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What to Look For in a Large Party Speaker

If you’re shopping for a large party speaker, look for one with LED lighting capable of creating an eye-catching light show and wireless Bluetooth streaming capability.

An important consideration in selecting a speaker is its IP rating, which will tell you how much dust and moisture it can withstand.

Product Description

Party music requires deep bass sounds, so we look for speakers with large woofers – the drivers responsible for producing that deep, bassy tone – as well as speakers with an IP (Ingress Protection) rating to determine whether they’re dust- and waterproof.

Groove onn is an impressive Bluetooth wireless party speaker designed for streaming your favorite tunes or using it as an impromptu karaoke session. Waterproof and boasting up to 10 hours of playback time, this waterproof device also looks good with its sleek design featuring LED lights illuminating its woofers at night – providing hours of nonstop fun.

Product Features

The JBL EON ONE Compact Personal PA provides musicians and DJs an easy-to-setup audio solution for smaller performance situations. At under 18 pounds and equipped with a rechargeable battery, this speaker weighs less than 18 pounds making it portable between gigs – it fits in most trunks or back seats of cars easily! Furthermore, its Line Out port allows it to connect directly with larger PA systems, perfect for connecting guitar tones and effects for use during performances.

Bass is often the key spec to consider when shopping for party speakers, since most party music features heavy bass frequencies. Due to physical constraints such as speaker woofer size and design, most speakers can only go so low with their bass capabilities; some manufacturers even include an additional Bass Boost mode for added impact in this department.

Some speakers come equipped with built-in microphones for hands-free calling and can link multiple speakers together for true stereo playback. Others feature remote controls to provide greater control over all their features.

At last, you should consider whether a speaker has an IP rating. This indicates its resistance to dust and water intrusion – something to keep in mind if using it outdoors or near water sources.

Sony SRS-XG300’s design stands out with an elegant mesh covering that gives this speaker an eye-catching appearance both during the daytime and at night when illuminated by LED rings around its two 2.7-inch bass drivers. Plus, this is our only recommended speaker compatible with Amazon Alexa for hands-free voice control of streaming music, podcasts, and radio stations directly from your phone without physically touching it!

Product Specifications

Party speakers require the right size of woofer to deliver good bass. That’s why we love the Sony SRS-XG300, which features two large 2.7-inch drivers covered by an attractive mesh covering that resembles professional speakers. LED rings that surround these drivers provide subtle illumination rather than garish flashes of light; and its unobtrusive handle slides in and out for easy portability during both daytime use and late-night musical entertainment – combining form with function beautifully to look sophisticated during the day while being fun at nighttime!

An important spec for party speakers is their IP rating, which indicates their resistance to dust and water. For example, the JBL EON ONE Compact boasts an IP56 rating – meaning it can withstand being splashed with water but won’t become submerged – making it a good choice for musicians looking for portable PAs that won’t perform in inclement conditions like rain.

All the speakers we reviewed come equipped with line out capabilities, enabling users to connect the party speaker to other devices or larger sound systems for additional power and effects. This feature can prove particularly handy if you plan to use it for gigs or karaoke performances.

Finally, when shopping for party speakers it’s important to consider their storage capabilities. Some models come equipped with microSD slots for expanding internal memory or uploading files directly from mobile phones or tablets; others feature USB charging ports which are great for streaming music while charging your device; and still others come equipped with microphone input for spontaneous jam sessions or karaoke performances.

Product Reviews

Bass performance is one of the cornerstones of great party speakers, as most songs played at parties rely heavily on bass-heavy beats. In order to accurately reproduce these low frequencies, a speaker must include a large bass driver – this explains why most party speakers tend to be on the larger side since larger drivers allow for deeper and thumpier bass production than their smaller portable counterparts.

Speakers designed specifically for parties often come equipped with inputs to connect microphones and guitars for added fun during karaoke sessions or jam sessions. Many models also support Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect music devices wirelessly for multi-room playback; it even supports high-fidelity streaming if both your device and speaker are on the same network!

If you prefer wired connections, these speakers feature 3.5mm AUX inputs to provide higher fidelity than Bluetooth can deliver. Unfortunately, this means keeping the speaker within reach; its range will be restricted as far as travel from its source device.

Some manufacturers provide the option to daisy chain multiple speakers together, which can be helpful when creating a surround sound effect or listening in true stereo. Although this will add cost, this approach may improve overall sound quality and amplitude.

If you plan on taking your party speaker outdoors, look for one with an IP rating that can withstand moisture. Our selections have an IPX7 rating – they can withstand being submerged for up to 30 minutes without damage – which won’t be an issue if only planning on using it indoors; but will certainly come into play if taking it to a beach or pool.

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