JBL Karaoke Speaker

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Are you searching for the perfect karaoke speaker that will make your next party one to remember? Look no further than this JBL Karaoke Speaker, now available at an incredible $120 discount – we believe it to be the lowest price we’ve ever seen on this model!

This speaker boasts a host of features to get the party started. It can produce deep bass and is compatible with JBL PartyBox app, providing additional sound effects and light show options.


Host a Karaoke party or bring some music into your house with ease with the JBL Karaoke Speaker. It boasts amazing sound quality and powerful bass, plus it comes equipped with built-in lights to add an enchanting atmosphere to any event.

The JBL Karaoke Speaker is constructed with high-quality plastics and metal. The front speaker grille is made of metal for durability, while the faux leather covering on the back ensures a secure grip on any surface. Finally, four sturdy feet on the bottom ensure stability when placed flat.

JBL’s portable speaker is heavier than most, but its included shoulder strap makes it easy to transport. Crafted out of matte black plastic with two 1.75” (44mm) tweeters and a 5.25” (133mm) woofer, the body has a matte black metal grille for protection.

On the top panel, 16 backlit pads provide sound effects in various hues: drums (yellow), synthesizers (green), pianos (blue), and DJ sound effects (magenta). Each pad can play single notes or chords in its assigned key; buttons allow you to switch between modes quickly.

You can adjust the EQ settings on the speaker to suit your preferences. The Bass Boost setting adds extra boom to the low end, while the other two options are more neutral. Unfortunately, this setting may cause your sound quality to suffer slightly as it tends to muddy up slightly.

In addition to the EQ setting, you can adjust the Key knob for pitch adjustment. You also have control over the Echo knob which adds various degrees of subtle echo effects to microphone sounds.

The speaker is powered by a rechargeable battery, providing up to 6 hours of playtime. However, if you use the built-in lights on the speaker, its battery life will be drastically reduced.

The PartyBox 310 Bluetooth speaker is ideal for those who like to bring it along on vacations or keep it in their car during parties. It’s loud enough to get everyone involved in karaoke, with three inputs that let you connect instruments or microphones. With straightforward controls and effortless set up, this speaker will become part of your arsenal quickly!


JBL is one of the top names in audio, offering a vast selection of speakers to suit different needs. From small portable Bluetooth models that you can take with you wherever life takes you to more powerful party-ready models from their PartyBox lineup that have enough bass to shake any room.

The JBL Karaoke Speaker is the company’s latest addition to their karaoke speaker line. It can be used with a microphone for live singing, as well as playing music from smartphones or laptops via Bluetooth connectivity.

Though its design may appear complex at first glance, it’s actually very user-friendly with easy-to-use buttons that require only one press for each function. Plus, thanks to its sturdy build quality, you can use it outdoors or at home on the patio with confidence.

From the box, this speaker provides an even and balanced sound that’s great for singing along to your favorite tunes. Voices and lead instruments are crystal clear, while low bass doesn’t get overly muddy or distorted – ideal for genres such as EDM and hip-hop.

What sets this speaker apart is its neodymium woofer, featuring JBL’s patented differential drive woofer technology, which reduces driver weight while improving performance. This results in powerful yet transparent audio even at high SPL levels.

This technology also enables the woofer to be cooled by a heat sink, saving driver and speaker system weight. This is ideal for karaoke rooms that must be installed in spaces with limited floor space, as it helps the speaker maintain its cool during extended use.

Overall, the JBL Karaoke Speaker provides an impressive balance of power and sound quality at a budget-friendly price point. Though it lacks some customization features found on more expensive models such as graphic EQ, this speaker does an outstanding job producing a clear and balanced mix.

JBL Karaoke Speaker is their top Bluetooth option for karaoke singing, as it comes with a USB stick that plays MP3, WMA, and WAV files alphabetically when plugged into any compatible USB device. Plus it’s IP67-rated dust and water resistance so it can handle some outdoor use with ease.


JBL is renowned for its Bluetooth speakers, but they also make karaoke speaker models like the PartyBox On-The-Go and PartyBox Encore Essential.

The Party Box On-The-Go is an impressive party speaker with large, clear sound and built-in wireless microphones. It can play music directly from your phone and is ideal for any gathering. However, its main draw is its powerful bass output – perfect for any celebration!

Bass 1’s powerful, bass-heavy sound will fill most rooms in your home and get the party started. There are various Bass Boost settings to choose from so you can find one perfect for your music; default is Bass 1, tuned towards acoustic and rock styles. When Bass 2 is turned on, however, more emphasis will be put on thumping bass notes–especially with dance or EDM songs.

You can adjust the volume of both microphones and the speaker independently to get just the right sound for your singer. Additionally, these controls enable you to fine-tune base, treble and echo effects for optimal vocal effects.

Another cool party feature is the light show that syncs to music. Your speaker’s RGB light pattern can be changed via Air Gesture Wristband, making the experience even more enjoyable for your guests.

Furthermore, there are two buttons that control various features like Bass Boost and charging the RGB light patterns. Furthermore, there are some “DJ effects” you can play to enhance sounds for an authentic vibe.

The JBL KP6000 series is ideal for fixed installation in Karaoke applications and features advanced technology to guarantee reliable performance. The woofers are driven by a precision engineered crossover, while Vented Gap Cooling(tm) improves power handling and efficiency by allowing the compression drivers to run at high levels without sacrificing sound quality over extended usage. This allows your speakers to remain operational at high volumes without sacrificing power handling or efficiency.


The JBL Karaoke Speaker isn’t just any old boombox; it also includes some fun and interactive elements. One standout feature is the illuminated grid of 16 backlit drum pads on the top panel – when activated, this display lights up in vibrant colors and provides some incredible drum sounds.

The Air Gesture Wristband is an innovative gadget that lets users control the light show’s colors and patterns by spinning it clockwise or counterclockwise. Not only is it easy to use, but its impressive battery life also makes it worth your while.

Though not cheap, the JBL Karaoke Speaker comes equipped with some impressive features like Bluetooth connectivity and a host of other cool extras like its light show, illuminated drum pads and Air Gesture Wristband. But ultimately it’s its audio performance that really shines here; whether you’re a novice or pro, this entry-level speaker does the job with style and class. The only omission is no wireless mic or mic stand; these can be added on for an affordable add-on cost.

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