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Kove Speaker Review

Kove Speaker is an awesome portable Bluetooth speaker designed for dual use that looks as great as it sounds. Its innovative design consists of being split into two smaller units before joining back together when music needs to be played back.

This audio accessory boasts premium-grade sound quality, IPX7 water resistance and is rechargeable. Connecting wirelessly to any mobile device via Bluetooth 4.1 technology with an impressive range of up to 10 meters is made easy with its long battery life and impressive sound.


The Kove Commuter 2 portable Bluetooth speaker offers multiple uses. Users can connect both ends horizontally for 360-degree surround sound experience or use separately as stereo pair. Furthermore, its built-in rubber hook makes it easy to attach it to bags or backpacks, and its IPX7 water resistance rating gives peace of mind while its pulsing light ring complements music perfectly.

This speaker is designed for ease of use with its user-friendly interface and Bluetooth 5.0 technology, offering strong wireless connections and impressive battery life that can be recharged in approximately two and a half hours. Furthermore, its built-in microphone makes hands-free calls possible.

This speaker boasts an intriguing design. Comprised of two separate units that can be intertwined together into one unit when joined, they appear like one piece and weigh fairly significantly when joined, providing ample stability. Furthermore, tight nylon wrapping protects them while its left-side hook is constructed out of rubber and plastic for additional support.

The Kove Commuter 2 Bluetooth speaker is an exceptional value at its price point, providing high-quality music and an immersive listening experience while lacking audio customization features and voice assistant support. Unfortunately, its latency with iOS and Android devices may make watching videos too slow, although certain apps may compensate for it differently; your experience may differ accordingly.


The Kove Commuter Portable Bluetooth Speaker 2 is an attractive dual-speaker with robust durability and IPX7 waterproof technology, featuring two speakers which can be joined or separated to enjoy stereo sound. Its unique design makes it easy to carry and use, providing reliable controls. Many reviewers have commended its high quality brass sounds as well as portability – ideal for parties and other events!

The Commuter Portable Bluetooth Speaker 2 utilizes the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology for reliable connectivity. It can connect with devices up to 32 feet away while still maintaining an effective signal; its controls are user-friendly; changing volume on either side will instantly change both volumes; its design is sleek yet sturdy while its sleek black cover will complement any outfit perfectly.

Kove’s Commuter 2 speakers are simple to pair and connect to other devices. Each is supplied with two USB charging cables – Kove refers to it as their “Y-cable”) for charging purposes – for easy charging, foam padding protection, and four colors: black, concrete (white), sand (a color similar to rose gold) and terracotta which has similar tones.

The Commuter 2’s sound quality is excellent, though bass response may be slightly subdued. Its key advantage lies in its two-in-one design which lets you enjoy stereo sound through two separate speakers. Furthermore, battery life is outstanding and Bluetooth range can extend up to 150 feet (45 meters). You can stream music from multiple sources simultaneously without any degradation in sound quality – and even connect other Bluetooth speakers for multi-room audio playback systems!


The Kove Commuter 2 Bluetooth speaker features an unusually designed construction. Constructed of two smaller speakers joined together to form one unit, its compact yet attractive and easily portable design is achieved through this clever pairing process. Each of its rectangular-shaped speakers boasts a small hole at their centers where they join.

The sound quality of the Commuter 2 is impressive for its price point, offering deep bass response as well as clear vocals and lead instruments that remain audible through out. Unfortunately, however, it lacks some of the treble clarity found in higher-end competitors.

Bluetooth 5.0 technology helps the speaker achieve superior speed, efficiency and audio quality, which enables it to maintain strong connections even when used further away from its Bluetooth device. With an approximate line-of-sight range of 10 meters – this decreases significantly when there are obstacles such as walls – this speaker maintains a solid connection even when farthest from your Bluetooth device.

When pairing speakers, it is crucial that they are within close proximity so as to optimize Bluetooth signal strength and avoid weakening it and pairing with each other rather than your device. Furthermore, disconnect any other Bluetooth devices during this process.

These speakers are easy to connect with your Bluetooth device and feature a convenient power button that enables on/off operation. When separated, upper and lower speakers automatically shut off so there is no chance of forgetting to shut them off when needed.

Use the Kove Commuter 2 wireless speaker anywhere in your office, home or travels – office, home, travel – whether for music or podcast listening on-the-go; its water resistance and battery life make it suitable for outdoor activities as well.

Battery life

Kove Speaker stands out from other Bluetooth speakers with its two separate, interconnecting speakers that can be used both separately and together. Wirelessly connecting to any device wirelessly while being waterproof and dustproof makes them perfect for outdoor use.

This portable Bluetooth speaker features an excellent battery life. With approximately eight and a half hours of music playback per charge and easy recharge time of three to four hours per charge cycle, this portable Bluetooth speaker makes an excellent companion while exercising, cooking or cleaning! Its long battery life and easy recharge process also makes this ideal for people who listen to podcasts or audiobooks while doing such things as exercising, cleaning or cooking.

The Kove Commuter 2 features an innovative two-in-one design that makes its two speakers appear as one unit when joined. Its ultrathin profile and smooth surface give it a look of one unit when joined; though a seam runs down its center indicates where two smaller units join; from a distance however this cannot be easily seen; so they appear nearly identical.

Connectivity-wise, this speaker has an acceptable range of 223.1 feet away and is able to establish and maintain a connection. Unfortunately, its volume levels don’t compare well to some of the best Bluetooth speakers and its latency may prove too much for watching videos on Android and iOS devices.

The Commuter 2 works similarly to earbuds, with its upper speaker receiving Bluetooth signals from your device and sending them down to its lower speaker for playback. This enables you to use music from phones or tablets while making calls hands-free using its built-in microphone; additionally, an oval button on top controls audio and music playback as well as turning LED lights on and off.


Kove Speaker is an intuitive Bluetooth speaker designed for ease of use. Its touch screen and controls are user-friendly, making it simple for anyone to operate it. Plus, its portable design enables user connection of both ends horizontally or separately for stereo sound – and its water resistance allows up to 30 minutes submersion!

The Kove Speaker uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the latest iteration. This enables it to connect with devices up to 32 feet away while still maintaining a solid connection, offering excellent sound quality as well as hands-free calls via its built-in microphone and powerful speaker that plays music for hours on end.

EDUP-LINK M6 Pro offers another durable and affordable Bluetooth speaker option that fits easily into most bags: it boasts a battery that can last for 15 hours on one charge with 12 hours of playback, IPX7 rating for water resistance, and audio customization features – although its limitation lies in not offering as many customization features as Kove’s solution.

The Kove commuter 2 is an ideal solution for people looking to bring music on the go. Its user-friendly design and build make it simple to operate, while its impressive bass accuracy is highly sought after by users. Perfect for small gatherings or parties alike, its two equalizer modes add versatility while its carrying strap makes transport simple.

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