Qfx Bluetooth Speaker

QFX Bluetooth Speaker Review

For an ultra powerful portable speaker with Bluetooth capability that you can stream music from your phone directly, this QFX bluetooth speaker deserves consideration. Plus, its convenient remote control gives added ease.

This versatile PA speaker easily rolls into events to play music and announce announcements loud and clear. Equipped with wheels for easy transport and featuring both AUX input and USB/SD card ports for connectivity purposes.


For any event where music is necessary – parties, family gatherings, tailgating and more – a QFX Bluetooth speaker is an ideal way to play it! From its portable form factor and ability to access various sources like Bluetooth, USB, SD card and FM radio music streaming capabilities through various sources; plus its LED lights which can be controlled remotely – making this an excellent solution.

QFX Bluetooth speakers come equipped with Bluetooth capabilities, but it’s essential to do your research when buying one. Some models come equipped with built-in batteries while others require an AC adapter – usually, these speakers offer up to eight hours of listening time on one charge or can even be hooked up to an additional power bank for extended playback time.

QFX PBX-61081BT Speaker is one of the most versatile portable speakers available today, featuring an easy handle and wheels for transport, plus USB port and AUX input to connect devices seamlessly, high-quality audio output with rich sound without distortion, USB port/AUX input connectivity capabilities and more!

PBX-61081BT’s TWS technology is another great asset; this allows two Bluetooth speakers to be wirelessly linked together for simultaneous playback of left and right channels – perfect for creating surround-sound experiences or singing along together with multiple people simultaneously!

The PBX-61081BT stands out from portable speakers by acting as both a power bank and speaker simultaneously, making it useful with computers, tablets, phones and more. Thanks to its microUSB port, it can also work with most power banks out there.

QFX’s black Portable Bluetooth Party Speaker is an efficient, portable PA system perfect for parties and events. Powered by either its rechargeable battery or AC adapter, the speaker features microphone input, LED party lights, Bluetooth streaming capabilities and FM radio connectivity, plus SD card and USB ports to facilitate playing digital music files easily.


The portable QFX bluetooth speaker offers an enjoyable way to enjoy music on-the-go. Equipped with a rechargeable battery and capable of streaming music from Bluetooth-enabled devices, an FM radio station or AUX inputs, its LED speaker lights pulse with every beat from your music. Furthermore, its built-in microphone enables hands-free calls while its adjustable volume control makes this ideal for tailgating events, parties or family gatherings.

The QFX PBX-61081BT Speaker is styled like a suitcase and equipped with wheels and an easy-grip handle, as well as a rechargeable battery that provides up to five hours of playback without an electrical outlet connection. Bluetooth technology enables it to pair with other speakers so you can share music together!

Portable QFX bluetooth speakers make a fantastic addition to any party or listening session, providing easy and enjoyable music streaming from Bluetooth-enabled devices or FM radio. Some even include USB storage ports to store all of your tunes!

Some speakers offer the innovative feature known as “True Wireless Stereo.” This technology enables two speakers to communicate wirelessly and be heard as stereo output – perfect for parties where guests are having multiple speakers at the same time! You can easily control this audio using smartphones or tablets.

Simply press and hold the QFX bluetooth speaker’s button, wait a moment for its Bluetooth light to illuminate, open your phone’s Bluetooth settings, select it, then connect. When they have been properly paired together you can start streaming music directly from your phone or tablet!

If you plan on using your speaker outdoors, water resistance should be taken into account when choosing one. Look for models with an IPX6 waterproof rating to protect it against rain and other environmental elements.

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Battery life

The QFX Bluetooth speaker boasts a rechargeable battery with up to six hours of playback time, making it perfect for indoor or outdoor use, complete with wired microphone and 36mm pole mount socket allowing tripod mounting. Perfect for parties, outdoor activities and family reunions!

QFX’s PBX-61081BT Bluetooth PA Speaker is an incredibly portable party speaker. Equipped with wheels for easy transportation and capable of streaming audio wirelessly from Bluetooth-enabled devices or connecting with external sources via USB, SD Card and aux input ports; additionally there are dual 1/4″ microphone inputs to accommodate Karaoke sessions.

An excellent Bluetooth speaker can greatly enhance any event. Play your favorite songs and keep the party going all night long with ease! Ideally, it should feature the latest version of Bluetooth (BT5) to achieve improved sound quality and increased range.

If you’re hosting an outdoor event, a speaker capable of matching loud noises is essential. Look for one with a rechargeable battery and support for multiple streaming formats – this way you’ll always have backup in case one battery goes dead during your event!

No matter if it’s for an event or just outdoor enjoyment, music can make all the difference. With the QFX bluetooth speaker you can stream wireless music from any Bluetooth device directly or connect via cable for FM radio listening – perfect for parties and camping trips alike! Plus its compact size makes it an excellent addition.

The QFX SBX-412207BT Bluetooth Speaker is an impressive portable speaker equipped with RGB LED lights that pulse along with your music’s beat, USB/SD playback capability, an FM tuner, dual 1/4″ mic inputs for karaoke singing and an FM tuner – not forgetting its rechargeable battery and carrying handle! Choose between various colors and features that reflect your personality and style!

Sound quality

Qfx Bluetooth speakers make an excellent way to add music and entertainment to any party, or act as outdoor PA system, wirelessly streaming from any bluetooth-enabled device, SD card, or AUX input. Furthermore, these speakers include a remote control so you can manage music remotely – this feature makes socializing much simpler!

A high-quality QFX speaker should provide clear, loud sound that’s engaging whether used for music, parties or any other activity. With rich bass tones and crisp highs that allow you to experience music at various volume levels. Furthermore, its battery should last long so that it’s always ready when listening.

Use your QFX bluetooth speaker to make hands-free phone calls with built-in microphones and lightweight, portable design for use both inside or outdoors in sun or poolside areas.

To pair a QFX Bluetooth Speaker to another device, first turn it on and press and hold its Bluetooth button until its light begins blinking. Once this has happened, open up Bluetooth settings on your device and select QFX Bluetooth Speaker as your Bluetooth connection source.

If you’re planning a large event and using a QFX Bluetooth speaker, make sure it features a rugged body and water-resistance to protect it from unexpected downpours or misdirected sprinklers. Many models also come equipped with handles for easier transport.

The QFX PBX-61081-Silver Rechargeable Portable Speaker is an ideal companion for parties, family gatherings and outdoor adventures alike. Its sturdy wheels and handle make transport effortless; rechargeable batteries offer up to 12 hours of continuous playback – with LED lights adding festive ambience in any home or office! Also equipped with USB/AUX inputs as well as FM radio connectivity and dual 1/4” microphone inputs, the speaker offers maximum versatility!

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