Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speaker

Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speaker Review

Altec Lansing’s latest portable bluetooth speaker boasts an elegant yet lightweight and compact design that is ideal for outdoor use. Available in multiple colors, it is lightweight yet compact.

The top panel contains three buttons for controlling different functions of the speaker: power (on/off), hold to pause music playback, track navigation (next and previous tracks) and volume adjustment.


Altec Lansing provides an extensive selection of Bluetooth speakers designed to suit a range of purposes and applications. These models range from portable, waterproof options designed to accompany you on outdoor adventures to party-powering options perfect for large celebrations. All models feature rich sound quality that doesn’t distort at higher volumes as well as rechargeable batteries and powerbanks to remotely charge your smartphone or device – one model, the Altec Life Jacket III even floats so you can dance away your worries while dancing poolside or lakeside without worrying about speaker drowning

Mini H2O II stands out with its unique design and is ideal for hiking and camping trips. Boasting an IP67 rating to protect it from dust, dirt, shocks and impacts; lightweight yet capable of hands-free calls via bluetooth connection; comes equipped with carabiner; aux-in port; built-in microphone allows answering calls while listening to music – this portable Bluetooth speaker makes any adventure more fun than ever before!

If you prefer something larger, check out the RockBox XL. Featuring rugged construction similar to that found on Mini H2O units but at slightly increased cost, its insane-volume levels make it perfect for parties. Available in multiple colors with carabiner/mount option to easily attach it to bikes or gear, its wide array of colors make this device suitable for almost every need.

Most customers praise Altec Lansing products for their exceptional sound output and compact form factor, making them ideal for small spaces. Furthermore, these speakers have been widely compared with professional audio equipment and considered long-lasting. Unfortunately, however, some users have noted that some Bluetooth speakers from Altec Lansing don’t deliver on their advertised range.


Altec Lansing’s Rockbox XL portable Bluetooth speaker is one of the finest portable options available today, boasting front-firing woofers to deliver excellent music, LED lights that flash in time with the beat and party pairing so up to 50 compatible speakers can form one powerful sound system.

LifeJacket 3 Bluetooth speaker offers rugged performance at an incredible value, perfect for camping, beach excursions, poolside parties and smartphone charging! Boasting up to 30 hours of playback per charge as well as hands-free calls and voice assistant integration capabilities; its rugged exterior ensures it stands the test of time!

Altec Lansing’s Mini H2O speaker is another fantastic offering from Altec Lansing, providing impressive audio quality in an easily portable, waterproof package. With USB charging port, AUX input, and 3.5mm headphone jack.

Altec Lansing Bluetooth speakers boast superior sound quality and wireless connectivity, making them the ideal solution for mobile entertainment. Their versatile designs include multi-speaker pairing and voice assistant integration – not to mention impressive battery life and quality components – for maximum listening pleasure. To maximize your listening experience further, please take a look at our buyer’s guide which provides more details about these impressive speakers as well as tips on selecting an appropriate portable Bluetooth speaker to meet your needs.


Altec Lansing has long been recognized for their professional grade speakers, but their OmniJacket product line stands out among consumer Bluetooth speakers as an exceptional consumer grade speaker with innovative design and impressive range. Altec Lansing stands by this claim with every product sold.

Altec Lansing Bluetooth speakers stand out from the competition by being compatible with multiple devices simultaneously, enabling you to enjoy music from multiple sources at the same time. This feature makes Altec Lansing products ideal for use during house parties and group listening sessions with friends. Furthermore, their products feature built-in microphones for hands-free phone calls.

Altec Lansing speakers offer impressive sound quality at an attractive price point, producing rich, full sound without distortion and featuring impressive battery life. Portable yet extremely powerful, Altec Lansing’s speakers can be used both indoors and outdoors and are compatible with many mobile devices.

Most of their speakers are lightweight and have an appealing appearance, making them great choices for travelers and hikers. Many models boast IP67 certification allowing them to float in water; furthermore they are dustproof, resistant against sandstorms, rust and snowfall and suitable for traveling outdoors.

Altec Lansing SoundBucket Bluetooth speakers are highly versatile. Water-resistant and featuring an on-board subwoofer to produce bass-driven tracks, it has up to 20 hours of music playback on a single charge; five LED light modes; QI wireless smartphone charging capability; stereo playback support up to 50 compatible speakers – just to name some of its many attributes!

Battery life

The H20 Mini is a convenient portable Bluetooth speaker perfect for on-the-go adventures, featuring IP67 waterproof rating that makes it waterproof enough to float, as well as LED lighting modes and carabineer clip for secure attachement. Plus, with true wireless pairing available between H20 Minis you can experience double sound with double the fun!

Though its battery life may not compare to some other Bluetooth speakers, it should still meet most user needs. With up to 20 hours of playback capability on a full charge and LED lighting features turned on simultaneously, the speaker offers more than enough playback time for most. Keep in mind that use at full volume will shorten playback time accordingly.

Altec Lansing’s LifeJacket series of portable Bluetooth speakers from Altec Lansing draws its inspiration from their RockBox series; however, these smaller units provide superior battery life and make an excellent addition to outdoor activities like hiking and camping. Their latest model, LifeJacket 3 comes in Cool Gray for added style.

LifeJacket 3 stands out from its competition as an ideal bedside speaker with its built-in charging dock and ability to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth with mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Plus, its 100ft range and hands-free voice control with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant make this device truly unmatched!

Altec Lansing has long been known for their superior consumer-grade audio devices. Established in 1927, this company made waves when they developed sound-to-picture technology which synced dialogue and sounds with onscreen action, while their studio reference monitors became staples at movie theaters and live music venues during the 1940s and 80s.


If you’re searching for an outdoor bluetooth speaker to meet all your needs, the Altec Lansing Rockbox may be just what you’re searching for. Featuring waterproof construction designed to withstand water, dust, dirt, shocks and more. Plus it includes a built-in powerbank so you can charge your phone while listening to music! Plus it comes equipped with hands-free calling capabilities so that you can take calls while on the move.

The Altec Lansing Life Jacket III is one of the most versatile speakers on this list, boasting a rechargeable battery with 26 hours of uninterrupted playback time, support for voice assistants such as Siri and bass-heavy sound quality that fits nicely with some songs. Plus, its portable nature allows it to fit easily in small pants pockets; and features such as its 3.5mm aux-in port allow users to connect it directly with other devices using cables.

RockBox XL from Altec Lansing is another outstanding Bluetooth speaker designed specifically for use in the pool, featuring a water-resistant case and pairing capabilities with up to 50 other speakers for an impressive party system. This model delivers great sound quality; however, its compact size may limit its appeal for some.

Altec recently unveiled their OmniJacket line of Bluetooth speakers, replacing their BoomJacket series of speakers. Each OmniJacket model boasts IP67 certification to protect them against water, dust, and impact damage while floating freely in water for camping trips and beach excursions. Furthermore, these great value speakers come equipped with carabiner clips, 6-hour batteries, and LED lighting modes built-in!

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