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Muzen Portable Speaker Review

Muzen Portable Speaker is a brand that specializes in crafting speakers with classic beauty and premium sound quality, perfect for use anywhere. Built to stand the test of time and endure all environments, Muzen’s products provide years of music enjoyment and versatility.

Muzen OTR Metal Line Friends look like traditional radios from the sixties but are fitted with cutting-edge technology. Their three dials control everything from power usage to functionality.

Sound quality

Muzen Portable Speaker is a striking Bluetooth speaker with impressive sound quality that fits easily in your palm and will turn heads wherever it goes with its vintage design and FM radio features. Plus, there’s even an FM radio built-in and USB charging port; perfect for camping trips and outdoor adventures alike – its clear sound has impressive treble range performance while midrange strength remains consistent and bass response solid; only downside may be its pricetag; though nonetheless it makes up for itself in unique looks and superior audio output!

Muzen may not be an industry giant in speaker manufacturing, but their speakers have gained considerable attention due to viral videos. Muzen specializes in traditional beauty with premium components to produce something truly remarkable and durable – offering both classic and modern technology in an eco-friendly product that meets both.

Muzen’s OTR (On The Road) wireless speakers showcase Muzen’s meticulous attention to detail. Based on 1964 radio models, these small speakers capture vintage charm while seamlessly incorporating 21st century technology. Available in multiple colors and finishes.

These Bluetooth speakers can connect to any mobile device with Bluetooth support and feature a 3.5mm input for non-Bluetooth devices. Furthermore, these IPX5 waterproof models provide extra protection from water splashes, and make cleaning and maintaining easier than ever.

Although most speakers utilize basic controls for managing music, the Muzen Portable Speaker features three dials for managing everything from volume and track skipping to activating its flashlight. Though initially intimidating, its dials become intuitive quickly; within a few minutes of use you’ll find yourself easily controlling your tunes!

The Muzen Portable Speaker is an eye-catching Bluetooth speaker designed to look like a retro radio, featuring FM radio and an impressive set of treble and bass frequencies that allow it to reach reasonable volume levels without compromising sound quality. However, extended listening to tracks with excessively treble may become fatiguing over time.


Muzen speakers are known for their classic elegance, excellent sound quality, and charming retro aesthetic. Perfect for casual listening at home or on-the-go using Bluetooth technology, these portable speakers also boast FM radio and an auxiliary port input options – some models even feature waterproof construction to suit outdoor use!

The MUZEN OTR Metal Line Friends mini FM radio Bluetooth speaker is an exquisite piece designed to look like a vintage radio set. The walnut finish on this particular model captures perfectly its retro vibe while its controls don’t feel overcrowded or confusing to operate.

This portable speaker can be used either upright or sideways to play music, handling an impressive amount of volume without becoming noisy. Connect it to various devices via its AUX input or Bluetooth connectivity and its long battery life for maximum enjoyment! At an extremely reasonable price point, this vintage-themed Bluetooth speaker makes an attractive option.

OTR Metal Line Friends Bluetooth speaker is designed to fit in the palm of your hand and features an all-metal body for durability. It includes an FM radio dial, volume control knob, power button and microUSB charging port at its back as well as 3.5mm aux input, making it simple and straightforward to connect various devices.

The MUZEN Wild Mini features an innovative design inspired by military radios, suggesting outdoor or backcountry use. Its distinctive appearance features no square edges and an ergonomic round, curved form for easier holding than most bluetooth speakers. While not quite as rugged as some competitors, its IPX5 water resistance rating provides moderate protection from the elements.

Battery life

The battery life of MUZEN Portable Speaker is truly impressive for such a small, lightweight device. With FM/AUX/Bluetooth compatibility and multiple modes available to choose from, this little gem easily plays music for 10 hours on one charge! Plus it comes equipped with FM /AUX / Bluetooth compatibility – making it the ideal companion for outdoor adventures and road trips alike! Additionally MUZEN offers various wireless speakers designed for various lifestyles, from compact outdoor models perfect for hiking and backpacking adventures, all the way up to rugged outdoor speakers that can withstand elements and water resistance as well as built-in flashlights to guide them along dark forest trails!

Camping and hiking require long-lasting batteries, since you could spend days away from a power source. A basic wireless speaker may only last 5-6 hours on its own; for optimal performance and battery life, consider purchasing an outdoor speaker that provides up to 24 hours of battery life with waterproof housing, high-quality amplifier and multiple drivers to produce powerful stereo sound.

MUZEN’s Retro FM Speaker is a Bluetooth speaker featuring a classic retro design. With its vintage aesthetic and superior audio quality, this portable Bluetooth speaker makes a perfect addition to any occasion – from romantic dinners to backyard barbecues! Equipped with an extensive volume capacity and rechargeable lithium battery power source, MUZEN’s Retro FM Speaker also includes an aux input allowing easy connection of any audio device.

The MUZEN OTR Wood Speaker features an IPX5 water-resistance rating, making it suitable for splashes and spills. Additionally, this speaker can be placed either upright or flat and features rubber contact points on both sides to keep it from slipping or tipping over. Furthermore, its built-in microphone enables hands-free calling capabilities, plus two devices can connect at the same time; its battery lasts 10 hours on one charge with recharge time of only four hours needed between charges!


Muzen offers an assortment of Bluetooth speakers designed to transform any indoor and outdoor spaces into personal concert venues, offering high-quality audio with vintage aesthetics, durable construction, and weather resistance – including their Wild Mini and Cyber speakers which come equipped with waterproof designs suitable for camping trips or beach outings – as well as protective cases to keep them safe from water damage.

The Muzen OTR Metal Line Friends mini FM radio Bluetooth speaker is an easy and convenient way to listen to music on-the-go. Perfectly portable, its small form factor fits easily into your palm while its retro radio-inspired design makes it easy to take with you on vacation or to the gym; Bluetooth connection is reliable while battery life lasts several hours of playback.

This speaker stands out as one of the smallest available and features a classic vintage design. Constructed of metal with two smaller dials and one larger dial on top, these dials control power and function of the speaker while volume can be managed through volume knob. They even make clicking noises to simulate military grade equipment’s mechanical sound!

This speaker also comes equipped with a circular track control feature, enabling you to move forward or backward through tracks with ease. While learning this feature may take practice, once it clicks it becomes intuitive and natural.

The MUZEN Button mini Bluetooth speaker connects instantly with any device capable of Bluetooth streaming music and instantly reconnects back to its last device used. With an internal rechargeable Li-Ion 400mAh battery that provides up to 8 hours of playback at 65% volume and quick micro USB charging times that only takes three hours, it makes music streaming effortless!

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