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Bluetooth Speakers With Integrated Lights

If you want a Bluetooth speaker that will turn any party into an eventful gathering, one with integrated lights may be ideal. These models allow users to sync music and lighting via an app for easy mood control.

Sony’s XV800 is an ideal way to entertain large groups with dancing and light shows, or sing along karaoke style!

Sound quality

The Sony SRS-XB13 portable Bluetooth speaker was created specifically to satisfy bassheads. Though smaller than many competitors, its EXTRA BASS technology and Sound Diffusion Processor deliver loud bass that’s impressively deep. Plus it has waterproof exterior protection with 16 hours of playback life! Even if you aren’t into bass music, the Sony SRS-XB13 remains an outstanding option with clear highs and robust mids – something few other portable Bluetooth speakers can match.

The Sony Music Center app includes Google Fast Pair for easy setup on Android phones and is compatible with most major music and audio streaming services, along with providing shortcuts directly into those services for quick access and an optimal listening experience. Furthermore, there’s even a treble control to fine-tune audio playback!

It may not match up to its larger competition in terms of clarity or brightness, but the XB13 still manages to deliver impressively powerful low frequencies for such a small speaker. Furthermore, vocals and instruments come through clearly thanks to balanced mids; bass is somewhat too boomy at higher volumes though and may occlude lower midrange frequencies.

One interesting aspect of its design is that because it spreads sound in all directions, you can experience different listening experiences depending on where you place it. For example, placing it near the back will produce fuller and richer tones, while directly facing you may cause harshness and harshness instead.

Though lacking an equalizer, the XB13 is easy to adjust using its power and Bluetooth buttons on top. Pressing power lets you play/pause audio tracks; Bluetooth connects it with another device for stereo playback (short press), or pairs it with another XB13 as stereo speaker (long press).

If portability isn’t your top priority, consider exploring Sony’s range of home speakers for a more traditional listening experience. Many models feature built-in light shows that can sync up with music; others even boast dual microphone inputs for DJ or Karaoke modes and dual microphone inputs for DJ or Karaoke modes – some even come equipped with wired connections to facilitate hands-free phone calls or online business meetings!

Battery life

Sony has found an ideal balance with their SRS-XB33 bluetooth speaker between portability and sound quality with its portable cube design that fits snugly into most bags, sturdy build, IP67 dust-tight/waterproof rating and 12 hour battery life.

On its top panel are standard playback controls and an additional voice assistant trigger button (long press). At its rear are several inputs hidden under a waterproof flap and even a USB output so this speaker can act as an external power pack for other devices.

Sony’s SRS-XB33 speaker stands out from the competition by not using a proprietary charging cable, making it compatible with any Micro USB cable. Although I wish Sony had included a USB-C port to future-proof their speaker, this is just minor quibble. Once charged up it can last about six hours when listening at medium volume levels.

If you don’t need something quite so small as the SRS-XB33, Sony offers several larger speakers in its X series that provide balanced size, portability and performance; some models even feature enhanced audio features like party sync and dual microphone inputs for Karaoke!

Most models in the X-series are tailored towards use outdoors due to their portable form factor and IP67 protection against dust and water ingress. Some Bluetooth-enabled speakers allow users to stream music directly from smartphones and tablets, while others pair with other speakers for stereo or surround sound effects. Some even come equipped with integrated speaker lights which you can sync up with music or your smartphone’s light show via Fiestable’s app. For traditional home audio setup, Sony offers two speakers – SRS-XE300 and SRS-XG300 – featuring line diffusers that improve listening area of its X-Balanced drivers and create an immersive soundstage. Both models also include remote controls to easily adjust music and light settings; you can connect up to three SRS-XE300s together for surround sound effect that fills an entire room.


Connecting your Bluetooth speaker to an Android device offers several different solutions. Link your devices manually by accessing your Bluetooth settings on either device and selecting your Sony Bluetooth speaker from the list, or use an application like SoundSeeder to transform your phone into a multi-speaker audio system. Before beginning, ensure both your Bluetooth speaker and device are charged and within range of each other. Press and hold the power or pairing button of your Sony Bluetooth speaker for approximately one second; when this occurs you will hear an instruction voice say “pairing”, with its LED light flashing rapidly next to it indicating pairing mode – ready for pairing any device you may have in range of it.

As soon as you connect your Sony Bluetooth speaker to a device with Bluetooth capability, it will search and establish a connection automatically. If it is successful, your device will display a confirmation message on screen; if having trouble establishing one is an issue for you, try moving closer together or verifying whether all Bluetooth settings have been enabled; outdated software could cause compatibility issues.

If your Sony Bluetooth speaker hasn’t been used in some time, you might experience connectivity issues when first turning it on. This is likely due to it still being linked with another device and trying to reconnect to it again. To address this problem, disconnect your Sony Bluetooth speaker from its previous connection point and clear its status in your device’s Bluetooth settings. Resetting your Bluetooth speaker back to factory defaults may also help; simply press and hold its power and volume down buttons simultaneously until a beep sound occurs. If this doesn’t do it for you, reach out to Sony’s customer service for additional help; their team are always there ready to assist with finding solutions or answering any queries related to their Bluetooth speakers.


The HT-AX7 Bluetooth speaker system from Sony is an impressively flexible Bluetooth system designed to deliver surround sound in the home. The base unit connects with two detachable circular satellite speakers which can be placed around users to transform stereo music into immersive virtual surround audio. As seen in this Dezeen video produced for Sony by Dezeen’s Mazumi Osawa of Dezeen for Sony Industrial Designer Firm’s work on this speaker system, its minimalist geometric form was intended to blend in any room seamlessly – dark grey, soft gray or striking orange options – while an USB-C cable allows charging when not in use!

Sony is leading the charge in modern consumer electronics firms’ efforts to break out from their usual molds with this modular speaker system, the HT-AX7. Hardware scaling is difficult, while people tend to like familiar products – which may stymie innovation and development of groundbreaking ideas. Sony is breaking that mould with this speaker’s modular design which combines top quality components with an immersive listening experience.

Sony’s small Bluetooth speaker stands out from its competition by being capable of filling any space thanks to EXTRA BASS technology and IP67 water resistance. Compatible with Party Connect and Stereo Pair settings for enhanced listening experiences, this portable model has up to 16 hours of battery life with handy carrying strap for outdoor use.

While most Bluetooth speakers provide up to 24 hours of playback, the SRS-XB13 can go even longer due to its IP67 water resistance and dustproof rating. With its compact design fitting into most bags or cupholders, its built-in strap makes transport easy while its 3.5-inch AUX input allows you to play music from mobile devices directly; another SRS-XB13 speaker can also be wirelessly paired together for stereo sound playback via Sony Music Center app on mobile devices; unfortunately it does not come equipped with some premium sound customization tools found on other Sony Bluetooth speakers from Sony.

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