Promotional Products Bluetooth Speaker

Branded Bluetooth speakers make an excellent present for customers and employees, offering outstanding audio quality while remaining easy to use and boasting long battery lives.

Promo Items come in all kinds of styles and sizes, making them great promotional tools. Plus they pair seamlessly with headphones/earbuds for added audio enjoyment!

Easy to use

Bluetooth speakers make an excellent promotional giveaway when personalized with company branding, making an effective gift that anyone of any age can use and enjoy. They’re easy to set up and can even connect to multiple devices such as smartphones or tablets, providing crisp sound perfect for any special event or occasion. Furthermore, multiple speakers can even be added together for an immersive sound experience in any home or office environment.

Bluetooth speakers make an excellent promotional product due to their portability and lack of wires; they’re easily stored in any backpack, purse or messenger bag for convenient transport. Available in an array of colors for any brand campaign and many featuring looping lanyards for convenient attachment to bags and backpacks – not to mention being lightweight yet long-term durable speakers that can continue providing music throughout years!

Give your audience a custom Bluetooth speaker and your business will become a walking advertisement! Clients and employees will bring it with them to parties, picnics and family get-togethers where it will display your logo proudly.

Bluetooth speakers make an excellent promotional item that nearly everyone will use and appreciate, making them an excellent giveaway at any event. Not only are these products practical and attractive; but their fun, colorful appearance also boost morale and attract new customers – perfect giveaways!

High-quality sound

Purchase custom Bluetooth speakers in bulk to add them to employee rewards programs or give away at trade shows and events. Your customers, whether music fans or tech-savvy alike, will appreciate the high-quality sound produced by these portable gadgets – perfect for use both at home and wherever your smartphone might lead.

These devices come in various styles and price points to meet every budget. Popular options include portable speakers with built-in microphones for hands-free calls and speakers with smooth surfaces for full digital printing of company logos or messaging. These tech products have quickly become the hottest giveaway items of 2023 and will make an unforgettable impression at events or promotions campaigns alike.

Bluetooth speakers offer another significant benefit in that they can play music for hours without the need to connect directly to an electrical power source. Once charged, Bluetooth speakers can be transported anywhere they’re needed from patio to beach or poolside listening and packed away easily in suitcases for travel purposes – offering more versatility than stationary audio systems.

Some speakers come equipped with internet assistants like Siri or Alexa that allow for hands-free phone control or can stream podcasts, making these devices must-haves for anyone interested in technology. Siri or Alexa allow you to control your phone or smart device using voice command; you can play music from your personal library or stream podcasts; you can even attend hands-free video calls! These features make these speakers must-haves.

Long battery life

Bluetooth speakers make an effective promotional product for any business, as they’re portable, have long battery lives, can be customized with logos or slogans and serve as great gifts for employees or clients. Not to mention they make great giveaway items at trade shows and events where recipients often reuse them again and again!

Keep your promotional speaker cool to maximize its battery life, which will prevent overheating that often shortens its lifespan. Also avoid keeping its charge levels full or near empty; for optimal results store between 30%-40%.

Branded Bluetooth speakers are an effective and portable way to promote your company and create a lasting impression with clients and customers alike. Available in various colors to complement your branding palette and offering large print areas for logos or business names – they make the perfect promotional giveaway, especially on short notice!

Average promotional products typically last 13 months before being abandoned or given away, which makes it important to give your audience tech gadgets they will actually use. Custom beanie hats with built-in Bluetooth speakers make an excellent option, featuring sleek designs in black or Graphite (GA). Plus they come complete with USB charging cables in stylish gift boxes!


Custom Bluetooth speakers are an increasingly popular electronic item to promote your brand as tech-savvy and forward-thinking. Their compact size makes them suitable for traveling, hiking, camping or exercise activities; charging is simple without chords required – perfect for audiophiles who appreciate high-quality music! Portable Bluetooth speakers also serve as excellent promotional giveaways at concerts, fundraisers and other events; pair one with headphones/earbuds and power banks for a complete audio bundle your listeners will surely love.

For an elegant and practical present to give clients, customers and employees of your business, consider giving custom Bluetooth speakers with your logo imprinted. They’re an exceptional alternative to typical office products like stationery or planners that end up gathering dust in drawers; plus they are more likely to be seen being used publicly during events like parties and picnics – where your message can reach a large audience.

Promo items make great corporate gifts, giveaways and special occasion presents. From in-pack promotional gifts for valued customers to membership incentives for gym or club memberships. Plus they make perfect giveaways at trade shows and other events to build brand recognition.

These wireless speakers come in an assortment of colors and designs, making them attractive promotional tools for any event or special occasion. Easy to use and durable, they maintain their functionality even after prolonged exposure to moisture or humidity. In addition, these speakers boast excellent sound quality as well as long battery lives – and at affordable prices too!


Branded speakers are one of the best promotional technology products available, providing lasting marketing value and helping promote your business at trade shows and other events where potential customers could be present.

Due to their compact nature, promotional bluetooth speakers are highly portable and can travel easily with your target audience. They can be stored away safely in homes or cars. Your brand will gain plenty of exposure each day as people who might be most interested use your product regularly – unlike when something more cumbersome would likely get left buried somewhere.

Bluetooth speakers are an easy and cost-effective way to enjoy music at any volume, seamlessly pairing with smartphones, laptops, tablets and other bluetooth enabled devices such as smartphones. Users can listen to podcasts or audio books with these speakers easily!

Bluetooth speakers offer many advantages over their conventional counterparts, including their robust construction. They can withstand frequent drops without suffering damage; moreover, being waterproof makes Bluetooth speakers perfect companions when on the move or traveling abroad. This makes Bluetooth speakers the ideal companions to bring music wherever life may take them!

Bluetooth speakers are an affordable promotional item that can be customized with your logo for an ideal giveaway for tech-savvy consumers. Combine it with headphones or earbuds to make an even more thoughtful present that your clients and employees will surely appreciate!

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