Raycon Party Speaker

Raycon Party Speaker – The Perfect Companion For Outdoor Adventures

Perfect for outdoor adventures, this waterproof speaker can withstand brief dunks and spills while remaining dustproof, portable, and featuring dual 70mm drivers.

Enjoy wireless music streaming, speakerphone calls and a full panel LED light show – all without wires getting in your way! This Power Ultra speaker makes an unforgettable audio experience.

The Everyday Speaker

The Everyday Speaker is a portable Bluetooth speaker designed to meet all of your listening needs in any setting, be it at the gym or poolside. Enjoy music using three distinct Sound Profiles while it provides up to 11 hours of continuous playback; plus its waterproof and dustproof properties make this unit suitable for almost every location!

The speaker is loud and sounds good for its price point; though not as loud as an expensive pair of bookshelf speakers (300), there’s enough volume for enjoying music or podcasts solo.

The Bass mode thickens up the low end for listening to hip hop and dance tracks, with Spotify songs streamed at higher quality than expected for this price range. Raycon has created an attractive speaker design – its ergonomic carry handle feels comfortable in hand while accessing controls are straightforward when holding it up.

The Power Speaker

The Power Speaker is equipped for outdoor entertainment with its IPX5 waterproof rating. The sturdy carry handle makes transport simple while LED rings around each 3-inch full-range driver sync up perfectly with your music and change color for an enchanting light show!

Dual three-inch drivers generate audio at up to 20W, enough for filling a small party with crisp stereo and clear bass music streaming over Bluetooth at higher volumes. Audiophiles will appreciate its above average 70Hz-16kHz frequency response that allows vocals and treble frequencies to shine through clearly.

Three sound profiles–Bass, Balanced and Pure–allow you to find music tailored to any occasion: dance parties, everyday listening or crisp highs. Use Bass for dancing at parties while Balanced provides everyday listening or Pure for crisp highs and clean midrange frequencies. Voice control features let you easily pair devices and set volume limits, FM modes or battery warnings; plus multilink mode lets you chain two speakers for a surround sound experience!

The Impact Speaker

From mountain climbing and camping trips to patio parties and even brief dunks or accidental spills at the beach or poolside parties, this military-grade speaker’s waterproof materials and MIL-STD-810 impact test make it suitable for whatever life throws your way. With waterproof and dustproof properties to provide maximum sound clarity in any condition – rain or shower! – as well as dust- and rain-proof properties so it will always keep playing your music. Waterproof and dustproof features also allow it to withstand life’s challenges – whether that means blasting music no matter the conditions. And brief dunks at the beach or pool!

It is loud enough for parties and can play music up to 32 hours straight, enabling multi-link mode and surround sound when coupled with two speakers for surround sound playback. Voice control makes the system easy while its auxiliary input enables accessing music stored on storage drives.

Audiophiles will enjoy its superior frequency response of 70Hz-16kHz, making Bohemian Rhapsody sounding amazing at even high volumes with full tones and bass intact. Plus, three sound profiles — Bass for dance parties, Balanced for everyday listening and Pure for crisp highs — give you plenty of ways to customize performance and fine-tune the experience. Adding to its charm, the Power Boombox Speaker comes equipped with RGB lighting which syncs to tracks for an eye-catching light show!

The Boombox

Boomboxes (sometimes referred to as ghetto blasters or old school portable audio systems) provide a convenient way of enjoying music both at home and while on the move. Packed with power, their loud yet clear playback at high volumes is perfect for rock and hip-hop listening pleasure – while multilink technology enables compatibility with other devices for even greater musical enjoyment!

Boombox features three audio profiles to meet any taste, with extra bass enhancement in Bass mode. Bluetooth 5.0 technology optimizes wireless data transfer speed and latency reduction for an optimal experience, and has long-lasting batteries with LED party lights synced to music’s beat. Furthermore, Multilink technology lets you link other JBL speakers together to increase power and volume for bigger parties.

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