Vantum Speaker

The Avantum Speaker

No matter your musical tastes or experience level, the Vantum speaker is something truly remarkable. Four times smaller than Devialet’s original Phantom speakers and boasting numerous patent technologies such as Analog Digital Hybrid technology to combine analog and digital amplifiers for enhanced sound reproduction, it offers something truly remarkable for its size and price point.

Another noteworthy feature is the Equalization Visualization, which utilizes ferrofluid developed by NASA for controlling fuel in spaceships to demonstrate speaker performance in real time.

Spectacular Audio-Visual Experience

This stunning speaker combines high-quality audio with dynamic visual displays that respond to your music, creating an unforgettable experience. Devialet uses ferrofluid – developed by NASA for use as rocket propellant in zero gravity – as a source of its distinctive shape; instead it responds visually to rhythm and beat of music for a truly unique listening experience.

Devialet delivers impressive sound, with no discernible distortion at any volume and powerful built-in amplification rated up to 108dB. Side-firing bass woofers move together in sync to cancel out vibrations and let through deeper frequencies that you cannot hear but can feel. Bluetooth streaming connectivity lets you play music from your phone directly through Devialet control apps (Android | iOS).

The Vandum stands out from any other wireless HiFi speaker on the market with its distinct appearance: an eye-shaped speaker topped with a lattice grill resembling its pupil and latticed front grill that mimics its iris – something inspired by futuristic “facehugger egg” from Alien movies; perhaps something Tom Cruise might listen to while flying through future landscapes in 2013’s Oblivion film?

At our test, the Vantum’s soundstage was expansive and detailed with incredible spatial imaging, enabling us to hear instruments and vocals clearly across its entirety, with minimal roll-off when off-axis. Its impressive omnidirectional capability can cover more of your room if necessary; stereo pairing options are also available if necessary.

One of our favorite features was its even, sharp response to changing dynamics – something other speakers struggle to do. To demonstrate this feature, we tested various songs, from “Public Address” with its loud sonic assault, through to the delicate string arrangements in “Hungarian Dance No. 5,” where string arrangements provide delicate accompaniment. The vantum excelled both at brute force with clashing cymbals as well as soft triangle ringing.

Devialet has made itself one of the world’s premier audio companies through its use of an innovative Analog Digital Hybrid Amplifier architecture on a chip, which makes the vantum much lower power consumption than traditional analog amps while still offering extraordinary clarity and accuracy.

Sleek Design

The Vantum Speaker stands out among wireless speakers for its striking appearance and distinct performance capabilities. At first glance, its front appears similar to something Tom Cruise would wear in the near-future landscape of Oblivion; from its sides, more Daft Punk helmet. Though some may find its aesthetic distasteful, you cannot deny its performance! A glance behind its frame reveals convex woofer membranes which increase acoustic pressure and volume for an unforgettable dance that pulses along with your music.

Sound quality from such a compact speaker is impressively impressive, too. Highs are crisp and clear even at higher volume levels thanks to an advanced diaphragm design on its soft dome tweeter as well as polypropylene cone that offers greater humidity resistance than DALI’s traditional wood fibre cones; additionally, the woofer employs a new type of magnet system with large excursion design to deliver exceptional bass response and detail.

Control your music with ease using either the included remote control or via the vantum app, both offering user-friendly controls that are simple yet intuitive. A central dial enables playback speed adjustment and track navigation while volume can be controlled by rotating dial. In addition, the app features a music store for easy streaming services access; additionally UPnP, analog, and optical inputs provide maximum flexibility.

Phantom speakers are engineered for longevity and reliability, from their aluminium chassis that reduces unwanted vibrations and resonances, to optimal strength-and-rigidity crossover components designed with spring-loaded grips to secure speaker cables from rattling. Plus, each crossover component is protected with special resin against corrosion!

Devialet products such as the vantum come equipped with audiophile-grade DACs that boast unparalleled signal integrity and support for high-resolution files, while an SAM (Spectral Analysis Modulation) processor automatically adjusts frequency response of your speakers for an optimal listening experience for every genre ranging from folk to electronic. Furthermore, there’s also a smart Woofer Protection Mode that monitors speaker output to detect damage to its woofer due to external interference and shut off as soon as it detects it.

Ferrofluid Technology

Ferrofluid technology can be found in devices ranging from motors and sensors to loudspeakers. Ferrofluid’s ability to manipulate magnetic fields within these devices can significantly enhance their performance, power handling capacity, operating life span and operating life expectancy. Furthermore, there is a range of viscosities and saturation magnetization strengths available so as to best match whatever device uses it.

The fluid can also be color coded to meet specific design and aesthetic preferences, including white for modern, contemporary designs while red-black can work better for more classic or traditional pieces. Furthermore, it can even be customized with company brand identities in mind.

Artist Dakd Jung designed and constructed the vantum speaker using ferromagnetic fluid for an audio-visual display that’s both fascinating and technically impressive. Hailing from Ansan, South Korea he specializes in interactive art using ferrofluid to produce incredible works such as Pataphysical Pond which features moving oil spills or ever-shifting Rorschach tests – something no other piece can match up against!

His vantum speaker features magnetic fluid that visually depicts music being played, with each soundwave creating an eye-catching display in real time. Furthermore, this fluid acts to dampen vibrations and minimize thermal energy loss for a much more dynamic experience than conventional speakers.

The Vantum’s advanced, high-end amplification technology is at the heart of its exceptional sound quality. Its class-A analog amp connects directly to its voice coil for maximum efficiency – no intermediate stage required between source and speaker! After which its class-D amplifiers take over to reduce load on analog amp and deliver full sound output efficiently.

As part of its acoustics tests, vantum speaker’s voice-coil and magnet were measured with a data logger to assess its acoustics. Acoustic data was then used to calculate temperature readings at various ambient temperatures, chamber sizes and input signals – where voice coil temperatures rose with frequency of input signal and decreased with duration of testing time.

Wireless Capabilities

The Phantom II 98dB stands out as not only being the premier wireless speaker on the market but also as offering true hi-fi performance in an ultraportable package. Its sleek hermetically sealed design incorporates cutting edge technologies like Analog Digital Hybrid Amplification (ADHA) and SAM (Speaker Active Matching), both used to reproduce ultra low frequencies you can feel rather than just hear.

With built-in amplification rated at 1100 watts RMS, the Phantom can produce loud volumes without distortion. Its lateral bass woofers work in unison to cancel out unwanted vibrations for optimal listening experience – giving you access to powerful yet emotional music like never before!

Combine two Phantoms using their built-in multiroom capability for a truly captivating listening experience. Utilizing the Devialet control app, you can set up groups of up to 24 speakers across any room in which to play music from Deezer, Tidal and Spotify Connect services – or connect a turntable and use Phantom as an excellent stereo system!

Unlike most compact speakers, the Phantom can deliver deep bass without compromising sound quality, giving your music full expression from thunderous rock songs to delicate triangle ringings. This is made possible thanks to a unique acoustic design which delivers low frequencies with maximum physical impact while also keeping mid and high ranges clear and focused.

The Phantom can stream audio content wirelessly via Wifi, Bluetooth or your home Ethernet network at speeds up to 1 Gigabit. Furthermore, it plugs directly into a TV as a stereo receiver with optical and analog inputs, featuring AirPlay 2 for seamless integration with Apple devices as well as UPnP for playing media hosted locally on your network.

To deliver unmatched audio quality, the Phantom relies on its ADH3 Intelligence audio engine to carefully evaluate and process your music. Capable of identifying its dynamic range, ADH3 automatically adjusts amplification for optimal results across any source type to produce crystal-clear sounds with incredible depth and clarity that will leave you speechless.

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