SVS Ultra Surround Speaker  

SVS, known for their popular budget subwoofers, has also made waves with their speakers. Their Ultra series stands out with exceptional sound quality, dynamic range and style that could only be found in more costly units.

SVS speakers are meticulously engineered to optimize every detail – for instance, their front baffle features chamfered edges to reduce edge diffraction for clear and precise soundstaging.

1. SoundMatch Crossover

All SVS speakers, regardless of price or form factor, are carefully handcrafted with meticulous care, combining scientific design with passion for technique and a love of great sound. Our process starts with using computer-aided design (CAD) processes to develop theoretical models of drivers and cabinets prior to prototyping; once constructed these prototypes undergo painstaking frequency response testing in an anechoic chamber to ensure optimal frequency response that ensures your speakers will sound phenomenal in real world environments like your own home.

The Ultra Tower’s crossover network utilizes dual SoundMatch two-way crossovers for each tweeter and woofer that allow for bipole, dipole or their unique SVS Duet Mode which transforms it into two individual speakers within its cabinet, providing 7 channel surround sound with only five full range speakers.

To optimize performance, the upper midrange driver utilizes a vented voice coil fitted with an aluminum shortening ring to minimize air compression artifacts at high volumes, as well as a cast aluminum basket which aids heat dissipation and cooling capacity. Meanwhile, its woofer utilizes ForceFactor horizontally-opposed dual 8″ woofer configuration which boasts outstanding total radiated sound power along with superior mechanical force cancellation to eliminate modal distortion and provide a clear frequency response with exceptional linearity.

SVS claims their Ultra Surrounds exhibit outstanding sonic characteristics “outperforming competitors costing two and three times as much”. Available factory direct without mark-up fees from distributors, SVS believes this offers customers unparalleled value. Plus they come with an in-home trial period of 45 days to see if these speakers suit you!

2. Dual Woofers

SVS Ultra surround speakers feature innovative dual side-firing 8-inch drivers for rapid bass response while minimising potential vibration or turbulence that would compromise sound quality.

SVS Ultra Surround Speakers create an expansive and engaging surround sound experience. From an action movie’s dramatic soundtrack to raindrops falling all around you, SVS Ultra Surround Speakers accurately reproduce all three front and rear channels for true Dolby Atmos height effects.

Dual Isolated Crossovers

SVS’ Ultra surround speakers utilize dual isolated crossovers engineered using heavy-trace printed circuit boards, premium capacitors and air-core inductors – unlike many manufacturers who skimp on using premium components to ensure signal purity, frequency response accuracy and imaging across a wider listening area.

An SVS Ultra Center channel speaker, integrated into the crossover, serves as an essential sonic bridge between front left and right speakers in a home theater surround system. This three-way design delivers expansive dynamics, perfect clarity and superior low frequencies; outperforming more expensive center channel speakers in the process.

SVS Ultra surround speakers can be used in bipole or dipole mode, or you can switch over to SVS Duet Mode and create two extra channels in a 9.1-channel system. Simply connect two of these piano gloss black surround speakers into an AV receiver or seven channel amplifier and enjoy two extra simulated channels that provide transformative surround sound experience. SVS Duet Mode allows both sets of drivers to receive discrete signals from an amplifier for more balanced soundstage positioning and improved on-axis response.

3. Dual Voice Coils

As with any speaker, the voice coil is what creates sound. Consisting of coils of wire wrapped around cylindrical metal tubes, this component accepts current from an amplifier that causes its magnets to interact and create air pressure waves which reproduce audio input signals. By adding additional voice coils, more energy can be transmitted resulting in improved power handling, lower distortion levels and greater efficiency.

Ultra Surrounds feature dual Voice Coils designed to work in concert with a high-efficiency 6.5″ glass-fiber midbass driver and 1″ aluminum dome tweeter to deliver a balanced, wide soundstage with pinpoint accuracy and exceptional imaging across the room. Their acoustic tuning ensures signal purity from sparkling highs to subterranean lows ensuring exceptional listening experiences from start to finish.

SVS ForceFactor woofer array is another feature that adds quality to these speakers, featuring two 8″ woofers horizontally opposed at the base of their cabinet for maximum bass output. Furthermore, these drivers include vented voice coils to minimize air compression artifacts; an aluminum shortening ring reduce gap inductance while increasing heat sinking capability; as well as a heavy-duty cast aluminum basket which adds additional strength.

The SVS Ultra Series is an excellent solution for audiophiles looking to upgrade their home theater setup or simply needing some more powerful surrounds for their existing setup. Utilizing drivers from its flagship Prime Series, this series can add impressive fidelity and depth of field to any AV receiver or surround processor/receiver.

The Ultra Series comes complete with a detailed user manual covering placement options, wiring options, care and maintenance considerations and recommended amplifier power levels. Each speaker also comes equipped with rubber threaded feet, metal floor spikes and hardwood floor protectors – so each is ready for action right out of the box!

4. Internal Bracing

SVS Ultra speakers, with the exception of their subwoofer, all utilize internal bracing to increase cabinet rigidity for an incredible soundstage. This unique design distinguishes SVS from their competitors who do not incorporate this method. Internal bracing enables SVS speakers to play louder while maintaining excellent detail and imaging qualities.

SVS is well known for their in-house design process of drivers and cabinets, which helps keep costs low while giving SVS complete control over how the drivers, crossover, and cabinet interact. This approach contributes to their hugely loyal customer following in home audio.

The SVS Ultra Center Speaker exemplifies their goal of offering great value. It features a 3-way design featuring dual 6 1/2″ composite glass fiber woofers and one 1″ aluminum dome tweeter; bipole mode, dipole mode or their unique Duet mode gives this unit the versatility needed to add subwoofers without losing clarity from their soundstage.

This innovative SVS design maximizes bass output through the exclusive ForceFactor woofer array. Each woofer is horizontally opposed and shaped within its cabinet to radiate bass in multiple directions at the same time, producing deep effortless bass as well as creating an enormous front soundstage for immersive movie watching experience.

SVS SoundMatch crossover utilizes premium-grade capacitors, air-core inductors and heavy-trace printed circuit boards to reduce distortion while offering more precise response for dialogue and vocals in movies and music.

5. FEA Optimized Cabinet

SVS strives to bring maximum value to their consumer, and this philosophy shows in their designs. Even something as seemingly mundane as the tapered edges of their cabinet’s front baffle – known as chamfers – are designed to reduce edge diffraction, helping the tweeter and midrange drivers sound more natural with reduced interference between components. Furthermore, two midbass drivers each receive their own enclosure to reduce interference issues further.

The FEA Optimized cabinet of SVS Ultra Surround speakers also boasts internal bracing to maintain each cabinet’s shape, as well as an asymmetrical port layout designed to deliver a wide soundstage without resonance – an impressive feature at such an affordable price point! Together these features allow these speakers to offer a vast soundstage with great resolution and pinpoint imaging for an immersive audio experience.

As with the other Ultra series speakers, the Surround is designed to deliver amazing performance at an unbeatable price. Equipped with binding posts that allow it to function both as single surround or as part of a 7.1 setup as dipole surround speakers – simply keep its gold-plated jumpers installed when using single surround mode or remove them and connect both sets of binding posts directly into A/V receiver surround outputs for bipole mode operation.

SVS claims the Ultra Towers “outperform other brands costing twice as much”. Their unique upswept trapezoidal shape, premium finishes and striking edge treatments certainly make a statement visually, yet beauty goes deeper – they deliver wide soundstage with excellent resolution and transparency plus muscular bass response that is easy on ears for an unforgettable home theater experience. It truly elevates any media room!

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