Bang and Olufsen Speaker

Bang and Olufsen Speaker Review

Bang and Olufsen is one of those iconic sound system brands that gets people talking. This Scandinavian kit creates a sense of pride of ownership.

Its side panels wrap around like pages in a book for an ultra-slim profile. Its wood is real (not composite material like other devices on the market). Furthermore, its removable connectivity module can be upgraded over time for maximum compatibility with future technology developments.


Bang and Olufsen speakers are premium pieces of equipment that will cost several hundred dollars, but are well worth their cost due to their impressive design and user interface. You will feel immensely proud to own one compared to most other bluetooth speakers; its superior sound quality also includes clearer high end frequencies and full bass response compared with conventional hi-fi systems; however it still makes listening to music on-the-go enjoyable and will provide you with an engaging listening experience.

B&O also produces an advanced car stereo system that is available on select Audi models. It includes a 7.1-channel surround system and 12-channel digital amplifier with several EQ presets to customize your sound experience in your vehicle, as well as speed detection to avoid interfering with engine sounds or road noises.

The Beosound Explore is an affordable portable speaker with high sound quality. Although its amplifier specifications indicate it can reach loud volumes, its volume doesn’t quite compare with rival models such as the UE Boom 3 or JBL Xtreme 2. While its sound profile may be too bassy for some listeners’ liking, using its app you can customize its sound with preset EQ presets and its customizable feature for ultimate customization of sound experience.

Beosound Explore is an outstanding portable bluetooth speaker, but more expensive than other options available on the market. However, its carrying strap and carabiner hook make transport simpler, making it ideal for outdoor use as it can stand up against both elements and occasional drops.

Beosound Emerge stands out as an innovative take on traditional Bluetooth speakers in terms of its design. Inspired by books, its vertical form widens toward its back to house its electronics inside. Clad with Danish-manufactured wood on all four sides and sporting their signature wordmark on its front cover, its top boasts a touchscreen which gives access to music controls as well as the replaceable connectivity module first seen on Beosound Level.


The Beosound A9 is an attractive speaker that boasts impressive performance and functionality. Its circular form combines elements from both spheres and cylinders into an organic design, which fits easily in many interior styles. Furthermore, its intuitive controls for playback and volume management make using it straightforward; furthermore it boasts an impressively long battery life; our dynamics tests revealed strong bass extension and dynamic range scores; however at higher volumes its slightly aggressive tone can become tiring on the ears.

Bang & Olufsen’s Beosound Balance speaker by London-based design agency Layer is another model that marries high-quality audio with a pleasingly familiar form. The two-part design, inspired by domestic objects rather than electronics, fits with today’s trend toward soft home gadgetry; its top half features 3D knitted wool while its base is made of solid timber that resembles table surfaces or vases.

GamFratesi and Bang & Olufsen have collaborated before on designs such as the Beosound Shape. Now with the Beosound A5, their collaboration continues, offering an elegant minimalist design available in Nordic Weave or Dark Oak finish options – as well as being used as part of stereo pairs or multi-room systems.

Although the Beosound A5’s app may not offer as many features as Sonos’s app, it still includes several helpful functions. You can pair a Beosound 20 or 17 with another Beosound A5, create stereo pairings and select preset EQ settings such as Optimal, Ambient Party Speech Favorite. There’s even a built-in graphic EQ so you can adjust sound levels exactly to your taste!

The Beosound Explore is an exceptional portable Bluetooth speaker. Equipped with both Alexa and Google Assistant built-in, its voice assistant performs reliably even in noisy environments. Furthermore, its voice command capabilities surpass those of the Beosound 20 and it can play stereo content without downmixing to mono for an immersive and wider-sounding experience. Plus it’s much lighter and smaller compared to its counterpart – perfect for travel!


B&O electronics evoke a feeling of grown-up and considered luxury. While their products don’t come cheap – in the past their PS60,000 speakers and PS40,000 televisions were sold through expensive dealerships only – thanks to new technologies and smart designs they are more accessible than ever!

Many Bang & Olufsen speakers are active, meaning they come equipped with built-in amplifiers and can connect directly with other devices via cable. This makes them the perfect match for use with B&O televisions, music systems and surround sound processors; but they’re also compatible with an extensive selection of products ranging from regular RCA or phono cables all the way to Powerlink connections that use small voltage as a trigger signal to turn on speakers.

Beosound’s most recent addition is the Beosound Emerge Bluetooth speaker, which can serve both as a standalone Bluetooth speaker and as part of larger home audio setup. Compatible with Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and TuneIn radio services as well as having an EQ preset mode and the capability of storing user credentials for various services, this device makes an excellent addition.

It features a three-driver setup to produce full range sound despite its compact dimensions, including one main driver positioned at an angle to direct sound out front, accompanied by 14mm tweeters and 100mm side-firing woofers. Furthermore, there’s an inbuilt room calibration feature to optimize its sound profile according to any specific space where it’s placed.

Another outstanding aspect of these speakers is how easy they are to set up and control. Bluetooth enabled, these speakers can easily pair with other Beoplay devices to form multi-room systems; and are compatible with most streaming services including Apple AirPlay and Chromecast.

Bang & Olufsen sound systems offer an excellent way to upgrade the audio system in your car, offering retrofit kits for BMW vehicles that provide even sound distribution throughout the cabin. Each kit contains an acoustic lens tweeter to evenly disperse sound throughout. They’re especially suitable for cars with cramped interior spaces where traditional directional speakers might struggle with providing balanced sound.


Bang & Olufsen has earned itself a unique place among premium electronics companies with its exquisite products that look like art while performing flawlessly. Their iconic speakers represent luxury in many homes around the world – though their prices may seem prohibitive to some buyers – because these premium products use premium materials and come with such a prestigious name as Bang & Olufsen do.

Beosound Emerge is B&O’s latest smart speaker to join its growing list. Designed by Layer founder Benjamin Hubert, the compact device draws its inspiration from books to form its slim and sculptural body – ideal for discreet placement or prominent display. Although smaller in size than previous B&O offerings, this device still delivers full-power sound!

Its features include a 37mm mid-range driver that project sound from its front, 14mm tweeter and 100mm side-firing woofer to produce low end tones, as well as room calibration technology, which adjusts its audio profile according to room acoustics and provides room calibration technology if necessary. Furthermore, this speaker is compatible with B&O’s Mozart digital platform as well as Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity – it can even be part of a Beosystem home stereo system via Powerlink!

Even with its impressive design, the Beosound Emerge lacks key features. It doesn’t support Alexa or AirPlay and instead relies solely on Bluetooth for streaming music from smartphones, tablets or computers – for this purpose use the Beomusic App instead. Battery life for this IP67 waterproof device lasts 18 hours with 18 hour of continuous playback capability.

While you may be drawn to the sleek appearance and excellent audio quality of Bang and Olufsen speakers, their price may not justify purchasing them. Luckily, there are other models with comparable designs and qualities at more reasonable costs.

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