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The Verse Bluetooth Speaker by Ryobi

Small portable speakers generally produce decent audio quality; far from concert-hall grade but much easier to transport than an expansive stereo system.

The speaker features an adjustable clamping system and comes backed with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. Compatible with the RYOBI 18V ONE+ battery system, it is part of an impressive range of cordless tools and accessories available today.

Product Description

Ryobi’s Bluetooth Speaker stands out with its compact size, light weight design, and attractive aesthetics. Although more costly than its quality peers, its features make up for it in spades: playing music and creating light shows; carrying it around with ease with its handle and convenient USB charging port; rubber buttons on its top surface to control power and music controls; rechargeable battery powering it up as needed and being water resistant are just a few advantages of its appeal.

The Ryobi speaker boasts two 3” speakers powered by smart amplifier technology that claim to provide crisp and clear sound at any volume level. You can use it as a hands-free device while working on projects or answering phone calls, boasting wireless range of up to 150” and compatibility with up to 100 verse speakers to share music between colleagues or friends. There are 6 control buttons with clear labels: power/play/pause; volume up/volume down; next track and previous track controls as well as built-in microphone for hands-free usage!

This Ryobi speaker comes equipped with a clamp of 1-3/4” capacity that can securely fasten it to tables or 2x4s while framing a building, while its head can rotate and pivot so you can direct audio in whatever way suits your needs. Indoor or outdoor use are both possible; compatible with 18V ONE+ lithium-ion batteries for use.

Though the Ryobi speaker may seem appealing, it does come with some limitations. First off, its audio quality may not match up to that of more expensive premium models; additionally, its range sometimes becomes muffled at high volumes. Overall though, if you can accommodate these issues then this product might be ideal for you.

Product Specifications

Ryobi is known for producing some of the highest-quality power tools on the market, but they’ve also made waves with their wireless Bluetooth products such as their Verse speaker – ideal for home, jobsite and office use with its built-in clamp feature and three year limited warranty.

It can play music, radio and podcasts over Bluetooth connections from two devices simultaneously, plus features a 3.5mm input for non-Bluetooth devices and 2.1 amp USB port that is convenient for charging your mobile phone while you work. The PAD01B claims a wireless range of 125 feet; this may vary greatly in line-of-sight conditions. It can also pair with other speakers to produce stereo sound while an FM tuner with five presets is built-in.

For easy station discovery, the speaker includes voice prompts that identify its name and current track. Mount it easily on a wall or workbench using included mounts; carry with its handle for convenience and protect from moisture with rubber seal protection.

The top part snaps together securely with four latches and can be sealed tightly, making this speaker suitable for outdoor use. It features a built-in microphone for hands-free calling and runs off an 18V ONE+ Li-ion battery; starter set P765 includes both main speaker and transmitter while additional receivers may be purchased separately; further expansion may allow up to five speakers which can all be controlled individually or all together at the same time.

Connect your mobile device via Bluetooth and enjoy music from up to 250 feet away; far superior to most wireless speakers! Part of the ONE+ system – which comprises over 175 cordless tools sharing one battery platform – the music box offers high sound quality without disrupting other tasks at hand.

Product Manual

If you love Ryobi One+ platform tools, this clamp speaker could make an excellent addition to your collection. Compatible with 18V batteries used by many of these power tools, adding some music into your day is sure to bring added enjoyment! Plus it comes backed with a three year warranty!

The PCL615B Bluetooth portable speaker features a built-in clamp designed to securely grip surfaces up to 1 3/4 inches thick, and its head can be rotated around so you can direct its sound wherever desired. A 4.0Ah battery gives this portable device up to 32 hours of playback.

Simple pairing with any phone or Bluetooth device: No password is needed; just pair and go! Additionally, there are rubber buttons on top to manage power, light and “EQ” switch which enables separate adjustments of bass and high frequencies separately.

Like you’d expect from a speaker at this price range, the sound quality may not reach concert hall standards – though it certainly outshone other clamp speakers and was much easier to transport than full-sized stereo systems in F150s.

Setup for this speaker is straightforward, making it an excellent option for anyone in search of a portable audio solution that’s both versatile and cost-effective. Available as either a single bare speaker for $59 or in kits including speaker, battery pack and rapid charger – each comes with its own three-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.


Ryobi products come with a manufacturer warranty that covers defects in materials and craftsmanship for one to lifetime, depending on product line. Customers can claim this non-transferrable warranty by providing proof of purchase such as receipt, invoice or similar document which includes date of purchase as well as customer details and product specifics.

The PAD01B speaker comes with a 3-year warranty program from its manufacturer. However, this does not cover costs associated with replacement parts, labor or shipping and does not apply in cases of misuse, abuse, neglect commercial use unauthorised repairs modifications improper maintenance as well as items bought through eBay Amazon or non-authorised retailers such as second hand stores and non-authorised sellers.

Techtronic Industries Australia Pty Ltd or Techtronic Industries NZ Limited provide this warranty, which applies to consumers located within Australia and New Zealand, and can be enforced under both Australian Consumer Law and New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act.

A 3-year manufacturer warranty protects any damages or defects to material or craftsmanship of Ryobi products, with free factory adjustment and service provided the product is used as per instructions. However, this does not cover normal wear and tear conditions caused by using non-Ryobi approved accessories or batteries.

The PAD01B portable speaker differs from many others by lacking an auxiliary input jack and microphone/speakerphone functionality, though it still provides useful on-board controls such as power, play/pause, volume up/down controls and next track/previous track selection.

Battery life for this light is impressive, lasting for up to 20 hours on a single charge – perfect for DIYers and users who work outdoors on projects, as well as camping or other outdoor activities as it is easily transportable.

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