Best Conference Room Microphone and Speaker System

Selecting an effective conference room microphone and speaker system is crucial to providing quality video calls, with echo cancellation reducing echo, noise cancellation reducing unwanted sound as well as echo and noise cancelation enhancing audio quality. The right mic will eliminate echo, noise cancellation as well as other unwanted sounds resulting from video calling sessions.

Boundary mics are perfect for large rooms as they can capture more voices without needing multiple microphones – plus, these devices tend to be cheaper than ceiling mics.

1. Polycom RealPresence Trio 8800

The award-winning Polycom RealPresence Trio 8800 takes the industry’s best conference phone to new heights of collaboration. You can connect to all major SIP and cloud conferencing services while enjoying high-quality audio conferencing sessions. Plus, its stylish yet simple design simplifies conferencing sessions for quick starts every time a meeting occurs!

With HD Voice and NoiseBlock technology, you can communicate clearly with your teammates. This increases trust with listeners and clients alike. The powerful microphone picks up every word while simultaneously cutting background noise for a more efficient call experience for all participants – ideal for use in large rooms! With its 20 foot pickup range and large pickup capacity range this phone is easily used anywhere within its 20 foot pickup radius.

The intuitive five-inch color touchscreen’s intuitive user interface enables quick and effortless access to meeting settings, featuring an easy three-arm design featuring mutes on each arm, Wi-Fi/Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, Bluetooth support built into each arm and USB connectivity.

RealPresence Trio is compatible with over 60 communication platforms and services, including all major UCaaS solutions. Furthermore, it can connect directly to existing PBXs using IP connectivity – making the transition to hosted conferencing services seamless in terms of costs and effort.

Polycom RealPresence Trio’s key advantage lies in its unified communications integration capabilities, which allow users to create a centralized conference room capable of audio, video and content sharing with ease. This flexibility enables teams to adapt easily.

The Polycom RealPresence Trio SfB comes equipped with multi-colored icons that help you log-in, view contacts, and monitor recent calls easily. Furthermore, its simple call menu provides options for placing calls and managing calendars easily. Furthermore, pairing it with Polycom Visual+ makes video and content sharing even easier!

The Polycom RealPresence Trio is the perfect device for conference rooms of any size. Offering high-quality audio and an intuitive interface, it’s compatible with numerous unified communications platforms and includes Microsoft Exchange integration and its unique NoiseBlock technology – not to mention one-step join conferencing!

2. Polycom SoundStation 2 EX

Polycom SoundStation 2 EX is an industry leader when it comes to voice quality, providing crystal-clear calls that increase meeting productivity. Patented Polycom Acoustic Clarity technology adds unmatched clarity and fullness of voice for an unmatched call experience.

Full duplex audio technology from SoundStation 2 ensures natural, simultaneous two-way conversations without annoying echo and dropouts, as well as intelligent audio technology which automatically selects microphones closest to a speaker so callers can hear each other without distractions.

SoundStation 2 can also accommodate up to two expansion microphones for optimal coverage in medium sized conference rooms, making setup easy by connecting directly with either an analog telephone line (POTS) or station port on your PBX/hosted IP platform.

This model offers a large, backlit display for easy reading of call information as well as traditional telephone functions like redial, mute, transfer and hold. Plus its 2.5mm Application Port makes connecting mobile phones for conference calling from places without analog lines support possible as well as computers for Internet calls.

No matter the device from which you connect, the Polycom Acoustic Clarity technology delivers crystal clear audio quality. By amplifying every voice and syllable so all participants can participate equally, and by minimising distracting noise and echo, its purpose is clear – to help your team work and collaborate more efficiently.

SoundStation 2’s advanced audio features make for better meetings in small to midsize rooms that seat 10 or fewer attendees, including patent-protected Polycom Acoustic Clarity and 360deg microphone coverage with intelligent mixing that highlight who’s speaking so everyone can hear clearly and comfortably; plus its resistance against interference from wireless devices ensures callers can still talk normally even when other attendees use mobile phones or tablets during meetings.

3. Weymic Gooseneck Microphone

The Weymic Gooseneck Microphone stands out as an exceptional conference room microphone due to its impressive sound quality at an incredible value. Boasting a cardioid pickup pattern that reduces background noise, this affordable microphone makes meetings and conferences easier while its low-cut filter eliminates bass tones for crisp voice quality. Furthermore, its use with any device equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack.

Another impressive aspect of this mic is its versatility in terms of mounting. From mounting it on a wall with its included bracket to attaching it directly to a desk or table using its stand, this mic has simple controls with no software requirements for use.

Customize the Weymic microphone to suit your specific recording needs. For instance, you can select from four polar patterns – omnidirectional, cardioid, hypercardioid and figure-8. This enables you to get exactly the sound that fits you – especially important if recording someone with an accent or other issues that impede vocal projection.

As opposed to bulky gooseneck microphones that protrude from ceilings and look ugly, the Weymic microphone can be installed discretely behind your screen. With its small profile and slim shape, this microphone makes an excellent choice in rooms where space is at a premium, not interfering with video conferencing software or camera views.

This conference room microphone stands out from its competitors with several unique features that set it apart, such as its ability to detect where speakers are in a room and adjust accordingly, or automatically mutes participants when they aren’t speaking, keeping your meeting focused on those participants who require talking most often.

This conference microphone’s standout feature is that it can also be used with Bring Your Own Device devices – making it an excellent solution for teams that prefer using laptops for work purposes. Plus, its compatibility with most major collaboration platforms and 2-year warranty makes this conference mic an attractive investment!

4. BeyerDynamics PHONUM

Beyerdynamic has created its PHONUM conference room microphone and speaker system to address the work-from-anywhere lifestyle of today’s modern workforce. Conceived to be portable yet versatile, its design ensures its suitability for use by individuals or multiple callers using voice or videoconference software on laptops or smartphones.

With the PHONUM, you can connect to any Bluetooth speaker or audiophile headphone to enjoy music in high sound quality. It features a 2,600mAh battery with an average runtime of 12 hours on one charge – enough for two full days of use without charging up again between uses! Furthermore, charging while in use is possible unlike many Bluetooth speakers.

Beyerdynamic’s speakerphone offers convenient travel case and USB-C sync and charge cable to keep calls going even on the move. With its unique design resembling that of a small speaker than conference phone – with matte silver metal base supporting three darker silver legs and top grille that looks almost like the body of a microphone – its unique functionality provides for hassle-free conversations even on the move.

The PHONUM offers multiple microphone modes to meet all of your conference call or other audio needs, from GECKO FIX Mode for one person speaking while using it, to multiple modes that focus its capture beam on fixed points so as to avoid picking up noises outside this area.

Alternately, you can opt for GECKO FOLLOW Mode on the PHONUM to track and focus on your voice while rejecting background noise. Once you need to leave the huddle space, the PHONUM will switch back into omnidirectional mode so everyone can hear each other clearly.

PHONUM features two clearly marked capacitive buttons which light up during active calls to indicate which audio features are in operation, such as microphone modes, mutes/unmutes, answering/ending calls and volume up/downs.

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