Custom Speaker Grills

Custom Speaker Grills are an excellent way to dress up your speakers and add visual interest. Not only that, but they protect them from dust accumulation or other impurities which could make it appear dirty. Installation is effortless and these shutters will seamlessly integrate into the decor of any home. Open Grill Speaker grills are … Read more

Blackmore Speaker

How to Select a Blackmore Speaker? The Blackmore speaker is a portable amplified PA system with MP3 playback, USB/SD card inputs, RCA audio XLR inputs, Bluetooth connectivity and more. For the price point, this speaker provides excellent sound quality without distorting at high pitches. Plus, it has a microphone feature which makes it ideal for … Read more

Vintage Bluetooth Speaker

Vintage Bluetooth Speakers, Are you searching for a unique home decor accessory or an intriguing conversation starter, vintage Bluetooth speakers can make great additions to your house. These speakers boast an attractive aesthetic that fits in well with any interior design scheme. Plus, they boast superior sound quality and features so you can enjoy your … Read more

Flip 5 vs Flip 6

Flip 5 Vs Flip 6: Portability, Power and Affordability JBL’s popular Flip line of speakers has long been one of the top choices for audiophiles due to its combination of portability, power and affordability that’s hard to beat. The Flip 6 brings significant upgrades in every area. These include improved sound quality, Bluetooth 5, dust … Read more

what is cinemark xd

Cinemark XD (Extreme Digital) is a premium large format movie presentation format developed by Cinemark movie theater chain. XD theaters boast larger screens with brighter and clearer images, immersive surround sound, and advanced digital projection technology for an enhanced movie-going experience. Cinemark XD screens typically measure at least 70 feet wide with 4K digital projection … Read more

Screenx vs 4dx: projection-simulation Techn

Screenx vs 4dx : “ScreenX” and “4DX” are two technologies commonly utilized in movie theaters to enhance the viewing experience. ScreenX is a multi-projection technology that utilizes multiple projectors to expand the screen onto side walls of a theater, providing an immersive panoramic view. This type of moviemaking is usually associated with action or adventure … Read more

ipx7 vs ip67 Explained | Which is Better?

IPX7 Vs IP67: What’s the Difference? Many consumers have encountered the terms “IP” and “IPX” when shopping for a new smartphone, speaker or headphone. These ratings indicate how well an electronic device protects against natural elements like water and dust. IPX7 and IP67 are two of the most sought-after water resistance ratings. While both provide … Read more

rpx vs imax

rpx vs imax, The two latest movie formats, IMAX and RPX, are becoming increasingly popular. Both offer premium features like larger screens, superior audio systems and more comfortable seating for viewers. IMAX is an excellent option for 3D movies and documentaries about nature, wildlife and oceans. But if you’re in the mood to watch a … Read more

Moving Iron Speaker

A moving iron speaker is a loudspeaker that uses a magnet and a movable iron core to convert electrical signals into sound waves. The assembly consists of a stationary magnet and coil of wire attached to the diaphragm, or moving iron core. When an electrical current passes through a coil, it creates a magnetic field … Read more