Onn. Large Party Speaker

Groove onn. Large Party Speaker Review

Typically, party speakers focus on bass performance and can produce room-shaking sound at higher volume levels. Most models are battery powered while some provide IP ratings that can withstand splashes of water.

Positive Grid Spark MINI is an ideal option for solo musicians and small gatherings, thanks to its long battery life and lightweight build.


It features a canister design and boasts 10 hours of battery life, along with USB charging port, multicolor LED lighting effects, Bluetooth wireless technology to connect microphone or guitar for karaoke sessions, IPX7 waterproof protection, 3.5mm AUX jack input jack for connecting external devices for stereo effect, as well as Party Sync mode synchronizing it to other speakers for stereo effects.

This speaker boasts an active bass that moves to the beat of your music while lighting up to match. It can be combined with other Onn speakers for a larger soundstage or used alone for standalone parties on the beach, in your backyard, or camping trips – plus it comes backed with a one-year limited warranty!


The Onn Large Party Speaker is an incredible portable speaker designed to captivate with an eye-catching light show and engaging audio performance. Boasting two 10″ woofers and one tweeter for optimal bass response and crisp highs, as well as USB, SD, TF FM AUX input options; Bluetooth wireless technology makes connecting devices directly to it simple allowing music streaming from multiple sources.

The Large Party Speaker features LED party lights that create an electric atmosphere, synced to the beat of your music. You can control these lights using built-in buttons on the speaker itself or through compatible mobile apps; additionally it features microphone and guitar input for extra functionality as well as TWS connectivity so you can pair another PBX-100 speaker to play stereo sound.

This Onn speaker is ideal for parties and gatherings, providing impressive volume and battery life. Audio performance is equally excellent with powerful vibrational bass that pulsates with music. Plus, its waterproof design can withstand rainwater splashes while remaining waterproof!

The Onn Large Party Speaker is lightweight and portable, featuring built-in handles to make transport easy as well as rubber feet to prevent it from toppling over. Furthermore, its controls offer easy power management with power/mode selection capabilities; its rechargeable battery has up to 14 hours of playback capacity.

Sound quality

Sound quality is one of the key aspects to consider when purchasing party speakers, and can make or break an experience. A quality speaker should produce high wattage output and strong bass response with clear and crisp audio quality that also supports multiple inputs.

One of the top party speakers available is Philips X3206. This device boasts impressive power output and special light effects that sync up perfectly with music, as well as 14 hours of playback on one charge. Furthermore, this model boasts karaoke functionality and microphone inputs, making it a truly versatile solution.

Environment can have a dramatic impact on the acoustic presentation of party speakers. Indoor settings, for instance, may experience reflections that distort sound – this effect is known as reverberation, and can impact certain frequencies more than others. To achieve optimal audio experience in such settings it may be best to purchase speakers with tighter acoustic presentation and higher volume ratings.

Walmart Onn Wireless Party Speaker with LED Lighting is another portable solution, enabling you to play music from any source wirelessly through Bluetooth connections. Plus, its USB port provides charging capability while an AUX input allows other devices to be easily connected.

Battery life

Customers have found this speaker to be an indispensable addition to their party equipment, thanks to its LED lighting options and ability to connect a microphone and guitar for karaoke singing. Customers also appreciate FM radio and bass boost features for radio broadcasts or bass boost features for bass boost. Suitable for use at parties, tailgating events, river trips, RVs or patios – recommend!

If your Onn Large Party Speaker is having difficulty powering on, try performing these troubleshooting steps to troubleshoot: check power source; perform reset; verify battery (if applicable); update firmware as applicable; if problem persists contact manufacturer support for more assistance;

Speakers intended for parties typically feature larger, more powerful speakers than those intended for other uses, producing deeper bass tones with portable designs featuring inputs for connecting external microphones or instruments – they are often battery-powered so as not to limit use by being tied down by power outlets.


At parties, a great speaker can make all the difference for guests’ enjoyment. These devices often feature larger woofers to produce deeper bass tones as well as RGB lights for an immersive party experience. Bluetooth compatibility enables music and content streaming from smartphones or tablets while being battery powered allows easy mobility without restrictions due to power outlets.

The best party speakers are portable and durable enough to withstand an active party environment, with a reliable battery that can handle high volume playback, being moisture and dust proof, and offering a 3.5mm aux input for direct connection of source devices to their speaker – providing optimal fidelity but restricting mobility.

From our tests, the Onn Large Party Speaker emerged as an ideal option for hosting loud and lively gatherings. With 13 hours of music playback per charge of its rechargeable battery – more than enough to keep any party going – Amazon Alexa support allows hands-free control, plus pairing it up with other Onn speakers to form stereo systems or connecting it directly to mics for spontaneous karaoke sessions are just added bonuses!

If your Onn Party Speaker won’t turn on, follow these troubleshooting steps to attempt a resolution: check power source; reset; verify battery capacity and possibly update (if available); consider updating firmware; if these don’t help contact manufacturer’s customer support for additional guidance or repairs if necessary;

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