Best Bluetooth Speaker

How to Choose the Best Bluetooth Speaker

No matter where life takes you, there is a wireless speaker out there designed to meet your music needs. When selecting one for yourself, take into consideration these factors when making your selection.

The Tribit Micro 2 is an outstanding budget portable with great sound quality and an extended battery life. Additionally, this unit supports USB-C charging for other devices while boasting a high IP67 rating to repel dust and water.

Battery Life

A quality Bluetooth speaker should provide hours of uninterrupted music listening experience during outdoor activities or travel, without running out of charge. For optimal listening pleasure the best speakers offer long battery lives with excellent sound quality at an affordable price point; some also include advanced features like voice assistant support or wireless audio streaming.

Portable Bluetooth speakers have come a long way over the past decade, from louder volumes and easier connectivity, with reduced latency, more water resistance, and less breakability. Many manufacturers have also increased the features available on these speakers for added intelligence and functionality.

Selecting the ideal Bluetooth speaker can be daunting when presented with so many choices on the market. To select one that best meets your needs, first identify which features are important to you – some prefer an all-weather model while others need something tough enough for tough conditions like wet weather or outdoor activities.

Consider also the size and weight of the Bluetooth speaker when purchasing one for yourself. If it will be carried around with you, make sure it’s lightweight enough that it fits comfortably in your bag or backpack.

When researching Bluetooth speaker models, take note of their battery life and range claims from their manufacturer. Most brands list a maximum runtime “up to” certain hours; this usually applies when playing music at low to medium volumes; when used at higher volumes the battery life could decrease significantly or even double in hours played back.

If you’re searching for an all-in-one Bluetooth speaker that’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use, Anker SoundCore may be just what you need. Featuring waterproof design with hands-free calling capabilities as well as connectivity via Bluetooth 5.0 technology, this portable speaker is a smart pick.

The Orange Box portable Bluetooth speaker is designed specifically to cater to guitar amp fans looking for a portable solution to access their tunes on the go. Boasting excellent analog sound quality and being lightweight and easily transportable, this simple yet effective Bluetooth speaker doesn’t offer many extras like other products on this list.

Sound Quality

As much as we love wireless headphones for full immersion, bluetooth speakers remain one of the easiest and most flexible ways to share music among a group of friends. Portable models can easily fit in bags or backpacks when going hiking, biking or beachgoing; larger options make a perfect addition for living rooms and home offices. Bluetooth technology has advanced so much that manufacturers are even adding features such as multiroom audio integration and voice assistant integrations into these little boxes to add even more fun – and are often water resistant too.

Sound quality depends on numerous variables; Bluetooth speakers often prioritize bass, treble, or midrange for their overall experience – and can have a huge impact on whether it’s exciting and enjoyable or simply flat and uninspiring. Luckily, there’s an array of excellent bluetooth speakers on the market available that fit every budget.

For an adventure-ready portable speaker, look no further than the UE Wonderboom 3. Despite its compact size, this powerhouse packs a punch thanks to its 40 millimeter driver and advanced software features like PositionIQ that automatically detect its orientation (upright or on its side) and adjust its EQ accordingly. Plus, with an IP67 rating that protects it from dust and water splashes.

Bose SoundLink Flex, another highly-acclaimed portable speaker, delivers signature Bose crispness and clarity in an uncompromisingly small form factor. Furthermore, this model’s smart tech feature known as PositionIQ makes use even easier: this speaker detects its orientation (upright or on its side) or proximity to other Bluetooth devices and automatically adjusts its EQ accordingly to adapt to its surroundings.

If you’re in search of a full-size Bluetooth speaker to add home entertainment, the Bang & Olufsen A1 is an excellent option. Designed to look contemporary while offering hands-free calls or commands with Amazon Alexa integration.


Some Bluetooth speakers don’t feature physical controls at all, relying instead on apps to manage playback and playlists. This can be frustrating if your phone is out of reach or uses limited screen space; luckily, many of the best models on the market still provide manual controls, with some offering smart functionality like Alexa or Google Assistant compatibility for easier control.

Look for speakers equipped with audio codecs like AAC (for iPhones) and aptX (for Android phones). These technologies enhance audio quality over standard Bluetooth, enabling multi-room listening (also known as stereo listening). If you plan on taking your bluetooth speaker outdoors or near water bodies, check if it has an IP rating to protect from dust and waterproofing.

Marshall Middleton features physical controls on its top that include a Bluetooth button that doubles as Stack Mode control, power knob and multi-use joystick for track selection, volume adjustment, bass/treble adjustments. While all this functionality can also be managed through its app interface, having these physical controls present on its design shows how a Bluetooth speaker should not disregard its users’ needs for convenience.

Tribit’s XSound Go is another speaker with manual controls that features a circular joystick to quickly switch tracks or play/pause music. This simple but thoughtful feature shows why this budget speaker stands out among its competition; not only can it withstand water but it supports major streaming services including Tidal, Spotify and Qobuz!


Portability should always be top of mind when looking for the ideal Bluetooth speaker to take with you when traveling or listening to music on-the-go, whether hiking trails, camping trips or just listening to tunes on your way. Find something small enough for a backpack, briefcase or purse while still being easy to carry; one with rugged rubber features to withstand bumps and scrapes might also be best; speakers such as StormBox Micro 2 even boast IP67 certification that lets it submerge for up to 30 minutes!

Finally, it’s important to verify the Bluetooth range of your speaker. Most manufacturers provide a maximum 30-foot range which may work when in an unobstructed line of sight; however, that might not always be applicable when on a beach or near trees.

Some of the best-sounding portable Bluetooth speakers are small and lightweight, such as the UE Megaboom 3. With its stylish design and enough volume to fill a weekend of music listening sessions, this lightweight device boasts excellent battery life as well as being waterproof for outdoor excursions or poolside parties.

Marshall Middleton II is an ideal compact and versatile Bluetooth speaker, featuring two 12-watt full-range drivers and a passive radiator to deliver balanced bass sound with plenty of depth. While more costly than many in our review, its impressive sound makes this one worth investing in for small gatherings as well as larger trips.

If you’re searching for a portable Bluetooth speaker to fill an entire room with rich, dynamic sound, you might consider the Bose SoundLink Flex. Its rugged yet splash-proof construction can withstand multiple drops while performing better as a speakerphone than many competitors; additionally, its intelligent EQ setting adjusts itself according to how upright or flat the device is used; in addition, this model features long battery life support as well as Qualcomm aptX for high-resolution audio playback.

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