Turtle Box Speaker For Sale

Discover Turtle Box Speakers for Sale – Perfect for Outdoors!

No matter where you go – on a boat, at the beach or camping in the woods – music is an invaluable way to set the atmosphere. The Turtle Box Speaker for Sale provides crystal-clear sound quality no matter where you are or what environment you’re in.

Turtlebox Speakers deliver powerful, portable, rugged and waterproof sound at up to 120dB volume. When used together with other Turtlebox speakers for true left-right stereo imaging and crystal clear audio quality, users will enjoy unparalleled listening experiences.


Music can be an excellent way to set the atmosphere, whether you’re hosting a poolside party, taking a day at the beach or admiring your backyard terrace. But outdoor sound won’t bounce around as much as indoor sound does – making it difficult for small, portable Bluetooth speakers to get very loud outdoors.

A turtle box speaker for sale is built to withstand the elements and deliver crystal-clear audio when outdoors. Though it weighs 10 pounds, you can easily transport it by placing its handle on top of your backpack or pack.

The Turtlebox speaker is equipped with a 1.25-inch tweeter that sits beneath the grille in front of 6×9 polypropylene speaker cone with rubber surround and high efficiency driver. There’s an illuminated control pad, volume controls, microphone input and stereo button for syncing two different Turtlebox units for left and right stereo imaging.

For added durability, the Turtlebox speaker for sale is powered by an 85 watt hour Lithium-Ion battery pack that offers 25 hours of music at moderate volume or six hours at high volume – more than enough music to go around when you’re out and about!

It also boasts IP67 weatherproofing, power bank functionality and Bluetooth wireless connectivity – making it the ideal choice for those wanting to take their music outdoors on any occasion. Furthermore, its rugged build makes it suitable for outdoor sports like camping or boating as well as those seeking a tough Bluetooth speaker to take with them on-the-go.


Constructed with outdoor adventurers in mind, the Turtlebox is waterproof and dustproof. It also delivers impressive sound quality – especially when you crank up the volume while taking a hike outdoors. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, you can play your favorite tunes from compatible devices like Apple iPhones or Android smartphones without hassle.

The company website features photos of the massive beast in action, from its perch in a pickup truck to being tied to a kayak. But perhaps most impressively is its patented Turtlebox magnetic docking system which has been engineered for harsh outdoor conditions and even includes an anchor for added safety.

For just a few dollars, you can buy an impressive audio system that looks like it was made for outdoor adventures and will keep your music playing all day long. It may not be the most fashionable or practical item available, but it might just be the best one you can find on the market. We highly recommend it to hardy adventurers in your family; plus, its portability makes it perfect as both speakers and sound systems in one.


When entertaining outdoors in a tent or at the beach, your music should be loud enough so everyone can hear it clearly. But at no volume level should it sound distorted.

That’s where a speaker designed for outdoor use comes in handy. The Turtlebox is loud and rugged, so it can withstand all sorts of things that could go wrong while out on your boat or camping in the woods.

The Turtlebox is waterproof with an IP67 rating, making it resistant to dust and water intrusions. Furthermore, its impact-resistant rating means you can use it outdoors for activities like rock climbing or rafting without fear of damage.

On the front of the Turtlebox, there’s a large rubber handle and easy-to-read control panel that make pressing and reading commands effortless in any weather condition. This makes it perfect for use in environments where electronics may be exposed to water or extreme temperatures.

Another notable feature of the Turtlebox is its port cover, which completely blocks off all inputs and outputs from external influences. This guarantees that no hazardous materials can enter into the device’s internals.

Additionally, charging ports are kept covered to protect them in harsher environments. Although the port cover may seem odd at first glance, its purpose is simply to keep water out.

On the control pad, you’ll find two buttons that enable you to connect multiple speakers for true stereo audio. This is a fantastic feature for music enthusiasts who want to get the most out of their tunes while they’re out and about.


The Turtlebox is one of the toughest portable speakers available. It’s IP67 fully waterproof and dustproof, making it ideal for taking along on boat rides or camping out in the backcountry.

It has a number of impressive features, like dual USB-C ports for charging phones or tablets – an excellent idea. Furthermore, there’s a tie-down anchor on both sides so the device cannot shift around or fall off accidentally.

The Turtlebox delivers 120 decibels of power to fill your ears. Plus, you can pair it with another unit for true left/right stereo imaging – essential in outdoor music performances.

This gadget’s standout feature is its impressive battery life – up to 25 hours at easy listening volume! That’s plenty of time for you to blast your favorite tunes while on-the-go!

This speaker boasts some impressive features, like its illuminated LED rubber control pad with volume control, play/pause and track skip buttons. Plus it has a microphone input so you can sing or talk while music plays in the background seamlessly.

The Turtlebox may not be the cheapest speaker available, but it’s certainly one of the toughest and most impressive. Plus, its portability and superior sound quality won’t break your budget either – making it ideal for travelling or playing music in unpredictable environments. Furthermore, this Bluetooth speaker could easily replace more costly alternatives found at local electronics stores.


Turtle box speakers for sale are an ideal way to keep your music playing outdoors. Not only are they rugged and weatherproof, but their audio quality is exceptional – allowing them to be used in virtually any environment.

The Turtlebox Gen 2 is the loudest portable Bluetooth speaker on the market with an output level of up to 120dB, making it ideal for outdoor activities. Plus, its IP67 water-resistance rating means it can withstand submersion in water for 30 minutes without damage.

You can use the Turtlebox for a variety of tasks, from camping to hiking and even as a party speaker. It features a microphone input so you can talk or sing while music plays and it can be secured to either boar or truck (tie-down anchors are provided on both sides) for extra stability.

I was completely delighted by the Turtlebox’s sound quality, which produced crisp, full-bodied audio without any overcompression even at high listening levels. John Lee Hooker’s haunting vocals and Tribe Called Quest’s energetic bass and keys in “Check the Rhime” truly left me speechless.

Stereo pairing allows two Turtlebox speakers to be connected for left and right channels. I wasn’t able to test this feature out in action, but if it works as advertised you’ll enjoy an incredible sound experience wherever life takes you.

The Turtlebox is the ideal option for outdoor music listeners, but other rugged Bluetooth speakers offer similar capabilities. For instance, the Soundboks Go is slightly louder than the Turtlebox but offers greater versatility and sound customization through its companion app.

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