Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker

How to Choose the Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker

When looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker, look for models with double-digit battery life and an IP rating to withstand water exposure. In addition, advanced features such as voice prompts, stereo pairing, and party modes should also be present.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom speakers stand out from the competition with their unusual appearance: rectangular prisms or tall cylindrical shapes reminiscent of something you might find in a museum. Not only do they look intriguing; their sounds are incredible too: boasting deep bass frequencies that deliver full, rich tones both indoors and out.


Portable Bluetooth speakers offer an effortless way to enjoy music wherever you are without carrying around bulky headphones or power-hungry boom boxes. There’s something perfect for every occasion when it comes to choosing portable Bluetooth speakers; from those offering powerful sound with deep bass frequencies all the way down to those designed as compact portable units easy to take with you on the go – with some even offering extra features such as an aux-in port or phone charger built right in.

If you’re in search of an elegant yet loud Bluetooth speaker, look no further than the UE Megaboom 3 or JBL Flip 6 models. Both speakers feature tall yet narrow designs to easily fit in car cup holders or the water bottle pocket of your backpack, while being water resistant means you can listen to music by the pool or on rainy hikes.

The JBL Charge 5 portable Bluetooth speaker is another good option for those searching for something both rugged and stylish in a Bluetooth speaker. It features a durable exterior that can withstand being dropped from three feet, as well as waterproof properties and built-in microphone for hands-free calls. Unfortunately, its only drawback is being mono; thus it needs to downmix stereo content to achieve greater sound quality; you might miss some subtleties of music this way.

Sonos Roam offers another Bluetooth speaker option that’s versatile yet loud: water-resistant handheld pipe speakers weigh 1 pound each, making them easier than ever to transport on adventures. Furthermore, this portable unit connects directly to home Wi-Fi for high-resolution audio playback as well as multiroom streaming capability.

The Sonos Roam missed the top spot on our list due to flat and tinny pop music playback, yet remains an excellent option for people seeking a water-resistant Bluetooth speaker with decent sound quality. As an alternative, the JBL Clip 4 stands out with similar design and sound quality at much less expense; additionally it can even pair up with another Clip 4 for stereo playback!


To be worth your money, a speaker needs to offer high sound quality at its price point. Luckily, many Bluetooth speakers on this list boast excellent audio performance at their price points and come equipped with extra perks such as high-quality builds or built-in digital assistants; others boast impressive battery life or easy controls – this guide can help you select a model to meet your audio needs! Whether looking for portable or stationary models to enhance any occasion at home or away.

When selecting a Bluetooth speaker, take into account its power output and frequency response. Ideally, look for models capable of producing full sounds with strong bass and clear vocals – though be wary that some claims of power output may be exaggerated – compare similar products from multiple brands before making your purchasing decision.

Regarding frequency response, when shopping for Bluetooth speakers it is ideal to look for one capable of reproducing sounds across 100 Hz to 20 kHz – this range covers the majority of human audio spectrum, and serves as an indication of its bass production potential.

UE Megaboom 3 stands out as one of the top Bluetooth speakers due to its superior sound quality and long battery life, along with being highly durable enough for frequent handling or occasional drops.

JBL Flip 6 offers excellent value, offering good audio quality and plenty of features – such as its splashproof design and ability to connect up to 100 other JBL speakers for creating an incredible wall of sound.

Bose Soundlink Revolve II and ION Audio MegaBar are two other top-rated Bluetooth speakers, both boasting exceptional sound quality for parties or barbecues. For larger gatherings, the UE Hyperboom provides larger speakers with louder, booming audio.

Alternatively, for a premium option the Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 (2nd Gen) speaker offers stylish yet rugged performance that delivers superb audio quality. Not only can it support Amazon Alexa without needing Wi-Fi connectivity; its water dunking capability means this unit stands up well.

Battery life

Battery life is of great significance when choosing a portable speaker, since it dictates how long your musical enjoyment lasts without interruption. A low battery warning during your favorite song would be devastating; therefore, find one with at least 10 hours of playback capability.

Before selecting your ideal model, make sure you understand any additional features like hands-free phone calling and party mode which allows multiple users to play simultaneously, or sync mode that connects multiple speakers for stereo sound. Many manufacturers provide extras like this but it is important to carefully weigh their respective benefits and drawbacks before selecting which model best meets your needs.

Brand reputation should also be taken into account, since certain manufacturers specialize in Bluetooth speakers that combine superior audio quality with stylish designs and additional features – some popular examples being Bose, Sony, JBL and Ultimate Ears.

Portable Bluetooth speakers can make excellent conversation starters if they feature flashy designs and unique color options, special effects like pulsing light displays that sync up with music playback, and/or can double up as power banks to recharge other devices when not being used.

When choosing a portable Bluetooth speaker, it is also important to take into account its durability and water-resistance. Most models feature an IP rating which indicates how well their device protects against dust and liquids – look for at least an IP54 rating to make sure that it can withstand adverse environments.

If you’re searching for an adaptable portable speaker that integrates seamlessly into your home-theater setup, Sonos makes a fantastic selection. Their Roam portable Bluetooth speaker is compact enough for travel and features support for Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control of smart home features like Alexa or Google Home; additionally it’s one of only a handful of portable Bluetooth speakers that can pair together for stereo setups!


A quality Bluetooth speaker should allow you to stream music wirelessly from your phone, tablet or computer using Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which provides improved streaming performance over earlier versions. Furthermore, look out for companion apps which allow for changing sound settings; hands-free calling capabilities; party mode capability or any extra features that may allow multiple speakers to link together for stereo sound reproduction should also be taken into consideration when choosing the ideal model.

Durability should be at the top of your checklist when looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker, especially if you plan on using it outdoors where it could get knocked around more frequently or be exposed to harsh elements. Look for one with a sturdy build, an IP rating for water resistance, and rubberized finish which protects it from potential damages.

The UE Wonderboom 3 stands out as our top pick due to its impressive versatility, incredible sound quality and durable design. Producing 360-degree audio that fills a room, and pairing with another device for true stereo playback. Coming in various colors with handy clip for attaching directly onto bags. If budget constraints are an issue for you then Bose Soundlink Revolve II might be better; offering similar sound quality but slightly less rugged construction with shorter battery life of around 13 hours compared to Wonderboom 3.

Bluetooth speakers with digital assistant support such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant may add to the price. When purchasing one of these models, take into consideration any extra features such as wired listening capability via USB-C port or an aux-in port that would make life easier – such as cost effectiveness or features such as aux-in port for connecting other devices to it.

Finally, it’s essential to test the wireless range of your Bluetooth speaker. This can vary depending on materials such as walls or other obstacles between it and its source as well as power class of its radio – generally, lower power class radio models tend to offer superior wireless range performance than their more powerful counterparts.

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