Ion Game Day Party Speaker

Enjoy an ION Game Day Party Speaker

Game Day Lights

Bring the party indoors or outside with this 2-way speaker system and 50 watt dynamic power amplifier! Not only does it deliver incredible audio quality with its bass boost function that adds excitement to low-end frequencies of your music, but its woofer glows in multiple colors and pulses along with it! Stream from any Bluetooth-enabled device or enjoy playing music from its built-in AM/FM radio; plus you get to create memories using its included microphone!

Game Day Party’s lights automatically enter Color Cycle mode and fade from one color to the next. To pause on a particular hue or enter Beat Sync mode with lights reacting to music beats, press and hold the Light button for 1 second.

Rechargeable Wireless Speaker with Built-in Recharging

The ION Game Day Party speaker is a wireless Bluetooth device, enabling you to stream music from any compatible Bluetooth device. Plus, its AUX input for non-Bluetooth devices makes it an incredibly versatile solution for all your audio needs.

This rechargeable wireless speaker features a 2-way speaker system and 50-watt dynamic power amplifier, giving you the best sound from any music source. With its durable woofer and wide-dispersion tweeter, you can enjoy full range of high quality sounds. Furthermore, its ample life before needing recharge ensures you won’t run out of battery during gameplay.

This portable speaker is perfect for outdoor activities like backyard concerts or beachside picnics. Its IPX5 waterproof rating means it can withstand rain or splashes in water, so you can keep listening to your favorite tunes no matter the environment. Plus, its cool flashing lights dance along with music to add extra atmosphere and make any environment more vibrant.

Connecting the speaker to your phone or tablet through Bluetooth is simple – simply press the power button and it’ll pair and turn on automatically. Plus, there’s a dedicated JBL app you can download for lighting and audio control – offering more features than most other wireless speakers offer.

Another great feature is its capacity as a power bank for your mobile device. This means it can provide power when the battery runs low, so you can play those favorite songs even longer at parties or picnics.

When shopping for a rechargeable wireless speaker, one of the most important factors to consider is battery life. You might require a small model that can only be used temporarily or invest in an expansive model with powerful sound that fills rooms.

Battery Life

The ION game day party speaker is perfect for tailgating, birthday parties or casual gatherings. With its 2-way speaker system and 50-watt dynamic power amplifier as well as IPX5 water-resistant rating, it’s suitable for any event. Furthermore, its built-in lights pulse along with music for captivating visual effects.

This speaker boasts a long-lasting battery that’s rechargeable with its integrated wall charger. An LED indicator lets you know when the charge is complete, while its large capacity ensures loud sound with all of the volume turned up.

In addition to its large battery, the ION game day party speaker boasts an impressive list of features. It includes an 8″ woofer and 3in tweeter for powerful, detailed sound that’s great for parties. Plus, it has an auxiliary 3.5mm input/mic for hands-free use as well as a durable handle on the back for added grip.

Unfortunately, the ION game day party speaker uses a lead-acid battery instead of Li-ion like most ION Audio products do. Lead-acid batteries have a shorter lifespan than Li-ion ones but are cheaper and greener in comparison.

To replace an ION game day party speaker battery, locate its battery access panel and remove it with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Next, take out the speaker, which should come off easily enough; finally, install your new battery. When finished replacing the ION game day party speaker battery, be sure to charge it fully before use in order to avoid damage. For optimal results, always charge in an AC outlet or USB port with 5V @ 1Amp output voltage; this ensures a safe and quick charge process as well as allowing other devices while charging yours too! Generally speaking, these batteries last approximately one year before needing replenishment!

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