Onn Rugged Speaker

Onn Rugged Speaker

If you need a Bluetooth speaker that will hold its own at parties, look no further. Available from Walmart with changing LED lights and vibrating bases that sync to music for up to 10 hours of playback time – this Onn Rugged Speaker may just be what you’ve been searching for!

Not going to compete with $100+ models from Bose or JBL, this speaker does a decent job for its price point.


Are you on the search for a portable speaker to complement your active lifestyle? Look no further than this Onn Bluetooth speaker! Designed to meet those requirements and with its compact yet durable build quality, it can easily fit in with any lifestyle – be it hiking, beach trips or whatever. With its impressive battery life it will always provide your playlist of tunes throughout the day!

Onn is one of Walmart’s private-brand electronics manufacturers and their speakers represent excellent value for the price. While they may not boast all the fancy features found on high-end models, Onn offers an enjoyable listening experience when it comes to music, podcasts and other forms of media content. Plus they’re easy to use and come in various color options!

The Onn Rugged Speaker can be purchased for under $20 and makes an ideal option for people who don’t require top sound quality. It features 8 hours of continuous playback on a single charge, is waterproofed against splashes and splashes and comes equipped with an attachment string to securely fasten to any loop or hook in any environment.

Our lab tests gave this speaker an overall score of 4. Its sound quality scores below average because of one-directional audio and its battery life isn’t as long. However, this speaker makes for a good option for outdoor activities due to being waterproof and dust resistant; plus its 3.5mm AUX jack allows users to connect without Bluetooth technology for phones that may not support it.


Rugged Speaker will definitely impress with its changing LED light show and Party Sync mode for connecting with other Onn speakers. Featuring a vibrating base that grooves along to your music, and is IPX7 waterproof. Capable of playing for eight hours straight and easily portable – plus toll-free customer support services are included as standard!

This budget Bluetooth speaker may not be as loud, but should still provide plenty of music during a hike or camping trip. Pairing is simple with devices, including phones and tablets, and there’s even an integrated USB charging port for added convenience. A great choice for anyone wanting to enjoy their tunes outdoors without worry about weather-related disruptions!

The Onn Rugged Speaker is an excellent option for outdoor hiking and camping trips, featuring durability with a warranty to back it up. Walmart currently has this deal priced at $19 for an incredible discount of 31% off its regular price; act quickly if you want to take advantage of this opportunity! Abdul Kader runs an established TV repair shop in Gulshan, Dhaka where he specializes in fixing Smart TVs as a specialty area. He primarily focuses on them to learn their workings as well as ways to repair them effectively.


Bluetooth speakers are an essential companion when enjoying music in the outdoors, whether hiking or camping, providing extra audio while swimming in lakes or beaches or just providing additional audio when taking part in water activities like surfing and kayaking. While portable Bluetooth speakers may work just fine in such conditions, larger ones with greater protection may be more suitable.

Walmart’s private brand Onn offers rugged and waterproof Bluetooth speakers that are perfect for these situations, and currently you can snag one at the store for just $19–that represents a savings of $31 over its regular price!

This portable Onn speaker may not match up to the sound quality of $100+ Bluetooth speakers from Bose or JBL, but it still packs plenty of punch for such an affordable price point. It boasts an extended 10-hour playback battery and IPX7 waterproof protection so a raindrop or pool splash won’t stop your party in its tracks!

It features a detachable strap for convenient hanging or carrying, along with Party Sync Mode so multiple speakers can sync together seamlessly. Furthermore, its changing LED lights follow your music and its vibrating base ensure it never goes silent!

Your smartphone or tablet must have Bluetooth turned on and within range of the speaker in order to connect, but once paired you can enjoy streaming music and podcasts – including voice control with Google Assistant or Alexa installed.

Changing LED Lights

The Onn Rugged Speaker features vibrant LED lights that add a lively ambience to your music listening experience, synching to the beat of each track you listen to and can even be controlled with its included remote. Furthermore, it comes equipped with a built-in microphone for hands-free calling as well as party sync functionality so you can create an immersive sound experience.

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10 Hours of Playtime

Onn’s Rugged Speaker provides up to 10 hours of playback on a single charge and features LED lighting synced with music playing, pairing well with other Onn speakers for enhanced sound experience and LEDs that change sync up with songs played. Furthermore, there’s an AUX jack for microphones or guitars, USB charging port, voice notification feature, easy setup process and durable build for long-term use – the ideal combination!

Although it doesn’t match up to more expensive Bose or JBL models in terms of sound quality, this Walmart-brand Bluetooth speaker represents good value. IPX7 waterproof for use at the beach, shower or swimming. Light enough to carry around, this lightweight device comes complete with wrist carry cord for convenient transport.

Customers have raved about the affordability and functionality of this medium-sized party speaker by Onn. Customers love its powerful base sound, long battery life, multi-colored LED lights and water resistance – as well as being water resistant with easy pairing to devices and featuring a snooze alarm feature! However, some customers may dislike its loud voice notifications whenever the speaker is turned on/off.

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