Traxx Speaker

SurroundTraxx utilizes multiple speakers (sold separately) hidden on the layout to accurately reproduce train sounds using advanced block detection technology. It monitors train speed, direction and distance between speakers in order to crossfade between different sound zones for a seamless experience as your trains move through your layout.

As opposed to its competitor Sonos, Denon doesn’t include Bluetooth connectivity – rendering it incompatible with older Sonos products (though this shouldn’t affect many customers). Furthermore, its price tag may also be slightly higher.


Traxx is an affordable portable speaker offering high-quality audio playback and advanced train layout control, plus easy use. Backed up by a one-year warranty.

Its superior sound quality brings out voices and lead instruments in all their clarity, while its V-shaped sound profile adds extra low bass rumble for genres such as rock, EDM, and hip-hop. Furthermore, its room correction tool allows you to maximize performance in your own space.

It is both lightweight and rugged enough for hand-held portability, able to withstand physical abuse within reasonable limits, has all three of the most popular speed settings (including 45rpm), is gentle on records (vinyl, shellac or styrene) for auditioning without fear of ruining them and also has an arm lock-down feature for secure platter storage when not in use and an arm rest doubles up as spindle stop to streamline record swapping more efficiently.

Battery Life

The Traxx Speaker is an ideal portable and wireless speaker option. Its long battery life allows you to listen to music up to 15 hours non-stop without fear of running out of power.

This speaker boasts excellent sound quality, with accurate reproduction of voices and lead instruments. The V-shaped sound profile adds extra sparkle to the treble while simultaneously amplifying bass frequencies; making it suitable for genres like rock and EDM with lots of highs and lows. Furthermore, there’s even an onboard room correction feature so as to optimize audio output in accordance with your listening space.

This speaker is an ideal solution for those in search of a waterproof and rugged Bluetooth speaker, boasting an IP67 rating which protects it from water splashes, dust particles and extreme temperatures – perfect for parties and outdoor activities alike! Plus it comes equipped with its own built-in microphone so it can also act as hands-free speaker!

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