Sp30 Speaker

The EPOS SP30 Speakerphone is an affordable compact circular speakerphone perfect for smaller conference calls involving eight participants or less, featuring an echo-cancelling 360deg omnidirectional mic that supports Skype for Business and features USB Type-C as well as Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity options that offer wireless communications up to an 82 feet range.

Sennheiser SP30 Speaker was designed with meticulous care for an exceptional two-way dialogue experience, featuring two omnidirectional mics to deliver premium audio quality and echo cancellation technology to reduce background noise – making the Sennheiser SP30 Speaker an outstanding voice communication device when compared with similar products like Jabra’s Speak 710.

The SP 30 offers exceptional music quality thanks to its ultra-low distortion speaker, dynamic equalizer, base enhancement feature that elevates bass while attenuating noise, as well as base enhancement which boosts low frequencies while attenuating noise – perfect for anyone who enjoys listening to tunes while conducting business calls! This device makes an outstanding companion.

Sp30 features impressive duplex functionality. Users can configure it so it receives both inbound and outbound calls simultaneously – perfect for group conversations! Furthermore, its Teams button enables quick launching of Microsoft Teams app when pressed – making joining and hosting conference calls much simpler!

Overall, the SP30 is an elegant device with an eye-catching design. Coming in various colors and featuring a retractable cable system for convenience, this sophisticated phone works flawlessly with Lync and Skype for Business platforms – its easy use buttons and LED indicator lights allow effortless navigation – giving 18 hours of talk time per charge cycle with 3 charging sessions available – its long battery life even offers unlimited talk times!

High Performance

The Sp30 Speaker stands out when it comes to audio performance. Boasting an incredible frequency response of 105hz and producing clear sound waves with impressive public announcements or background music in large public places like sports grounds or shopping malls. Furthermore, its innovative acoustic design makes the Sp30 an outstanding solution for commercial applications where robust sound systems are required.

Sennheiser SP 30 and SP 30+ headsets are lightweight yet flexible headset options designed to deliver touch access to voice assistants, duplex performance, exceptional audio quality – not to mention being highly portable for travelling business meetings or trips.

Sansui’s Sp30 speaker stands out as being among the smallest on the market, at less than one foot long. Installation should go smoothly due to being prewired with all necessary cables already attached – perfect if you want the ultimate listening experience on a budget! Sansui offers many outstanding offerings today but their Sp30 stands out among these and should definitely be top of mind if quality speakers is what matters!

Extremely Robust

The SP30 Speaker is an outdoor audio PA speaker intended for permanent outdoor audio applications in schools, sports grounds, train stations and car parks, among other industrial/commercial settings. Employing innovative LF & HF driver units paired acoustically to a durable cabinet in order to produce premium sound quality from such a compact size – plus built-in NEODYMIUM drive technology which keeps weight down further – waterproof protection ensures this portable unit easily travels between locations by being carried on either backpack strap or belt loop!

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