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Max Power MPD823 Bluetooth Speaker System

Listening at excessively loud levels can eventually destroy speaker voice coils; one way to prevent this is using a power amplifier with an output rating higher than your speaker wattage rating.

However, wattage ratings don’t provide much meaningful information to an average buyer; therefore it would be more effective to look at specifications regarding sensitivity and impedance instead.

Easy to use

No matter the occasion – whether hosting a social gathering, dancing alone at home, or simply relaxing to soothing background melodies – the Max Power MPD823 Bluetooth Speaker System makes music available and enjoyable in numerous situations. Boasting contemporary design elements, advanced connectivity features, immersive audio quality, and eye-catching visual enhancements; this model revolutionizes musical enjoyment!

Bluetooth capability enables seamless wireless pairing with compatible devices, eliminating cumbersome cords and cables from use. Auxiliary and SD card inputs offer direct access to external media sources for convenient music playback; and integrated LED lighting effects sync up perfectly with music rhythm for an immersive multisensory experience that transcends auditory pleasure.

The remote control provides easy access to numerous functions, enabling you to adjust volume levels, switch tracks, and manage lighting effects from afar. Choose from preconfigured equalizer presets to optimize audio output according to genre preferences for an immersive audio experience.

Additionally, this speaker features two mic inputs and an RCA input for external speakers; plus FM radio channels to expand listening options. Easy to use and with a carry handle to make movement simple; perfect for parties, BBQs, weddings, public speeches and Karaoke performances alike! Built to withstand years of use; regularly clean it using damp cloth and protect from moisture or liquid exposure for optimal performance.


The speaker system’s durable construction ensures its resilience in various environments, while its sleek yet stylish aesthetic showcases cutting-edge contemporary design, advanced connectivity, and immersive audio excellence. Integrated LED lighting effects synchronize beautifully with music to create visually captivating narratives while heightening auditory immersion. A convenient remote control offers seamless access to multiple functions enabling users to regulate volume levels, switch tracks or alter lighting effects remotely from anywhere within a range.

This speaker comes equipped with Bluetooth capabilities that enable wireless pairing with compatible devices, providing convenient audio streaming without the need for cables. Furthermore, its USB and SD card inputs enable users to play directly from external storage devices.

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