H Speakers

Yamaha’s H Speakers collection of speakers are designed to deliver excellent sound in a stylish package at an affordable price point. Perfect for home audio systems or large scale live performances, these speakers deliver top notch performance without breaking the bank.

They boast some of the finest sound quality available at this price point for a pair of speakers. Boasting a 5.25cm mid-bass driver and tweeter, these speakers can produce an expansive variety of musical tones.

Their patented H-PAS technology is a combination of acoustic suspension, bass reflex, inverse horn and transmission line techniques. This design seeks to maximize sound output from the driver while increasing enclosure efficiency.

These speakers are ideal for players who appreciate the responsiveness of a quality guitar speaker. They boast ceramic magnets that give them a more organic sound compared to traditional metal drivers.

They come with either two small 1/4″ dust caps or a larger 4″ cap in the centre, which helps to soften the upper midrange and control fizzy top-end frequencies.

They can be utilized with a range of amps and gear, making them the ideal choice for guitarists or bass players looking to play in an acoustic setting. Cabinet-driven amps may also be utilized with them for more powerful rock or metal tones. Alternatively, midi keyboards or other electronic instruments may be utilized with them to get that extra bass response.

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