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Billboard Speaker – Play Your Favorite Music Anywhere You Go

Music can have an immediate and dramatic effect on our emotions, which makes Billboard Speaker an essential addition to any household, whether it’s just relaxing by the pool or hosting an extraordinary bash.

These speakers feature multiple connectivity options — Bluetooth, auxiliary cables and FM radio tuners — in addition to being rechargeable battery powered devices with LED lighting that cycles through various colors.

Water-Resistant Bluetooth Speaker

No matter where life takes you, this water-resistant speaker will ensure you can hear all your favorite tunes loud and clear. Connected via Bluetooth technology, its LED lights transform any playlist into an amazing light show while its built-in mic makes hands-free calls possible. Plus it’s lightweight enough for travel or fits snugly into any bag or backpack!

This model boasts the latest 5.0 bluetooth wireless technology, which enables you to listen to music at higher volumes without experiencing distortion in sound quality. Furthermore, you can use it at up to 33 feet away and it includes USB/SD inputs as well as hands-free microphone. FM transmission mode support and up to 7 hours of music playback battery are other features included on this device.

Most Billboard speakers come equipped with a micro USB cable for quick and convenient charging, and feature a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which can last three to seven hours of continuous music playback. Unfortunately, users have reported that while charging, some batteries become hot while being fully charged; others may never reach full charge again.

Many people love the portability and simplicity of Bluetooth speakers. They can be taken easily to parties, picnics and camping trips, yet it’s essential that when selecting one it meets your size and weight requirements.

The best Bluetooth speakers are small and portable with sleek designs that blend in well with any environment. In addition, they boast long-term battery life and sturdy construction to withstand outdoor conditions; some models even boast enhanced bass for deeper and more immersive music experience.

Bluetooth speakers can be the perfect companion for anyone who enjoys listening to their favorite songs, elevating your mood and adding classy flair. When shopping for the ideal Bluetooth speaker for you, make sure it has an IP rating from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) that indicates its resistance against dust and water; its first digit measures dust resistance while its second indicates water-resistance.

Portable Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Pill Speaker

When you want to take your music with you wherever you go, a portable Bluetooth speaker is an ideal solution. From sleek cylinders that look great on a desk to rugged waterproof models you can take to the beach or park, they come in all shapes and sizes – often loud enough to fill an entire room and often with rechargeable batteries lasting for 10+ hours at a time!

Some Bluetooth speakers offer multiple connectivity options to accommodate different devices, giving you plenty of ways to enjoy music. Options may include Bluetooth connectivity, auxiliary cables or even an FM tuner so that you can find your tunes. Multiple speakers connected together create a multi-room sound system in your home.

Billboard Speaker offers solar-powered outdoor Bluetooth speakers rated IP66 to protect from water ingress and can be used both indoors and outdoors via their integrated solar panels. They’re lightweight enough for easy portability with a rubberized finish for optimal gripping comfort, plus Bluetooth wireless technology means music streaming from smartphones or other compatible devices!

Billboard Bluetooth & Wireless Speakers were given top marks in our lab tests of Bluetooth & Wireless Speakers for audio quality and ease of use, earning high marks for their audio reproduction as well as tuning options available via its built-in tone controls for balanced sound reproduction. Furthermore, we evaluated their versatility, testing its use as part of multi-room audio systems as well as compatibility with other Bluetooth speakers.

This Bluetooth speaker is ideal for those who love music but require something easy to transport and compatible with multiple devices. With its reliable battery life and small design, this portable device fits easily in a bag or purse. However, its only drawbacks include being slightly chunky for longer distance travel without an effective carrying handle.


This Billboard Bluetooth speaker is a wireless, portable device designed for connecting audio devices such as smartphones and tablets. Featuring built-in speakers, rechargeable battery power and hands-free calling capability; plus water resistance making it perfect for outdoor environments.

Billboard Magazine is known for their music and entertainment magazine; however, in collaboration with manufacturers they have also developed Bluetooth speakers. These affordable, portable and long-playtime devices make great additions to pool parties, road trips and backyard barbecues alike.

Billboard Bluetooth Speaker was designed with convenience in mind and comes complete with a carry handle for effortless transportation. Its battery can last for seven hours of playback and features USB charging capability; furthermore, its compatibility extends to supporting both SD cards and MP3 files.

With its long range, this speaker can deliver music up to 33 feet away. Pairing is easy with other devices and its voice prompt will guide you through setting it up. Plus, this water resistant model makes it great for taking to the beach or having picnics in the park!

This stereo Billboard Bluetooth speaker boasts an elegant design and lightweight construction for easy portability. Equipped with long-range Bluetooth wireless technology for excellent sound quality and an extended battery lifespan, its rechargeable lithium-ion battery can be charged easily both at home or while away from power sources.

Billboard’s BB742 model has been put through rigorous laboratory testing, being evaluated on multiple criteria including sound quality and ease of use. As such, this product earned the BestReviews Editor’s Choice award as it successfully balanced performance and value.

No matter where your travels take you, or what style statement you wish to add in your living room, this Billboard Bluetooth speaker will make an elegant addition to your music collection. Its waterproof design ensures your tunes won’t get destroyed, while its built-in microphone makes phone calls or directions easier than ever.


Play your music wherever you go with Billboard’s Flashing LED Lighting Bluetooth Speaker! Simply sync it to your cell phone, tablet, laptop or MP3 player for hassle-free listening to playlists or MP3 files. Featuring multiple connection options and a rechargeable battery for long playback times and answering calls hands-free thanks to its built-in microphone! Perfect for parties!

This versatile speaker offers wireless connection with smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth, FM radio tuner playback and aux cable input. Boasting a large speaker to fill any room with sound, its lightweight design features convenient grab handles for portability as well as tracking buttons to switch songs or stations – plus even voice activation controls!

Use your favorite music wherever you go with this solar-powered, waterproof Billboard speaker set! This wireless set features two speakers that can be linked together for surround sound; additionally, its rechargeable battery offers up to 50 hours of uninterrupted playback time.

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