IAL Speaker Cable

IAL speaker cable stands for “International Annealed Copper Standard,” a specific standard of copper used in high-end speaker cable construction. IAL copper has been annealed to remove impurities and maximize conductivity, producing an IAL cable that delivers clean, clear sound to your speakers.

An example of an IAL speaker cable is the Wireworld Eclipse 8 Speaker Cable. This cable utilizes a DNA Helix design for uniform conductivity and minimal signal loss, while its IAL copper construction ensures minimal interference when delivered to your speakers – creating accurate and detailed sound reproduction.

Other examples of IAL speaker cables include the Kimber Kable Select KS 6068, Nordost Odin 2 and Transparent Audio Reference. Each is engineered to deliver superior sound through only the finest materials and construction techniques available.

Overall, IAL speaker cables are an excellent option if you’re searching for a high-quality speaker cable that can deliver accurate and detailed sound.

Brand/ModelTypeSpecificationsPrice (USD)
Wireworld Eclipse 8Speaker CableIAL copper, DNA Helix design, available in different lengths$1,199.95 (2.0m)
Kimber Kable Select KS 6068Speaker CableIAL copper, VariStrand design, available in different lengths$3,080.00 (2.0m)
Nordost Odin 2Speaker CableIAL copper, Total Signal Control technology, available in different lengths$35,999.99 (2.0m)
Transparent Audio ReferenceSpeaker CableIAL copper, XLPE insulation, available in different lengths$15,000.00 (2.0m)

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