speaker can withstand both the elements and big dumb friends’ antics with ease, playing loud enough to shake windows off nearby and providing enough battery power to keep you entertained all night long. Perfect for outdoor parties or as an ideal present for beach bums in your life!

It’s versatile

For portable speakers that deliver on both appearance and audio quality, look no further than the Big Turtle Shell Ultra. Not only does this rugged waterproof bluetooth speaker boast incredible sound quality but it also includes mood lighting via the built-in lantern and features such as power bank charging of devices – plus multiple Big Turtle Shell Ultras can be connected together wirelessly so they stream audio at the same time!

This speaker employs Bluetooth 4.2 True Wireless technology with its native aptX codec to wirelessly connect to smartphones or other Bluetooth-enabled devices, enabling seamless streaming of songs, podcasts, or audiobooks in high-quality sound from up to 32 feet away – or for hours and hours!

The Big Turtle Shell Ultra not only streams your music wirelessly but can also serve as a hands-free speaker for conference calls or phone calls, offering hands-free functionality for answering calls or using Siri on multiple devices simultaneously. Furthermore, its built-in microphone makes answering calls or using Siri simple while its 3.5mm input port enables non-Bluetooth sources.

The Big Turtle Shell Ultra Bluetooth speaker is a multifunctional device ready to accompany any adventure. Featuring rugged waterproof construction and an impressive battery life, its rugged waterproof design is great for camping trips or beach days, or for use as party speakers indoors or out – with its distinctive lantern feature offering ideal illumination during parties of any size.

No matter whether it’s for an outdoor trip with friends or just lounging around in your own backyard, the Big Turtle Shell Ultra speaker is perfect. Boasting powerful battery and rugged construction features that ensure it can withstand even an accidental drop into a pool, this portable audio solution offers excellent music to accompany any adventure!

This speaker stands out from its competitors with its advanced Bluetooth 4.2 technology and its unique omnidirectional stereo sound that fills any room with rich, loud music with amazing clarity. Furthermore, its rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts up to 16 hours of playback and comes complete with USB output power bank functionality for added convenience.

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