Harbinger Speaker

The Harbinger Speaker – A 2,000-Watt Powerhouse For Musicians on the Go

Harbinger speaker is a 2,000-watt portable powerhouse ideal for audio pros and musicians on the move. Equipped with a 12″ woofer and precision-engineered 3″ titanium compression driver for accurate highs and room-filling lows.

It features Bluetooth streaming capability as well as Smart Stereo technology, which separates left and right channels when two speakers are wired together. Furthermore, there’s an inbuilt mixer and EQ.

Vari V3412

No matter the performance scenario – solo artist looking to dazzle audiences with stunning vocal and guitar sounds, duo looking for an affordable yet powerful system, or band needing impactful bass with clear mids – VARI Live speakers adapt seamlessly with your requirements – making them perfect for gigs, rehearsals or studio sessions alike. Their premium sound quality, advanced DSP features and effortless connectivity make them the ideal solution.

V3412 boasts a powerful 400W Class-D amplifier driving an XR woofer to produce rich, room-filling audio. Vocal selections instantly configure sound-optimizing DSP settings for common applications, including Standard, Club Speech and Custom, while bass and treble controls allow further tailoring of sound quality. A MIX OUT jack makes feeding subwoofers simple while SUB CUT provides an ideal crossover point between speaker and sub. Finally, its high precision DSP limiter protects against audio overloading.

The built-in mixer supports up to five simultaneous inputs, so you can connect a microphone, guitar, stereo keyboard and tablet for backing tracks. If more channels are necessary for an ensemble performance, an external mixer with balanced stereo outputs and USB charge jack that delivers up to 2.1 amps may also be added for enhanced synchronisation between devices.

The VARI Series app makes wireless control of speakers easy from an audience position and lets you adjust Voicing in real-time as room response changes, soundchecks or stage events change – or in response to someone yelling “PUMP THAT BASS! Save your own settings as custom presets to instantly be ready for your next gig – making the VARI Live V3412 the best value in its category. PEEK Performance represents significant advancements in key components of a powered loudspeaker: an enhanced polyetheretherketone tweeter providing precise high frequencies; a gas-assist cabinet to deliver articulate mids and wide-angle mids; and an XR woofer capable of extended low frequency output with taut response.

Vari V1015

Harbinger speakers are an ideal way to improve any home audio system. Renowned for their superior audio performance and versatility, these durable yet stylish speakers deliver crisp, clear audio that will wow guests at your next party. Their selection of sizes and styles ensure they can fit into any room seamlessly.

No matter the event or your audio requirements, this powerful PA speaker offers impressive 1000W peak power output and can withstand 133dB SPL levels. Plus it boasts two channels and three-band EQ for easy use for any application and microphone input and line in for plugging in other audio sources like microphones or other sources of sound.

The VARI Series is built for optimal performance and flexibility. Boasting advanced digital signal processing (DSP), its versatility makes it suited for virtually every acoustic or live sound application imaginable – from small format stage monitors to app-controlled high volume main speakers, its VARI line can meet your every demand.

Harbinger speakers not only offer outstanding audio quality but are an exceptional value for the money. At an economical price and with a comprehensive warranty included, you can rest easy knowing you’re investing in top-of-the-line product.

The Harbinger Speaker is portable, making it an excellent option for mobile applications such as DJ gigs and wedding receptions. With its unique design that allows it to mount on poles easily for transporting, setting it up is simple so you can get started right away.

The Vari V1015 15-Inch Active Louspeaker is ideal for any variety of uses. This professional-grade speaker comes equipped with a built-in mixer featuring two channels, three-band EQ, and 10 presets to help customize your sound. Boasting an impressive maximum power output of 1000W it is capable of handling even large venues while its roadworthy construction will stand up against everyday rigors of use.

Vari V2312

The Vari V2312 offers premium audio performance in a portable package designed to fit into the back of any car. Its 2,000W Class D amplifier powers a custom-designed 12″ woofer and precision engineered 3″ titanium compression driver that combine for wide frequency response with crisp highs and impressive volume levels. Furthermore, its built-in mixer with XLR, 1/4″, and RCA inputs allows easy connection of microphones, instruments, media players, etc. Additionally, an onboard sound optimizing DSP and Smart Stereo capabilities make this device perfect for mobile DJs, performing musicians as well as all-in-one PA systems.

The Vari V2312 powered speaker offers wireless music streaming via Bluetooth for easy listening experiences in any application. Its user-friendly interface makes adjusting bass, midrange and treble levels simple without worrying about wire tangling issues; using its EQ controls you can fine-tune output to suit any venue or audience; furthermore it features multiple presets to optimize overall sound quality, including standard, Vocal Boost Live, Floor Monitor/Wall modes.

Each VARI 2300 Series loudspeaker incorporates a three-channel mixer featuring two mono channels with an XLR-1/4-inch combo mic/guitar/line input and one stereo channel that features 1/8-inch stereo aux minijack, Bluetooth, L/R 1/4-inch line inputs for eight simultaneous inputs. An onboard two-band EQ makes dialing in your desired tone simple while one click can select from four different DSP voicing options including Standard, Vocal Boost Live or Floor Monitor/Wall DSP Voiceds.

No matter if the Vari V2312 is used as a primary front-of-house loudspeaker or stage monitor, its built-in mixer and DSP ensure that sound will always be crisp and clear. Boasting enough power to fill large venues, DJs and performers seeking all-in-one portable PA systems will find this speaker particularly ideal. Furthermore, its rugged polypropylene cabinet can withstand bumps without damage – ideal for mobile use!

Harbinger designed their V2312 to take full advantage of Bluetooth 5.0 technology for wireless streaming up to 800 feet away. You can pair your phone, tablet or laptop and instantly access music libraries and streaming services without worrying about tangled cables. Furthermore, rear panel controls and a dedicated smartphone app enable control of this speaker system.

Vari V4112

The Vari V4112 12-inch powered speaker features 2,500W of Class-D amplification combined with its proprietary XR Speaker Technology to deliver volume, headroom and audio clarity beyond what other plastic cabinet speakers can. A powerful onboard DSP can easily be controlled through its visual frequency response display that shows all current settings at once or by way of iOS app for convenient tuning and customizing of systems at any venue in real-time.

The Vari V 4112 and 4115 offer multiple inputs, such as stereo line in, two mic/guitar/line combo inputs, AUX audio and Bluetooth audio – making a mixer unnecessary in many applications. They also feature color graphic LCD displays displaying frequency response curves that can be tuned using an iOS app over wireless Bluetooth connection to tune and customize to various applications ranging from standard use, clubs vocal boost and monitor monitoring.

Precision DSP crossover and full-bandwidth frequency management-including seven-band EQ, knob-controlled treble and bass EQ and low-cut filter-ensure accurate performance for this loudspeaker. Completing its sound signature is an XR high-fidelity compression tweeter with an overall frequency response between 35Hz-22kHz.

Harbinger’s VARI 4000-series speakers can be utilized as freestanding systems, floor monitor wedges, pole mounted or flown using threaded fly points. Furthermore, these versatile speakers can be linked together for optimal audio routing and unified control using Smart Stereo technology allowing volume and tone controls on both speakers from one master unit. Furthermore, these can also be integrated with their Vari 2318S 18-inch subwoofers for integrated tuning and management.

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